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Sharp Increase In Worldwide UFO Sightings & Filers Files

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    Sharp Increase In Worldwide UFO Sightings Filer s Files #8-1999, MUFON Skywatch Investigations George A. Filer, MUFON Eastern Director, Majorstar@aol.com (609)
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      Sharp Increase In Worldwide
      UFO Sightings
      Filer's Files #8-1999, MUFON Skywatch Investigations

      George A. Filer, MUFON Eastern Director,

      Majorstar@... (609) 654-0020


      were sharply down between December 20, 1998, and January 6, 1999. Although
      some fire balls and lights were observed, structured UFOs were last seen
      heading south along the Australia coast presumed to be headed for
      Antarctica in late December. It's now summer in the Southern Hemisphere.
      During January, the sightings seemed to pick up in Australia and spread
      north. Numerous sightings have been reported in February.


      NEW HAVEN -- Ryan John Devlin reports that on February 13, 1999, at 9:34 PM
      I was with my family at a park called West Rock. I was walking and looking
      up at the stars and saw lights in the sky that looked weird. The park is on
      a little mountain. I told everybody to lookup and we saw some very strange
      lights, that made some strange patterns in the sky. 203-932-3528, 100
      Tuthill St. West Haven CT. Thanks to ISUR and John Thompson.

      NEW YORK

      SHERBURNE -- Two witnesses, a teenage boy and his mother, witnessed an
      unusual object on January 23, 1999, at 8:00 PM. A short distance from our
      house, my mother and I witnessed an oval/diamond shaped object surrounded
      by a misty pink light that 'flashed.' It was hovering about 40 feet above
      Knapp Road. We watched it continue in that direction until it disappeared.
      My grandparents who live next door told us that they heard a sound as if
      someone was blowing into a bottle. Our family has also witnessed two other
      sightings during October in the past two years. Both sightings were three
      yellow, oval/diamond shaped objects in the eastern sky around 9:30 PM. The
      high speed objects moved separately and sporadically for three hours.
      Thanks to: lclark@... "Larry Clark, www.nymufon.org


      RUNNEMEDE MUFON field investigator Evelyn Gaulson reports that on February
      15, 1999, at about 8:45 PM, Mary Ann spotted a strange object in the sky.
      Mary Ann noticed a large object about 60 feet above the ground. It had
      iridescent lighting like a prism would display. She could see pink, mauve
      and yellow and other colors in the light. It was a long tube that would
      move sideways and then forward. The tube would hover for a while and then
      more sideways again making a very high-pitched hum. Her daughter came
      outside and Mary Ann asked her what she saw? The daughter said it looked
      like a long cigar. They watched for 5 minutes before it flew off sideways
      and suddenly disappeared. After the tube left they noticed a funny odor
      that smelled very sweet almost like vanilla. Thanks to Evelyn Galson.


      PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY -- Rick Atristain, MUFON State Director reports that
      five UFOs were sighted on February 10, 1999, at around 7:15 PM. The
      witnesses stated: "My two teenage children and myself were driving on a
      two-lane back road that goes past the Federal Reformatory." Approximately
      20 feet above the tree line, we sighted a lighted object hovering above the
      trees. It was encircled in white pulsing, rotating lights, with a single
      larger light on the bottom. Suddenly, four other smaller lighted objects
      lined up in a line beside the larger one. As we turned a curve and our car
      beams shone in that direction, the smaller objects suddenly disappeared one
      by one. Then the larger object moved about 1/2 mile distance in about three
      seconds. First, it was above the trees, then momentarily it was on the
      other side of the reformatory. We watched for four minutes. They made no
      noise. The areas that surround the prison are flat lands (Ft. Lee Military
      Base). On one side is the Appomattox River and on the other is Route 295.
      We often observe military planes, including experimental aircraft. However
      these did not look similar. Thanks to Rick Atristain.


