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The Philadelphia Experiment and Time - part 2 of 2

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  • Nicola Molloy
    Philadelphia Experiment Philadelphia Experiment The Philadelphia Experiment and Time - part 2 of 2 With Drue (Interview by Joshua, 12/6/95 ) Joshua: You
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      Philadelphia Experiment

      Philadelphia Experiment

      The Philadelphia Experiment and Time - part 2 of 2
      With Drue (Interview by Joshua, 12/6/95 )

      Joshua: You mentioned that you are a time traveler --- can you explain
      what you mean by this? Can you share your perception
      about what 'time' is and how this was connected with the Philadelphia

      Drue: Yes, I do make the claim of being a time traveler or a timeliner.
      Having the ability to move through time, either forward or
      backward. These abilities came with my understanding of 'time' and
      'timelines' through my involvement with the Philadelphia
      Experiment and other time related experiences. The highly secretive
      government experiments dealt with movement through time
      as it is truly understood only by a few. The correct meaning of 'time'
      is not as the dictionary defines it, nor, how we were taught.
      'Time' is parallel and is nothing but an event. All events are happening
      simultaneously --- NOW!

      Joshua: What is you interest in UFOs? Some have suggested that UFOs have
      a connection with this experiment in some way, is
      this true?

      Drue: Yes. UFOs do have a connection to the experiment, because when you
      deal with UFO's, you also are dealing with 'time'
      as it truly is. It is my opinion that approximately 85% of the UFO
      sightings are sightings of government technology; one of the
      reasons why the government will not acknowledge UFO's. This type of
      technology is nothing but unidentified technology.
      Today, instead of using warships, they applied this technology to
      helicopters known as black helicopters. Because of the
      difficulty in applying the use of this technology to large metal objects
      such as a naval warship, they took it into this direction.
      Most sightings will take on this shape in the future, if they have not

      Joshua: Do you have some comments or clarification on the story that Al
      Bielek discusses about his relationship to the
      Philadelphia Experiment?

      Drue: He has done a commendable job in bringing to the public awareness
      of his involvement with the project(s). He is an early
      pioneer and took the point by breaking the silence, and has done well in
      documenting his understanding. In my opinion, there
      are pieces of our involvement yet to be revealed, but we are both
      actively pursuing the information from our own observation
      standpoints. I feel comfortable in saying that though we do not work
      together, Al and I provide many with "Food for Thought".
      I would also like to point out that there were 181 men that were on
      board the Eldridge, but also that there were six other ships
      with men on board that had been involved with subsequent experiments. We
      are not the only two men that have recall of our
      involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment, but many do. Many who

      (1) not be willing to actively pursue their involvement for reasons only
      known to them; or,

      (2) have recollection and be willing to discuss their experiences
      without their identity exposed; and lastly,

      (3)like Al and myself, be very public of their involvement. This is NOT
      the end of the information of this secret government
      experiment, and "those in the know" are cognizant of this.

      Joshua: Is there a connection with the Philadelphia Experiment and the
      experiments with time travel in Montauk? What
      involvement do you have if any in Montauk?

      Drue: Yes, Montauk was a continuation of time related experiments that
      ran parallel with the Philadelphia Experiment. As of
      this date, I have no recall of any involvement in Montauk. However, I do
      know that on August 18th, 1943, the USS Eldridge
      was sent to Montauk Point, Long Island, New York to the year of 1983, at
      which time it was dismantled. Those at Montauk
      were conducting more experiments in 1993, however, today there is no
      activity. Experiments by those who worked at
      Montauk, are presently involved in time related experiments in Canada.

      Joshua: From all of your experiences, what is your perceptions about
      reality, what is happening to our world at the current
      moment and where we may be heading in the future?

      Drue: This is a most complex question that would take a great deal of
      time and space to discuss. In short, however, know this,
      with the true understanding of "time" and "timelines", realities are
      altered for the betterment of all, a richness beyond words. As
      for our future... you and I will decide our future either together or
      individually. This, needing more time and space to elaborate.

      Joshua: If the Philadelphia Project is considered by the government to
      be a secret project, why do you feel inspired to speak
      out at this time? Do you have any concern that the government will try
      to silence you? Or, do they want this information to
      come out?

