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  • Nicola Molloy
    HAARP Project Expansion of the Montauk Project http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Shadowlands/6583/project018.html Top Secret Projects
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 1999
      HAARP Project

      Expansion of the Montauk Project

      Top Secret Projects

      Expansion of the Montauk Project
      By Preston Nichols and Peter Moon

      Excerpted from the chapter "Star Wars and Mind-Control Transmissions" in
      Encounter in the Pleiades, an Inside Look at

      Mind-control transmissions are another phenomenon that fits in with the
      subject of implants, although they are of a completely
      different nature. I will illustrate how these work by relaying a
      real-life investigation.

      In the summer of 1995 I received a telephone call from a woman I will
      identify as Susan DaRe. She felt that she had been
      targeted by mind-control transmissions, sickness transmissions and just
      about everything else. Her story interested me enough
      that I decided I would visit her and do an electromagnetic study. I was
      already going to a hamfest (where ham radio gear is
      bought and sold) in Virginia, and it was not too much out of my way to
      stop in at her home right across from Fort Meade, a
      military installation in Maryland. When I arrived, we went out to dinner
      with her friend Bruce and she began to tell me her life

      Susan was born in 1951 and was adopted by a German family who had come
      to America after World War II and had been
      involved with Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. Her family owned a
      lumber business in the Midwest and frequently played host
      to intelligence personnel such as CIA and NSA staffers. As a young lady,
      she had some sort of magical initiation. Susan was
      subsequently implanted and grew up. Today she claims to have tremendous
      psychic ability.

      As an adult, Susan searched for her natural father and found out that he
      had served extensively in Egypt and was very highly
      placed in U.S. military intelligence. That was all she could find out
      except for the fact that he wanted to disavow all connection
      to her.

      After telling her whole story, she told me that she is targeted and that
      her stepfamily is still connected to the intelligence
      community (CIA). Susan strongly believes the common theory that the
      CIA's roots began with the Nazi SS. She said the
      reason she is being targeted is the lumber business. When her stepfather
      died, she was to be left half of it and her stepbrother
      would get the other half of what was valued at about fourteen million
      dollars. Susan believes the intelligence community,
      working in concert with her "black magic uncle," wanted to get rid of
      her so that the natural son would inherit the entire

      As we drove to her house after dinner, I began the electromagnetic
      study. I first tuned in to an 1080-MHz signal that I had
      been studying for a month. I noticed that when I got close to her car,
      the signal would appear. When she got well ahead of us,
      the signal would disappear. It was as if the transmitter for that signal
      was in her car. I knew this was not the case, because I'd
      been picking up this same signal all across the Northeast and it
      couldn't possibly have been transmitted from her car. There was
      no question that the 1080-MHz signal was being directed at Susan.

      As soon as we arrived at her house, I began the electromagnetic survey
      at that location. I immediately found the 1080-MHz
      signal and also found the 435-MHz signal that routinely emanates from
      the vicinity of Montauk.* I also found a strong ELF
      (extra-low-frequency) broadcast that was as low as my equipment can pick
      up (about 50 to 400 kHz). I videotaped the entire
      display of different signals.

      The Montauk signal at 435 MHz was particularly interesting because
      whenever I pick it up from Montauk, it is usually broken
      into pieces. If the pieces were put together, it would make up a signal
      like the one I was viewing in Maryland. As Susan moved
      in and out of the house, I noticed subtle changes in the scope pattern
      for the 435-MHz signal. I had her walk around, and
      wherever she would position herself, a subtle change would show up on
      the scope and be noticeable on the receivers as well.
      Next, I tuned back into the 1080-MHz signal and tried the same thing. I
      noticed that if she sat still in the car, the 1080-MHz
      signal faded out. If she moved around, it came back.

      Susan then showed me a report by Dr. Peter Moscow. He is the president
      of the U.S. Psychotronics Association and is an
      excellent bioelectric magnetic researcher. He is involved with Wilhelm
      Reich's work and radionics, and I was already familiar
      with him. His report indicated that she had brain damage and had been
      exposed to aberrant electromagnetic fields such as ELF
      and VLF fields. I had definitely picked up the aberrant electromagnetic
      fields (the 435-MHz and the 1080-MHz signals).

