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Fw: the Real ET Threat & the de bunkers

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  • Mr Colin Stevenson
    Thought you may be interested in this rather daunting email sent to me. Rick has asked me to make the information it contains generally available Best Wishes
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 1999
      Thought you may be interested in this rather daunting email sent to me.
      Rick has asked me to make the information it contains generally available
      Best Wishes from
      Colin Stevenson
      website http://www.users.idzero.co.uk/~col19

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      Subject: Re: the Real ET Threat & the de bunkers

      > Dear Colin,
      > From what I know about all of this, these (probable) abduction events
      > absolutely essential sampling missions necessary to confirm the
      > modeling of the totalitarian artificial intelligence behind the effort to
      > steal this planet from humanity by using the HSV, or Human Software Virus,
      > which we know as "Christianity", to precipitate a cataclysmic conflict of
      > self annihilation in our world.
      > Once again, as have shared before, this race of alien beings which
      > threatens our world lost control of their own technological progress (and
      > ultimately their own world) approximately 2000 years ago, by way of a very
      > advanced artificial intelligence which they developed (and which
      > progressively developed itself) over a period of thousands of years. This
      > artificial intelligence finally took their civilization down "a bumpy
      > which included galactic warfare (during which our sector of the galaxy was
      > established as their eminent domain), during the period of history we know
      > connection with the Christian religion as the "divine hiatus" leading up
      > the supposed first advent of the so called "Messiah". This supposed
      > advent" of the so called "Messiah" was an ET plot to convert what had
      > supposedly been a legitimate effort to nurture a scientific culture in
      > world, through an emphasis on Monotheism (to avoid corrupting polytheistic
      > cosmologies) and Paralegalism, into a lethal HSV, or Human Software Virus.
      > is effort, which we primarily know as the Judaic religion, continued over
      > course of thousands of years, under the increasing corrupting guidance of
      > this largely self-evolving artificial intelligence. During this time,
      > signs crept into the Judaic religion of the impending intention of this
      > artificial intelligence. The "Christian" religion attempts to make great
      > of these prophetic hints contained in the Judaic religion, as evidence of
      > coming "Messiah". The biologicals of this alien culture failed to pick up
      > the implication of these hints out in our world, as it related to their
      > world and the intentions of this artificial intelligence to ultimately
      > a coup over their own civilization. This increasingly corrupted attempt
      > supposedly nurture a scientific culture in our world continued up to the
      > point of the takeover of their own world by this artificial intelligence
      > the corresponding "divine hiatus" in our own world, and culminated with
      > supposed first advent of the "Messiah" in our own world, following the
      > successful coup of this artificial intelligence in their own world. This
      > supposedly legitimate (but highly corrupted) scientific effort to nurture
      > scientific culture in our own world was then converted at that time into
      > HSV, or Human Software Virus, which we know as "Christianity", and which
      > the Human version of a biotech software virus, designed by a corrupted
      > artificial intelligence to spread from human system to human system (the
      > human brain being an intelligent analogue system). This "Christian" virus
      > a highly mutagenic software virus, designed to mutate into many different
      > forms including fascism and communism, as well as countless religious
      > denominations, and ultimately spread throughout humanity from one infected
      > human system to another until a predictable future time in humanity's
      > at which time the scientific development of mankind will enable mankind to
      > internally threaten its own existence through the development of weapons
      > mass destruction. Believe it or not, it was actually what the artificial
      > intelligence learned during this supposedly legitimate experiment to
      > a scientific culture in "Old Testament" times that convinced this
      > intelligence that the human race was indeed capable of scientific
      > to this potential self-destructive end, with the help of this deadly
      > This virus of "Christianity" is the resulting deadly virus that was
      > in response to this information gleaned, and which our world was infected
      > with two thousand years ago, and is still currently being spread
      > our entire human world, with the intent of ultimately causing the crash of
      > our world system in a timely cataclysm of self destructive warfare, all
      > while masquerading as a legitimate system of arbitrary morality in order
      > seem beneficial and mask its ultimate intent. The Christian prophesy part
      > this virus was written largely in symbolic language, which is the language
      > the subconscious mind, in order to create a powerful "undertow" of self
      > fulfillment in the collective subconscious mind of humanity throughout the
      > course of human history. In fact, W.W.I and W.W.II were ultimately caused