      Drue: My being public is a calculated move for my own safety. "Those in
      the know" knew that they could not permanently keep
      me from the recall of many of the events, and while I was in the
      military they were able to do just that --- suppress my DNA
      memory. Now that I am retired, they no longer have the ability to direct
      me to places so that a magnetic induction can be
      accomplished. Wanting to go public with this information of the
      experiment in the 1940's, I was prevented from doing so. Their
      motivation was to accomplish a time transfer experiment by using myself
      in order to track my movements through time. The
      Philadelphia Experiment took place 52 years ago, and their way of
      thinking, "those in the know", was different then from what it
      is today. A good example was in 1959, when a respected scientist in
      astronomy and mathematics, Morris Ketchum Jessup,
      was terminated because of the information he was about to go public with
      regarding the Philadelphia Experiment and the
      technology surrounding other time related experiments. Today, they are
      more willing to allow the flow of information to the
      public through the media and other means only because they know that 50%
      or less of the people will believe and the other
      50% will not. However, where the information is so critical that it
      could be detrimental to their agendas, termination is still an
      option. Primarily running interference is more or less the "Company"
      policy of today.

      Joshua: Does the Roswell Crash have any connection to the Philadelphia
      Experiment, in your opinion?

      Drue: No. It was not related to the Philadelphia Experiment, but it was
      other time related experiments that were being
      conducted underground near Roswell, New Mexico that caused the crashes.
      Electrical disturbances along the earth's planetary
      magnetic grid had caused quantum gates to open up and the ET traveling
      the corridor got caught up in these disturbances and
      materialized. Recently, you may recall the televised "Alien Autopsy" of
      which many who saw this, to include many in the UFO
      arena, do not believe that this was an authentic alien autopsy conducted
      after the Roswell incident. The crash site was massive,
      and instead of the known one or two crashes, there were 16 in total and
      over 45 ET beings had come to their demise. My
      point is, that these electrical disturbances did not discriminate
      against just one type of ET, but affected all traveling through the

      Joshua: Your business card says you are involved with paranormal
      research, how did you get started and why are you
      interested? What type of research are you conducting now and what
      purpose is there for such research?

      Drue: It normally takes an event to adjust one's belief! My involvement
      in paranormal research and exploration came mainly
      because of my recalling of events and involvement with the Philadelphia
      Experiment. Having an extensive background as a
      systems analyst with the Marine Corps and trained not to come to final
      conclusions until after all the data was collected, I knew
      it would have been an injustice to move into the interpretation stage
      prematurely. I therefore, allowed these events to continue
      through curiosity, without emotions and by doing so, the data and
      information that I have collected to date is much more
      manageable. Most will come to conclusions without all the data, and when
      doing so will MOST LIKELY have an incorrect
      interpretation of events. I continue my paranormal research because it
      is an appropriate avenue for me to continue to search for
      answers. What is necessary here is to define the word "Paranormal".
      Something that is "Paranormal" is nothing but an event that
      happened and is NOT part of ones belief structure, therefore, cannot be
      believed in or understood. In most cases we will pass
      it off as nothing or deny it. Again, it normally takes an event to
      adjust one's belief structure, and when this happens, it is no
      longer paranormal because you will now approach it with a new
      understanding or new knowledge. I continue to avail myself to
      search out answers to phenomenal events that not only occur in my space,
      but to others who desire to seek out answers to
      events that have occurred with them. With others, I do this on a
      consultant basis and by doing so, assist and help them
      understand what they experienced in lieu of going through life with fear
      of their experience.

      Joshua: We have heard there is a technology which is able to take a
      person to another time or dimension and bring them back
      to almost the same instant of time, relative to the moment they left so
      that they notice no time has passed. Is this actually true?

      Drue: The technology that is able to take a person to another time or
      dimension and bring them back is nothing but what I call a
      "magnetic induction". This is the phenomena that takes place with most
      of those that claim 'alien abduction'. The abduction
      process is solely a "magnetic induction". Now, this can either be
      conducted on an energetic level or on a physical level, though
      most of the time it is on an energetic level. The technology deals
      mainly with magnetism.

      Joshua: What is your interpretation for missing time?

      Drue: "Missing time" is time (seconds, minutes or hours) that cannot be
      accounted for. It is not the same as going to the hospital
      for surgery and being put out with anesthesia. As an example, when
      driving down the road and not being consciously aware of
      how you got from one place to another. Many will have missing time while
      in a quasi relaxed state either sitting alone with a cup
      of coffee or driving down a familiar road. In the beginning stages of an
      induction, some may take note of how tired they are
      regardless of the amount of sufficient rest they previously had and will
      not understand why they are so sleepy. This process
      eliminates the person from being alert to what is happening. When
      returned, most will be perplexed by the distinct shift in their
      conscious awareness levels. When magnetically inducted there is enough
      of your energy left behind to do routine things, such as
      driving the car or sipping on your cup of coffee. I do want to emphasis
      that this type of missing time is not always adversarial.

      Joshua: Do you know anything about agreements made by the U.S.
      Government and certain races of extraterrestrial, such as
      the Grays? Do you know if part of our modern technology (microchips,
      videos, etc.) has come from some type of exchange?
      Do you have any insights related to UFOs as far as to the truth of their
      existence and what knowledge the government has
      about them?

