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  • Nicola Molloy
    The Philadelphia Experiment http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Shadowlands/6583/project004.html Navy Ship Disappears In 1943 Experiment The Philadelphia
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      The Philadelphia Experiment

      Navy Ship Disappears In 1943 Experiment

      The Philadelphia Experiment - A Legend?
      by Brad Steiger

      First of all I would like to start out by saying that all I know is what
      I read. I have absolutely no insider information on anything
      related to the legend of the Philadelphia Experiment, ETs or UFOs. While
      that may be true, I do get gut-feels on things and the
      purpose of my letter is to relate these feelings.

      While I will always describe the Philadelphia Experiment (PE) as a
      legend, if there is truth to this legend, I believe that it is the
      central, focal point regarding the reported stories concerning ETs.

      I have included a section of Brad Steiger's book on PE which I would
      recommend as one of the books to read several times
      cover-to-cover. This section potentially uncovers some myths. These
      include the following:

      The first "Treaty" was not with Truman, but rather with FDR. This, to
      me, makes sense because the United States was in a very
      vulnerable position with the threat of Nazi Germany. FDR would be at a
      point of desperation willing to trade "alien technology
      for certain planetary privileges". I might add that the "treaty"
      certainly was not legal because it did not abide by the terms of the
      US Constitution. Therefore, this "treaty" does not need to be recognized
      by other alien confederations.

      The "treaty" was made with the "K-Group". I believe we need to be
      careful here because it is not species that we are dealing
      with but rather confederations. To check out what confederation is being
      dealt with is to identify the character and actions of a
      given group. Both the Pleiadean Confederation and the NU (Galactic)
      Confederation believe in and adhere to the law of
      noninterference. Therefore, they would not exchange anything for
      technology until a planet has evolved to the stage where it
      could handle that technology. Even in 1996 the inhabitants of this
      Earth, in general, have a considerable way to go to become
      law-abiding and respecting the rights of others. What I mean by this is
      that I believe that the Law regarding the rights of other
      people needs to be written in a person's mind and heart so that the
      actions of that person coincide with the belief structure.
      Now, when we talk about the "K-Group" appearing human, that does not
      make them the good guys, for the Draco
      Confederation has people who appear to be quite human. Since this
      "treaty" would break the law of noninterference, there is
      only one group that does that, and that is the Draco Confederation. The
      Draco Confederation is also called the Leverons or
      Orions. I recognize that this gets complex because of the number of
      names involved; but if we just keep looking at character,
      we can identify the good guys from the bad guys. Thus, I believe it is a
      myth to presume that any ET species by itself is either
      good or bad, and that just because one might be dealing with an ET
      species that looks human does not necessarily mean that
      the ET is either trustworthy or honorable.

      There has also been a myth that we had no choice but to make such a
      "treaty". You will note in what is stated below that Bielek
      stated that FDR met with the Pleiadean group first. Since the Pleiadean
      group was not going to violate the law of
      nonintereference and exchange technology for anything, they were passed
      over in favor of the "K-Group" which undoubtedly
      represented Draco.

      As an aside, from what I read and my gut feel, the law of
      noninterference is very meaningful to the two ethical confederations.
      This law probably is not necessarily simplistic but rather complex just
      like most of the laws we have here in the U.S.

      The following comes from the book, The Philadelphia Experiment and Other
      UFO Conspiracies, by Brad Steiger. This portion
      is the beginning of chapter six called Ripping A Hole In Hyperspace.

      When the Eldridge dematerialized in 1943, it ripped an enormous "hole"
      in Hyperspace, "forty years wide," according to Al

      "This tremendous tear in time allowed a vast contingent of aliens to
      enter our space-time continuum," Bielek said. "At first I
      thought this had just been a peculiar side-effect or by-product of the
      experiment. Now I understand that the whole thing was a

      A set-up? By whom?

      Bielek's voice takes on the tone of one annoyed by an unpleasant memory:
      "Extraterrestials. The whole Philadelphia Experiment
      was set-up by an alien group that had met with President Franklin Delano
      Roosevelt in 1934."

      Whoa! Roosevelt? FDR? We all know about the allegations that President
      Harry S. Truman set up the secret study group
      known as MJ-12, but now we're talking about a meeting with a U.S.
      President and aliens that allegedly took place thirteen
      years earlier.

      FDR'S Secret Treaty With The Alien "K-Group"

      Bielek is adamant: "Yes, FDR met with aliens somewhere in the
      mid-Pacific--I believe it was on board the Pennsylvania. He
      signed an agreement that would exchange alien technology in return for
      certain planetary privileges."