      This month, Venus and Jupiter have been approaching one another in the sky
      and will seem to almost merge on 23 February. Being low on the horizon, and
      depending on the weather, a lens like effect can take place, making them
      seem to do all sorts of tricks. ACKWORTH -- On February 22, 1999, at about
      8:00 PM witnesses saw two lights on the western horizon, one over the
      other, but separated. He indicated that they changed colors from green to
      yellow to white, and would alternate in going from the size of a pearl held
      at arm's length to the size of a quarter. They also changed in magnitude.
      He watched for about 10 minutes and said they appeared to be hovering, but
      he noticed the lights of about 5 aircraft flying nearby. Investigators this
      may be a classic case of celestial objects being mistaken for a UFO. It may
      be that the approaching cloud front containing ice crystals and possibly
      temperature inversions could have influenced the appearance of these
      celestial bodies. I say this MAY be the planets, but the case needs further
      investigation. Thanks to Tom Sheets.


      MIAMI State Section Director Mary Margaret Zimmer reports that the witness
      Dr. H. noticed a round platinum-like object flying at 7:30 PM on February
      3, 1999. The UFO was flying just above the houses at approximately 30 mph.
      It had a dome with a bright flashing light on top. A rim extended from the
      body and above the rim. There were smaller lights and the object was flat
      on the bottom. It flew with the front part tilted slightly higher that the
      back. The closest the object came to the witness was about 200 feet based
      on the width of the road. She felt the height of the abject was 90 feet or
      less based on the height of the tower at the Falls Shopping center, and the
      height of a red balloon tethered to an apartment complex. Dr. H. followed
      the object heading north in her car for about ten minutes. Although, her
      window was down she could hear no sound. The object appeared larger than a
      car. Upon returning home she summoned her son. From their upstairs window
      they saw a bright light moving slowly toward the north. Margaret Zimmer
      made an excellent drawing of the craft. It appears to be similar to the
      type photographed over Gulf Breeze, Florida. Dr. H felt awe and elation at
      seeing the craft. She contacted the FAA, police, Channel 10 and 23 in
      Miami. The FAA suggested she call the National UFO Reporting Center and
      Good Year Blimp in Pompano. No blimps were flying that night. Thanks to
      Peter Davenport's National UFO Reporting Center for his notification and to
      Margaret Zimmer. Editors Note: The witnesses seem of high quality and took
      responsible action to find an explanation for their sighting.


      A letter from Anna who believes she was abducted aboard a UFO. The outside
      of the craft had a spring to it like rubber and the door was a foot square
      and appeared black. No matter how big you were you were able to get through
      the door and floated to the bottom. There was a cylinder or tank about a
      foot by 10 feet filled with something that looked like clouds. There were
      two tall objects beside them that looked like a workshop grinder on the
      top. When moving the craft seemed to be held up on its outer circumference.
      Also there was no air currents such as bumps from gusts of wind. The upper
      part or the dome was covered in colored {red, blue, etc.} chips. Below at
      one section were molded seats that one's knee would not fit into. In the
      center was a chair shaped like a question mark. The one arm rest had
      control panels that looked like pastel colored push pins, but were flat.
      When the panel was touched the colored dome emitted something and then the
      dome lost its color and turned to white and gray. The chips looked like
      crystals. Electricity was produced. In the outer circumference of the craft
      there were seats with small pads. I heard metal like a hatch opening and
      then the craft became unbearably cold. Thanks to Donna Trumbull Co. Ohio.


      On April 24, Bowling Green, Kentucky MUFON presents the Giants in UFOLOGY:
      Speakers are John Carpenter on abduction research, Stanton Friedman on
      Roswell, Ted Phillips on physical trace cases, and Dr. Roger Scott the
      Director of the Hardin Planetarium and Professor of Physics and Astronomy
      at Western Kentucky University. For more information contact Kentucky MUFON
      at ufoarch@... or 502 769-6458 Thanks to Scott Voight .