      Drue: I do not have the details of agreements made by our government
      with extraterrestrial, however, I do know that we the
      citizens of this country have been bartered. Without a doubt, technology
      today has been affected by many unknown sources.
      One of the many aspects of the Philadelphia Experiment, was that
      advanced technology from the future was placed on the USS
      Eldridge to assist the movement and stability of the ship; including
      medical technology to assist those of us who needed
      continued treatment after the experiment. Computer systems were and are
      a prime example. Dr. John Von Neumann, who had
      involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment, used his position to do
      just that. Being an insider with "those in the know", he
      took the technology brought from the future to 1943 and used it to gain
      an advance understanding in his field of study. He is
      known for his abilities as a mathematician and involvement with
      computers. While at the Institute for Advanced Study in
      Princeton, New Jersey, in 1946, Von Neumann with Author Burks and Herman
      Goldstine published a paper that became a
      landmark in the history of computer sciences (Preliminary Discussion of
      the Logical Design of an Electronic Computing
      Instrument). The ideas in this paper had an enormous impact that
      strongly influenced the form of all subsequent digital
      computers. Neither Burks nor Goldstine were part of the experiment, but
      were subsequent recipients of technology from the
      future, who like Von Neumann gained a position in history in computer
      sciences. In 1947, Von Neumann helped develop a
      method for converting the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
      (ENIAC) concept of an externally programmed
      machine to that of a stored-program computer, the Electronic Discrete
      Variable Automatic Computer (EDVAC).

      Joshua: Are you seeking to meet with other people or organizations who
      have similar interests as your own. Are there some
      resources you require for current research?

      Drue: Yes, I am always in the mode of seeking others out for information
      and I also allow others who have similar interests to
      seek me out. I welcome anyone who has the feeling of some connection or
      experience pertaining to the Philadelphia Experiment
      or other time related experiences. For those who wish to correspond,
      they may do so by writing to my post office box depicted
      below. As far as needed resources for my research, there always seems be
      a lack for resources to accomplish one's ultimate
      goal in life; therefore, one can only seed for the fruit one wishes to

      Joshua: How has your life been effected by your involvement with the
      Philadelphia Experiment?

      Drue: My life in 1943 with a successful scientific career came to an
      abrupt end. A nightmare that didn't cease until I was
      physically transferred through time in 1947 and all my memory overlaid
      with other memory to prevent recall. Everything that I
      owned to include my most prized possession, my personality and identity,
      was taken from me. I became research material and
      was not allowed to control my own destiny. Others made these decisions
      for me and were more concerned about their own
      welfare then mine. Today, I am pursuing a lifetime, if not an eternal
      goal, of disclosing the truth, no matter how challenging.

      Joshua: Do you have a special message to offer others or some insight
      that you would like to share?

      Drue: Through my involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment and other
      time related experiences, I have come to certain
      understandings and perceptions on the subject of 'time' and 'timelines'.
      And, if there is a message in my work, I would only
      WISH and WILL it to be this:

      We are constantly reminded daily of what the future holds for us, and it
      seems that the future holds only events to be of a
      catastrophic or doomsday nature. Most of us have a fear of the unknown,
      thus, most of us fear the future, because, it is an
      unknown. Your future, like mine, is NOT set in STONE, nor, do we have to
      experience any of the catastrophic events that
      have been prophesied. All prophesied catastrophic and doomsday events
      are truly events that are cataloged and can happen,
      but are not necessarily events to be experienced by all. By
      understanding the true perception of 'time' and 'timelines', you will
      also come to the realization that you do not have to get caught up with
      all of these predictions that are "Fear" based. Do NOT
      allow your limited perceptions through the five physical sensories,
      gloomy fear based predictions of the future, nor the incorrect
      perception of 'time' to become your shackle. Time is NOT linear (past,
      present and future), but is parallel and is only an event.
      All events are happening simultaneously --- NOW! Therefore, we have at
      our access the "Free Will" to choose what events we
      want to experience, which are located on different timelines. Our "Free
      Will" is SUPREME in this universe, but we have the
      tendency to allow others to make decisions for us, and by doing so, they
      will make decisions for their own welfare and not
      ours. Then, when events do not come out like we would want them, we
      consider ourselves a victim. Is not making a decision, a
      decision? Fear is an emotion, and emotions are an outwardly projection
      of our frequency, but also a means by which we can
      determine our own frequencies. We all have a range of frequencies that
      we vibrate at, and it's the daily reminders of these
      predictions, no matter how large or small, that place us in a fear based
      frequency. Thus, what you fear the most --- you WILL
      experience! You made decisions using this frequency and its the
      frequencies along with your decisions that draws you to the
      different timelines and its events. Some would call this, a

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