      When Susan had an MRI done, there were sections of her brain where the
      myelin sheathing was disappearing. This is known to
      be the start of multiple sclerosis. She believes this ailment to be a
      result of the transmissions broadcast in her direction. I believe
      this is possible, and I will explain why. First, we will cover what the
      435-MHz to 1080-MHz network really is.

      These signals start out as a particle transmission very much like what I
      described in Pyramids of Montauk. The whole idea of a
      particle accelerator is to continually increase the velocity of a unit
      of electromagnetic energy (a nitrogen atom is best for
      interacting with the atmosphere). As the particles accelerate to the
      speed of light, vast amounts of energy are released.

      There are about 24 to 36 of these sites all around the planet. Each one
      of them shoots up to a series of small satellites that are
      referred to as popcorn satellites. This is all part of the Strategic
      Defense Initiative (more commonly known as SDI or Star
      Wars). These beams bounce around a network of satellites circling the
      planet. Some of the satellites multiply the beams
      whereas some of them combine the beams. By controlling the positioning
      and orientation of the satellites, the military can direct
      a combined beam anywhere on the planet. They can also defocus it to
      become essentially a particle wave.

      There is a very interesting enigma that I have observed regarding this
      satellite system. The 1080-MHz transmissions are high
      enough in frequency that if the antennas being employed to detect them
      are highly directional, I should be able to pinpoint areas
      in the sky where the satellites are at a given time. The enigma has been
      that no matter where I point the antenna, I get a signal of
      uniform strength. Putting this information together with what Dr.
      Nicholas Begich has been saying leads to even more interesting

      Dr. Begich has published information about a project known as HAARP,
      which stands for High-frequency Active Aurora
      Research Project. This is commonly known as a weather-control project,
      but Dr. Begich has picked up and heard the
      435-MHz signals connected to HAARP and indicates that a mind-control
      function is being employed.

      In addition to Dr. Begich's research, there is currently a theory being
      bandied about concerning a hypothetical nonlinear function
      that will translate one frequency to another frequency. I think that is
      exactly what is happening in the case of HAARP.
      High-frequency signals developed through HAARP are designed to ionize
      the energy in the upper atmosphere, which consists
      primarily of nitrogen. The ionized nitrogen (N2), then acts as a
      translator that will literally convert the 435-MHz particle-beam
      transmission into one of 1080 MHz. This is a rather ingenious
      development, because it bypasses the need for satellites. I believe
      this to be one of the latest developments of the Star Wars technology.

      I began to figure this out when I first encountered the 1080-MHz
      frequency and asked Duncan Cameron to do a purely
      psychic reading on it. After listening to the signal, Duncan said that
      it is approximately 2.7 times the 435-MHz signal. This is not
      far off at all. If you consider that 400 to 450 MHz is the window to the
      human consciousness, you can divide 1080 MHz by
      2.7 and you will arrive at 400. The ratio of 2.7 is a direct hit.

      When I ran this information by my nuclear physicist friend Dan, he
      became excited, because 2.77 is a ratio of nitrogen to air
      with regard to the Earth's atmosphere. In scientific terms, this would
      be stated:

      M(ATM)/MN2 = 2.77

      In other words, if you divide the mass of the atmosphere by the mass of
      nitrogen, you will arrive at 2.77. This information was
      the initial clue that there was a relationship between nitrogen and the
      435-MHz transmissions. Based upon his experience, Dan
      concluded that we were most likely dealing with a nitrogen particle
      beam. The above information about HAARP finally
      explained what was going on.

      Dan also talked about a side effect that is produced when the particle
      beams annihilate each other. He said that when the
      nitrogen and antinitrogen collide, the element xenon is released. A
      couple of radionics tests done on people who have been
      targeted by the 1080-MHz signal indicated that they had a high degree of
      nitrogen and xenon in their systems. Susan's
      symptoms were like nitrogen narcosis, more commonly known as the bends.

