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Red Discs over Auckland

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    Red Discs over Auckland Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 This report was received from Karen Lyster yesterday: I would be interested in seeing those videos of the red
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      Red Discs over Auckland

      Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000
      This report was received from Karen Lyster yesterday:

      I would be interested in seeing those videos of the red clips if you have
      them on your site. I did have a look for them but with no luick. My son and
      his freinds were in Ak on the eve of y2k and saw a series of UFO's.
      Following are my posts on the subject.

      Post 1
      Picture this, You are standing on the roof of a eight story carpark in
      Downtown Auckland, on the eve of the millennium,with a hundred other people.
      The band Split Enz counts down to 2000 ...3, 2, 1, Two red disc appear in
      the sky, but you don't notice them. What you notice are the frightened looks
      of the other people looking beyond you. You turn already sensing the fear.
      You see the two discs, they move to the left and then descend at an acute
      angle. The crowd on the roof top moves back in fear, By then, the fireworks
      had started from behind you,and while thousands if not millions of people
      focus on the big bangs and pyrotechnics, the red discs make their landings.
      One of them lands on a Naval ship anchored in the harbour. So what is
      strange about this is the timing. These guys appeared at exactly 12, and the
      fireworks were a couple of seconds late. So they must be Time synchronised.
      Time travellers. Some of the fireworks even resembled the UFO's, but had
      smoke tails. Possible decoys. So a thought. If you wanted a mass landing in
      major cities then what better way than during the celebrations of the
      milliennium. That could explain the strong military presence. The Hoax of
      the Millennium was the bug, but they needed a damn good excuse to have all
      of the hardware there. So if it ain't 2000 yet and you are in a major city,
      don't watch the fireworks, watch the skies around you and the ships in the

      My son and his friends are still in a state of shock. They have seen
      something that has altered their perspective of life. They now don't think I
      am crazy LOL

      Post 2
      Oh well my son and his group of friends were on top of the old Farmers
      carpark on Hobson St, downtown Auckland and at exactly midnight two red oval
      shaped 'UFO's just appeared over the Harbour Bridge and moved to the left in
      formation. The fireworks display started a couple of seconds later. All the
      people on top of the building saw them and the first emotion was fear.. One
      of them landed on the water. So whether it was some very advanced
      pyrotechnic display, which would be unusual for us lot down here, or UFO's,
      we shall have to wait and see.

      Post 3
      I saw the guys this morning and they were very 'stunned'. I think their
      perception of life had just changed.One of the guys even turned and ran
      towards the lift. Jubes (my son) yelled at him "What you doing" and Carl
      said that he was out of here, it was a natural instinct for him to run from
      the intense fear that he felt. My son said they all shit themselves. So I
      believe them that is for sure. They were definitely discs and at first there
      were two that moved together and there may have been more. If you saw this
      morning's Millennium Paper, you may have come across the photo of a
      horizontal line during a shot of a blast. I tried to look for it on the net
      but they did not have the pictures. Now the intriguing thing is the disc
      landing on a navel ship. They had got there early enough to see their
      whereabouts whilst still light. The light went out when it landed. So,
      question is, were they holograms? They did generate a lot of fear though, a
      mass panic. I think these guys may have thought that they were coming to get
      them LOL. Shit I wish I was there. I spent midnight on watching the display
      atop Sunkist Bay, SE of Auckland city, but the weather was drizzly and
      cloudy and all we heard were the booms.. I asked him about seeing the discs
      within the conditions, but the discs were still plainly seen.

      Post 4
      Karen. Ha they just got in and I spoke to the 3 of them. (There were 5 in
      their group) They were on overlooking the stage and two oval red discs
      appeared high up behind the stage, putting them above and slightly to the
      right of the bridge . They remained the same distance apart as they moved
      left and they were big. Their view was obscured by a building and everyone
      had to move back to get a look. It took about 8 seconds from when they (it)
      first appeared and then lost itself beyond the building.When they first saw
      them there was panic up there, a few people were running for it. They kept
      an eye out for other discs and perhaps four more appeared and just hovered
      about before disappearing again. Two of guys watched as one of the discs
      went towards the ship slightly off to their right, and the light 'went out'
      just before hitting the water, possibly implying boarding the ship. It took
      between 5 to 10 mins from first sighting to the last and the kids left
      before the fireworks had finished. A lot was going on and a roof of one of
      the buildings was set on 'fire' to add to the display. The weather was weird
      as well. It poured with rain before midnight and then suddenly turned to
      drizzle. We had thunder too. Now either the whole lot of them on the roof
      experienced mass hallucinations or ...what? I think they may not be looking
      forward to sleeping tonight. Poor guys, but what a way to meet the milli eh.

      From: MRUFO@... (Tim Beckley)
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