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Bigfoot Seen By Family In Pennsylvania

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    ... SIGHTINGS ... Bigfoot Seen By Family In Pennsylvania By Stan Gordon (paufo@westol.com) 12-7-99 I have recently been investigating the alleged sighting of a
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      Bigfoot Seen By Family In Pennsylvania
      By Stan Gordon (paufo@...)

      I have recently been investigating the alleged sighting of a Bigfoot, which
      occurred on either October 21, or 28, 1999. The witnesses waited until
      recently to report their experience, and have asked not to be identified.
      The estimated time of the incident was approximately 5:30 P.M. Three family
      members were driving down a rural two lane road near Pleasant Unity in
      Westmoreland County, located in southwestern Pennsylvania, when they claim
      to have seen the creature.

      When the sighting occured, dusk was approaching, but it was not dark enough
      for the useage of their headlights. The wife sitting in the passenger seat
      noticed the large figure first. About 40 feet ahead of them, crossing from
      the right side of the road, was a hair covered, manlike creature, with long
      arms extending below the knees. The wife stated that she had never seen
      anything move this quickly. The creature was stooped over, and it's arms
      were swinging back and forth very quickly. As it crossed the road in three
      giant strides, it entered a wooded area.

      The creature never looked towards the approaching vehicle. It seemed intent
      on continuing on it's path, so it was only observed from the side. No facial
      features could be determined. In it's stooped position, the witnesses
      estimated that the creature was about 6 feet tall, but would have been much
      taller if it had stood erect. The hair which appeared to cover the entire
      body was smooth, and dark reddish brown in color. There did appear to be an
      area of longer bushy hair around the ankles and down towards the feet.

      The creature appeared to be very broad across the shoulders, (about 3 feet.)
      The most outstanding physical feature was the head. The head was described
      as very large, and it seemed to slope back into a cone shape. It was about
      18 inches from the jaw to the peak of the head. The witnesses indicated that
      a neck was not apparent. There was no odor nor sound detected during this
      observation. The husband stated "It seemed to be in a hurry. It looked human
      but it wasn't. What struck me was how very fast it was and how it crossed
      the road, and didn't hesitate to go into the woods on the other side. A
      human would probably hesitate and go looking for footing and watching their
      step, but this thing didn't."

      Some of you are aware that I have been researching many types of phenomena
      in Pennsylvania since 1959. Among the mysteries investigated throughout the
      state, have been the numerous encounters reported with hairy manlike beings.
      The earliest first hand account in my files, is one that occurred in 1931 in
      Fayette County. From 1972 through the late 1980's, I received almost annual
      reports of alleged Bigfoot sightings in the state. Since then, such creature
      sightings have been sporatic, and not nearly as active as they were during
      the 1970's and 1980's. While I no longer operate any of the volunteer
      investigating groups which I had previously founded, I still remain active
      as an independent researcher. Contact continues with many of my associates
      in various scientific and technical fields, who can be called upon to assist
      me with current events.

      I am interested in learning about other Bigfoot sightings that have occured
      in Pennsylvania in recent years.


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