      All of this gets even more interesting because Duncan's psychic reading
      said that the particle-beam system can also be used in
      genetic engineering. I then ran all of this information by a geneticist
      friend of mine, who found it noteworthy because the
      subharmonic of the DNA helix is 1100 MHz. At the same time, another
      person pointed out a book by a Canadian that
      indicated that if one created a certain frequency with a xenon lamp, a
      thought form was created that was healing and

      The theory here is that one can literally do genetic engineering by
      using the 1100-MHz frequency to resonate with the DNA
      and thereby open and close it. The annihilation of particles (from the
      particle accelerator) releases a pattern that controls the
      way the DNA will reassemble itself. The xenon-gas effect would be used
      to regenerate the new DNA. I ran this by Al Bielek,
      who said he has a scientist friend who had previously read the blueprint
      for the entire satellite network. This scientist told the
      people at his company that if this system were beamed at the entire
      population, it would genetically destroy the human race.

      Earlier in this [article] I mentioned the damage in the myelin sheathing
      of Susan DaRe. This could be the degenerative genetic
      effect that Al's friend warned of. This may be why we have suddenly seen
      MS appear all over the country. MS has reportedly
      increased at least a hundredfold over the last five years.

      All of this means that the entire Star Wars system could be used to
      attack our immune systems and mental well-being. We
      already know that 400-450 MHz is the window frequency to the human
      consciousness; and 435 MHz is the specific frequency
      related to the appearance of UFOs. It also manifests from the Milky Way,
      and is thought to be the background frequency of
      our reality. The Star Wars system, at least part of it, transmits a
      signal between 1000 and 1200 MHz that is derived from a
      nitrogen-based particle beam. This signal is a multiplication of 435
      MHz, our reality's background frequency.

      The signals I picked up during this electromagnetic survey were all
      between 1080 MHz (2.7 times 400) and 1124 MHz (2.7
      times 416 MHz), and the 1100-MHz frequency is supposed to be the window
      to the human DNA. I couldn't get the geneticist
      to tie it down to an exact frequency, so this is an approximation. He
      said it is about 1000 to 1200 MHz. A further
      corroboration of this theory is easy to recognize if you realize that
      the molecular structure of proteins contains nitrogen as a
      primary ingredient. This causes the nitrogen-to-air ratio to make even
      more sense. The appearance of nitrogen in proteins does
      not contradict the fact that life is carbon-based. As life evolves into
      higher-order forms, it develops proteins, which consist of

      Genetic programming suggests something far beyond the prospect of
      biological warfare: It also includes the possibility of
      scrambling or rearranging our DNA. This type of thinking is prevalent in
      certain New Age dogma which indicates that the
      human race is undergoing a transdimensional change. Angels will appear
      and rearrange your lightbody so that you resonate with
      a higher octave. This may be true, but it is much more theoretical and
      otherworldly if angels or other-dimensional beings are
      doing it. If the secret government or the military-industrial complex
      has this capability, we are dealing with an undeniable
      real-world scenario. There are many possibilities.

      My first thought on this is that the power base on this planet is afraid
      of giving up its hold on its power. Their interest in
      controlling our DNA would be to prevent a migration to another
      dimension. That is why they might be researching this

      A second possibility is that they are going to help us for our own
      benefit. That is wishful thinking, to say the least.

      Another possibility is that this entire project is being orchestrated
      for some vast experiment. It could be for the good or bad of
      the continuum. Maybe the bad guys have plans to either do in or at least
      subjugate the entire human race. At the same time, the
      good guys or ascended masters are letting it run until they can step in
      at the last minute and bring us all to the next level. Some
      variation on this theme is also possible. There are many different
      puppet masters who could be involved.

      There is an infamous island off the north fork of Long Island that is
      called Plum Island. It is forbidden territory to the media or
      anyone else, and has long been thought to be a center of bacteriological
      research that includes biological warfare. This was true
      for many years, but I know that today they are concerned with human
      genetic research based upon particle accelerators. These
      accelerators are no secret and can be viewed from the air.

      None of this information is included purely to frighten anyone. It is in
      all of our interests to know the capabilities that can be
      used against us. It doesn't mean they will be, and knowing about it is
      the first line of defense.

      *435 MHz refers to frequencies anywhere in the 400- to 500-MHz band, and
      1080 MHz refers to those in the 1000- to
      1200-MHz band. Technicians should note that I took extra care to ensure
      that I was not picking up transmission from the GPS
      (Global Positioning System), which transmits at 1236 MHz and is used by
      oceangoing vessels and airplanes for navigational

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