      SAN LUIS VALLEY -- UFO activity has increased dramatically. - On Jan 26,
      1999 at 8:15 to 8:32 PM, seven witnesses" saw a large UFO near La Veta. Two
      witnesses claim they were less than a 1/4 mile from the "600 foot" craft
      that was "hovering" over small lake located on a golf course. The first
      witness, a woman, had walked outside as she and her husband were closing up
      shop and were startled to see what she initially thought was "a 747
      landing." Immediately she realized it was not moving. The
      unconventional-looking craft appeared to have wings and bright lights in
      the front. It was described as translucent- looking and was accompanied by
      a low humming sound. Initially structure was not visible. Then, after
      summoning her husband, they both observed "orange- colored portholes"
      appear on the side. They watched as the object shot a probe-like beam or
      tube downward toward the lake. TAOS COUNTY -- On January 22, 1999, at 10:45
      PM motorists traveling north on NM 522 in separate cars, 9 miles south of
      the Colorado and New Mexico border, had separate unusual experiences. Brad
      Sleep, a UNM college student was following his girlfriend, Sarah Fisher
      when he witnessed what appeared to be a large meteor descending straight
      down toward the ground. The object was white colored and had a short tail.
      After descending quickly for a couple of seconds, the object abruptly
      stopped, changed color to a reddish white and hovered for almost a minute
      at about 37,000 feet. Sleep pulled over to the side of the highway. Sarah,
      who did not observe the UFO continued on. He climbed out of his pickup
      truck as the object began a series of 14 lateral figure-eight's that took
      about 3 seconds to complete. Then the object headed to the SE toward Taos.
      The craft had a roar similar to a jet plane but had a reverberating hum
      that was different. Sarah, proceeded "about a mile" up the road from where
      Brad stopped, when she saw a strange car that was all lit up on the sides
      by light that wasn't supposed to be there." When the lit-up car passed
      several small objects rained down on the driver side of her windshield. SAN
      ANTONIO MOUNTAIN On February 4, 1999, the KRZA transmitter goes down for
      five days. At 9:45 PM in Saguache County two witnesses driving south on
      Highway 17 saw a brilliant orb of white light hovering around 200 feet
      above the ground. During the 40 second sighting a retired career Air Force
      officer noted the object shot a beam of light at the ground. SAN LUIS
      VALLEY -- On February 9, 1999, Chris and another witness observed a fast
      moving unblinking dull-orange orb travel southeast at 9:55 PM. The object
      was below 5,000 feet in altitude and was 3 times the size of Venus. It
      covered a 100 miles in 3 minutes. SAGUACHE COUNTY -- February 13, 1999, at
      3:05 PM two witnesses observed an erratically moving silver reflection
      three times--each time for several seconds. The object seemed to be below
      2,000 feet and made sharp twisting turns. It looked like "a fishing lure in
      the sky." The second witness was able to focus a pair of binoculars on the
      object and described it as being "kind of rectangular-looking, but with no
      wings." Twelve minutes later, four fighters buzzed this area headed north.
      WESTCLIFFE --On February 21, 1999, a pilot and another witness report two
      jet fighters flying east at 50,000 feet in altitude at 10:15 AM. Pacing the
      second jet was an object that seemed about 10,000 feet below the jets. This
      object was rounded and was reflecting a goldish color. The jets left
      contrails the third object did not. The pilot was puzzled by how fast all
      three craft were traveling. "They were definitely flying faster than the
      speed of sound." Thanks to Christopher O'Brien tmv@...
      Christopher reports his new book Enter The Valley (St. Martin's Paperbacks
      ISBN 0-312- 96835-3 has been published. JULESBURG -- On February 13, 1999,
      Scott Luft reported he had a UFO sighting at 4:15 AM. I am a security guard
      for a local hog farm operation in N.E. Colorado. I was coming up a county
      road going north to check one of our barns. I was about eight miles
      southeast of Julesburg. There are allot of tower beacons flashing in our
      area, but this did not flash. I noticed a very bright star in the North sky
      among a large amount of stars visible. When I saw the light I did not
      remember seeing a star there 20 seconds ago. I stopped and got out my
      binoculars. As I watched the object the light started to glow brighter and
      brighter. Then the object proceeded to "take off" going north. It made a
      dip towards the ground and then made an upward arch and was gone at
      tremendous speed. --Thanks to Jerry Clark and Scott Luft www.nymufon.org
      970-474-2107 12 West 4th Street Julesburg 80737 scottl@... -


