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Re: PUFORI Closing and gone for good

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  • rinus nienhuis
    hallo Jeroen hier een mail van rinus nienhuis uit beverwijk met veel aandacht heb ik je mail net gelezen en ik vind hem getuigen van veel openheid en mijn
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 5, 2000
      hallo Jeroen
      hier een mail van rinus nienhuis uit beverwijk
      met veel aandacht heb ik je mail net gelezen en ik vind hem getuigen van veel openheid
      en mijn eerste reactie is :jammer-heel jammer
      ook mijn 1e reactie is :ben je niet gedwarsboomd -er lopen nou eenmaal een hoop vreemde
      figuren rond ...
      dus via deze manier wil ik je laten weten dat ik je iniatieven en vele werk wel heb gewaardeerd
      om eerlijk te zijn -was ik niet op de hoogte en ben ik nooit gaan kijken op je website
      maar ben teveel blijven hangen op bijvoorbeeld de dossierx rondzendlijst
      waar bijna ook nooit gediscusseerd word en nog veel meer problemen zijn
      het ga je goed en als de tijd daar is komen we elkaar tegen
      Met Vriendelijke Groet

      Jeroen Wierda schreef:

      > From: Jeroen Wierda <jeroen@...>
      > January 04, 2000
      > PUFORI Closing
      > The news that I am about to bring to you may come as an unpleasant surprise to some, and to others it may be what they have hoped for. PUFORI has existed since September 1996 and has come from the idea that all information should be freely and easily accessible to everyone. To do this I started gathering information from all over the internet. This consisted of mostly recent news items and articles... As the site grew I also added full online books and other useful features such as discussion forums and discussionlists. I made PUFORI into an organization (or at least I tried to) with members who would help out with the site, because the site...and whatever plans I had were bigger than I could do by myself alone. However... something was wrong. It seemed like all action I took with PUFORI... all new initiatives were destined to fail. I have set up a discussionlists which doesn't have any discussions, I have added discussionforums which are not used, I have added two chat pages between 1996 and 1999... both failed... I tried starting a newsletter twice... it failed or didn't even come off the ground. Out of pure frustration I removed PUFORI from being an organization early last year (1999) and tried to let it continue as just a site... I even took 3 months off to think on what to do next.
      > I had renewed hopes for the site after I returned from my 3 month leave. I started a newsgathering list, and worked on getting a chat room again for the third time... since I believed the time was right to open such room again. I was filled with hopes and ideas for it, and I invited a well known guest to speak and answer questions in this new room. For the first 3 weeks I was in this chat room for one fixed hour each day of the week, but somehow only about two persons have ever entered the room while I was there during those hours. This was not an environment in which I wanted to ask our guest to speak... it would be a disappointment as well as an embarrassment for both of us. I delayed the guest chat twice, leaving a two week gap to see if the room would get more popular... it didn't. I last month came to the conclusion that it would be best to close the room again. Another waste of my valuable time.
      > Another problem I have had last year which greately contributes to my leaving, is that my internet provider (CI-Host.. http://www.cihost.com) had been abusing my credit card in June of 1999. I have written a lot of letters to them, which all went unanswered.. or returned standard messages. I was forced to block my credit card to stop them from billing me. The new billing period started last month (December), and I won't be paying my bills to them anymore. I expect that CI-Host will be blocking my site very soon... I do not have the slightest bit of respect left for CI-Host. And I hereby like to suggest people not to take their services..... because you WILL be scammed. On top of that, they have downgraded teh size of my account so that I no longer can post any new items.
      > Since April 1997 the amount of visitors to PUFORI had been quite constant at around 90 a day to the frames version. But eventhough the site grew in size to over 7000 pages in 1999, the visitor rate did not climb up... in fact it started declining by 30% (to the frames portion of the site). I have done everything I know of to make this site known... but somehow the search engines won't place it high in their rankings. Imagine the frustration this causes when you put your life in a project over a period of three years, but you don't get any recognition for the work you do. And all around you...you see new very small UFO sites jumping up everywhere... and getting MORE visitors a day than your large project. This is eating me up, and I no longer feel that what I do is worth the time and effort that I put into it. I therefore have come to the difficult conclusion that it would be best... for me.... to close the site completely and permanently. I am completely burned up...
      > So here it finally ends... As soon as this e-mail is sent out, I will be deleting my complete site... a little over 7500 pages and 350Mb of data will be lost, and will not return to the web. All PUFORI discussion lists will also be permanently closed after sending out this mailing. Should you use PUFORI pages for your own non-commercial site... please do credit me for my work.
      > I will further completely withdraw from the UFO field (including quitting and closing PUFORI discussionlists), and will not return.
      > Fare thee well.
      > Jeroen Wierda
      > Jeroen@...
      > Postal Address
      > Jeroen Wierda, PO Box 352, 5201AJ Den Bosch, The Netherlands
      > PS: I wish to thank those people who have stood beside me during the time PUFORI existed, and who have supported me with compliments, pep-talk and articles. I am sorry to have to remove this site, and I hope you understand my reasons.
      > ---People won't understand what they miss, until it is really gone---
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    • Jeroen Kumeling
      Jammer Jeroen, Veel succes in je verdere activiteiten. Jeroen Kumeling
      Message 2 of 3 , Jan 5, 2000
        Jammer Jeroen,

        Veel succes in je verdere activiteiten.

        Jeroen Kumeling
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