      Was this treaty with the "Grays," the large-eyed, insectlike entities
      that have become popular extraterrestial villains in the UFO
      Abduction cases circa 1965-'90 (and especially after Whitley Streiber's
      best-selling book, Communion, in 1987)?

      Bielek is certain that the so-called "Grays" were not involved in this
      particular agreement.

      "The treaty was made with a group that I'll just label the `K-Group,'"
      he continued. "These aliens can pass for humans, although
      their skin tend to have a slightly greenish tint. Because of this
      tendency, they often `bleach' their epidermis white in order to pass
      among us as human beings."

      Bielek reflected that FDR had been "mildly psychic" and quite interested
      in other-worldly subjects. On occasion, his wife
      Eleanor was known to have sought the counsel of astrologers. "The
      meeting between FDR and the aliens had been set up by
      Nicola Tesla, who had himself been in contact with alien intelligence
      since the late 1920s and the early `30s, ever since he
      created the huge radio receivers for RCA."

      Bielek commented on the peculiar fact that although the genius Tesla had
      been communicating with entities from the Plaiades,
      who appeared to be completely human, issuing from the same original
      stock as homo sapiens, the meeting arranged for FDR
      was with a Pleiadean group first, then later with the "K-Group," a
      "nearly" human species.

      Almost immediately after the President of the United States signed the
      treaty of mutual noninterference, our science enjoyed a
      remarkable acceleration of theory and application on nearly all levels
      of material application.

      As I stated before, all I know is what I read. I have absolutely no
      insider information on anything related to the legend of the
      Philadelphia Experiment, ETs or UFOs. While that may be true, I do get
      gut-feels on things and the purpose of my letter is to
      relate these feelings.

      Do we have a problem with the time continuum? Does the time vortex still
      need to be fixed?

      If the Philadelphia Experiment occurred, what could be its greatest
      significance? Could the answer to this question be that the
      Philadelphia Experiment was an alien set-up? And could these aliens from
      the "K-Group" have represented the Leveron
      Confederation or sometimes referred to as the Draco Confederation or
      Orion Confederation? Is it true that the Leveron
      Confederation essentially consists of reptilians and Greys who represent
      the dark side?

      An example of the dark side of Draco is their reported abductions
      against the will of their victims. Sometimes their victims have
      reported that they have been raped. Not only do their reported victims
      say that they get raped but this process continues. Are
      we really talking about a group of Draco primitives with toys?

      And finally, just a general question to throw out. What would the reason
      be the ET's, if they exist, are interested in earth? With
      such vast technology, what would they be looking for? Could the rumor
      that the numerous stargates or wormholes that this
      planet supposedly might have is a key point of value? Certainly, if
      there were numerous confederations, it might be doubtful that
      they would tell the truth in this matter -- or would it? Perhaps it
      depends upon the character of the confederation that we are
      dealing with.


      "A partially successful test in invisibility was accomplished by the
      research group at the Institute for Advanced Study at
      Princeton as early as 1936," Bielek claims. "The instrumentation seemed
      correctly situated, but I don't think the aliens were
      much concerned at this point. There was a great deal of research yet to
      be done.

      "You see, they had been making a careful study of the Earth's
      biorhythmic cycles for decades, if not centuries--something that
      our science didn't really get into until around 1985-'86. They wanted
      the experiment to take place exactly when it did in August
      1943 so they could tear that massive hole in Hyperspace."

      By strange coincidence--if coincidence was--a UFO crashed in Germany in
      1936. "Since the craft was more or less intact,"
      Bielek said, "the artifact greatly stimulated Nazi science. We know that
      they had replicated many of the spacecraft's facilities
      and functions by 1944. Fortunately, for the enemies of the Third Reich,
      the Nazi scientists were never able to crack the
      problem of the UFO's basic drive mechanism. Plans for such circular
      craft were found by the Allies when they invaded
      Germany and seized Peenumunde, one of the Nazi's major rocket plants."


      According to Al Bielek, the bottom line on the Philadelphia Experiment
      is that it was all a set-up by aliens of the humanoid
      "K-Group" to create an opening for extraterrestials to have easy access
      to Earth.

      The U.S. Navy, the many scientists assembled, the government officials
      privy to the secret experiment were all laboring under
      false assumptions when they believed the efforts to be an attempt to
      achieve invisibility for U.S. military vessels.

      "Yes,' Bielek repeats his statement, "we were working to achieve the
      goal of invisibility, but the aliens among us had a much
      larger and more self-serving goal in mind--to tear a 40-year-hole in

      After the last terrible effort when the lives of so many Navy men were
      lost, the Philadelphia Experiment was officially shut

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