      MOJAVE -- Peter Davenport reported numerous sightings on February 22, 1999,
      on the Art Bell radio show. Witnesses reported citing a glowing green
      fireball going southwest at 8:30 PM. As the object slowed the color changed
      and a triangular shaped craft was observed. Editors Note: We have reports
      that a new X-60 triangle shaped craft that has VTOL capabilities may be
      flying in this area. The craft is the size of 737 commercial aircraft and
      still in its test phase. The craft may be hypersonic reaching speeds above
      mach 5.


      WASHINGTON -- A dangerous asteroid whizzed by Earth on February 24, 1999.
      Similar near misses are expected March 2, 18, 26 and April 1. Astronomers
      are discovering potential killer asteroids at a record pace. The public's
      flirtation last year with fear of menacing space rocks -- fueled by two
      fictionalized movies and one widely reported threat -- has faded. But
      astronomers scanning the sky with new technology are finding more asteroids
      than ever. There are almost weekly additions to science's official list of
      potentially hazardous asteroids. In 1998, scientists found 55 of the
      would-be killers -- more than in the previous six years combined. Now the
      all-time list is at 163 and growing. None of these rocks is expected to hit
      Earth directly. But they are dangerously close. `This afternoon, a
      half-mile-wide asteroid discovered in January will whiz by Earth at a
      distance of 3.4 million miles. On Feb. 4, a 30-foot-wide rock came
      incredibly close to Earth. It was only 632,000 miles away. The biggest
      reason that astronomers are finding more of these near-miss asteroids is
      the redirection of Air Force technology from tracking killer satellites to
      spotting killer rocks. Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Lincoln
      Laboratory, a federally funded national security research center outside
      Boston, changed the asteroid tracking world last March when it began using
      Air Force technology to scan the sky with a telescope based in New Mexico.
      The lab's program, called LINEAR, has found 38 of the last 59 asteroids.
      `We have it down to a point where we're in a groove,'' LINEAR chief Grant
      Stokes said. But even as new threats are being found much more frequently
      than before, "We're way behind,'' said Don Yeomans, manager of NASA's Near
      Earth Object program. That's because last year, NASA set a goal of finding
      most potential asteroid threats within 10 years. Asteroids are considered a
      threat if they are bigger than half a mile wide and are going to come
      within five million miles of Earth. Astronomers guess there are 2,000 such
      asteroids out there, and so far they have found about 8 percent of them.
      "If you were going to find every object that's going to threaten the Earth,
      you're talking millions, not thousands,'' said researcher Jeff Larsen of
      the University of Arizona's Spacewatch tracking program. Thanks to Seth
      Borenstein Herald Washington Bureau 02/24/99 Mitch Battros


      Skywatch reports the editor of the monthly magazine of Italian UFO research
      states: The outburst of sightings, which occurred February 23, around 7:00
      PM were noticed simultaneously in Bologna, Turin, San Giovanni Valdarno,
      Cuneo, Turin, Venice, Genoa, Ravenna, Novara, Pescara, Gualdo Tadino, Lucca
      and Rome. They came to a halt just before 9 PM. It has been a significant
      and long lasting phenomenon. Most of the eye witnesses saw two very bright
      lights in the sky, at varying altitudes and different in size, stationary
      or slowly passing by, at times coupled together and intermittently lit up.
      Others, described them as geometric formations totally different from
      planets hovering at low altitude. Switchboards of the police stations were
      jammed by thousands of alarmed phone calls, several astronomical
      observations explained the phenomenon as an unusual conjunction between
      Jupiter and Venus. Among the sightings reported to "Notiziario UFO,"
      contradicting the planet explanations was Mr. Filippo Bigazzi's, from San
      Giovanni Valdarno, who video filmed two stationary lights that
      intermittently appeared and disappeared. Meanwhile at 7:20 PM in Ravenna,
      Mr. Stefano Matteucci, observed by telescope a three light formation on top
      a darker square shaped object. Another video was shot in Venice by Mr.
      Federico Provoleri who caught a bright moving object. Interestingly,
      military bases of Istrana and Tessera, Veneto, were kept on the alert. A
      UFO flap occurred in October '98 and started again in January and
      continues. Thanks to: Bill Hamilton Skywatch Director.


      KUALA ROMPIN: reports that on February 16, 1999, at 10:30 PM there was a
      very large craft in the sky. (Its a very big aeroplant): Thanks to Haffiez
      at haffiez_81@usa,net


      BURLEY HEADS BEACH -- Shane Thorpe reports that at 10:30 PM there were two
      sightings of UFOs. First, a UFO came around twice, I thought I was day
      dreaming but I saw it again in the same spot. When it moved it was as if it
      moved in right angles as if it was dodging things and it moved very fast.
      Then it just hovered in mid air about 800 meters high. It was half red and
      half bluish white. This happened about 3 weeks ago. I've been looking every
      where to report it. 23 Villa St. Annerley, Queensland, Jon_aa@...


      JESSIE MARCEL JR.-- Numerous Trumbull County police appeared on the TV show
      claiming to witness a UFO. Dr. Marcel writes: "The fact that the gentleman
      who identified himself as an astronomer really had to jump through so many
      hoops to explain the event really stretches the imagination. To say that
      all the 911 calls from twinkling stars, a fireball and the stalling of the
      officers cruiser with its radios was just a coincidence has about as much
      credibility as "swamp gas". It would be interesting to keep a diary of all
      the convoluted explanations that the debunkers put forth to explain the
      unexplainable. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the most fantastic
      explanation. Thanks to Dr. Jess Marcell Jr.

      SAM SHERMAN comments on the STS 48 video taken from the Space Shuttle. I
      have had the privilege to see digital clones of NASA's master tapes to
      STS-48 images in a high tech video studio. Further, on the STS-48 Mission
      there were more similar events than the famous flash-right angle turn and
      lots more luminous anomalous objects flying around. Since I was looking at
      digital clones of the originals (showing no quality loss) I asked the
      technician to enlarge one of the larger objects to the limits of the
      system's resolution and the object took on a disk like shape with a dome
      protrusion on what might be the top of of the craft. During researching my
      docudrama film BEYOND THIS EARTH I have seen numerous similar NASA images
      that lead me to conclude that some of the information I have researched
      about ET craft over Planet Earth is true. Furthermore, during the course of
      this production we sent up a surveillance plane over Northern California,
      with the aid of space scientists and filmed similar anomalous luminous
      objects over the good old USA. I had sighted one of these myself in
      the1960s. Viewing it through binoculars, with 3 other witnesses, I must
      conclude that ET craft are visiting this world and that we have not been
      able to stop whatever they are doing, which DOD must conclude is a security
      threat until it is proven otherwise. In short, I have no trouble concluding
      that the ET Hypothesis is fully real, verifiable, far advanced beyond our
      technology and a true problem for our Space, Defense and Intelligence
      agencies. I just hope we don't cut the military, space and intelligence
      budgets before that time, we will probably need them. Thanks to Sam Sherman

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      MUFON JOURNAL For more detailed investigative reports subscribe by writing
      to 103 Oldtowne Road, Sequin, TX 78155-4099 or E-mail Mufon@....
      Filer's Files Copyright 1998 by George A. Filer, all rights reserved.
      Readers may post items from the Files on their Websites provided that they
      credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue
      that the item appeared. Send your letters to me at Majorstar@.... If
      you wish to keep your name confidential please so state.
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