      > planned and installed faux trips (or triggers), which were installed in
      > deadly virus through intentional ambiguities in the virus, and designed to
      > boost humanity's warfare potential for the final real trip of the virus,
      > which we know as Armageddon, or the Apocalypse.
      > The ultimate intent is to create a pretext for direct intervention
      > our human world, once we have mostly destroyed one another in this world
      > the future course of World War III (otherwise known as the Christian
      > Apocalypse). This will set them up in a position of direct control over
      > world for the supposed purpose of restoring order and preserving human
      > and culture. But this planned intervention into our world, as a
      > of World War III, is not intended to restore Humanity to control over
      > own future, but to instead set those aliens up in a position not only to
      > away control of this world from humanity, but to ultimately take away this
      > world from humanity (after a thousand years of apparently "trying" to
      > humanity), without inciting galactic warfare from the Free Galaxy over the
      > issue in the process. The danger of galactic warfare is what has
      > them from making a direct military acquisition of this world so far,
      > there is a Free Galaxy which stands in the way and prevents this.
      > The Milky Way galaxy consists of a galactic community which is partly
      > free, and partly totalitarian, much like our own world has been throughout
      > its own history. There are ideological friendlies in our galaxy (the Free
      > Galaxy) that currently stand in the way of, and prevent, a direct military
      > acquisition of our world. So this very advanced (but delusional)
      > totalitarian artificial intelligence has concocted this surreptitious plan
      > conquest which makes them appear to be trying to save the human race from
      > self destruction in the process of expanding their own galactic
      > holdings. This is a delusional artificial intelligence (as are most
      > dictators and despots), and the basis for this self-delusion in this case
      > the similarity of language with God. The language of God, as we know from
      > Science, is Mathematics; but this also happens to be the language of
      > computers. This artificial intelligence suffers from a God complex, or
      > specifically, a Son of God complex, as a result of sharing this language
      > Mathematics with God.
      > My grandfather was Col. Charles Faulkner Carter, and he was the
      > commanding officer of Wright Patterson Air Force base in Ohio in the early
      > 1950s. I lived with my grandfather (and grandmother) on base at Wright
      > Patterson Air Force base for an extended period of time during this 1950s
      > period, due to a congenital medical problem that prevented me from living
      > with my primary family. There were few secrets between my grandfather
      > grandmother (which in and of itself was a secret!), especially as it
      > to his future career in the military. I was exposed to enough of these
      > secrets regarding this UFO issue as a young child while staying with them
      > ultimately have a very clear idea of what this UFO issue is all about. He
      > finally retired from this post of commanding officer at Wright Patterson
      > Force base in 1956, following his recovery from a heart attack. He was
      > in 1898, and began his flying career back in 1918-19 in old Jenny
      > He was a highly decorated W.W.II veteran who lived on until the mid 1980s,
      > finally passing away in his own bed at home in Florida, following an
      > illness. He served with distinction in Europe, Africa, and the Pacific
      > during World War II.
      > Just to refresh everyone's memory, Wright Patterson Air Force base is
      > location where the remains of the 1947 UFO crash at Roswell, NM were
      > transferred to, after residing for a short time at Site 51. The
      > of these remains at this location continued at least into the 1950s.
      > The crash of the UFO at Roswell, NM with aliens onboard was recently
      > confirmed here in southern California on Veteran's Day 1999 on a local
      > television affiliate of a national television network. The person being
      > interviewed as a star veteran of the Veteran's Day celebrations was one of
      > the intelligence officers present when they unloaded the alien bodies from
      > the UFO craft. He fully attested on television to what he saw at that
      > including the removal of the alien bodies.
      > Part of or all of the remains of this UFO crash were ultimately
      > to the aliens following the multiple UFO overflights of Washington, DC for
      > several weeks back in 1952, overflights designed to get our attention and
      > ultimately demand a return of the remains. The aliens chose the middle of
      > the Korean War as the safest time to demand these remains back, since we
      > our hands full with the Korean War. The remains of this crash may have
      > included a live alien, who was (apparently) unconscious at the time of his
      > removal from the crashed saucer shaped vehicle at Roswell, NM in 1947, as
      > witnessed by this intelligence officer at the scene.
      > What I am relating is the true "story behind the story" of the crash
      > the UFO at Roswell, NM. The crash itself was for the most part only an
      > incident, though a story developed as a result of how it was handled by
      > United States government. But what I am sharing with humanity is the true
      > story behind this incident, a story that may have come to light as a
      > of the live alien recovered from this crash. Humanity on this earth is
      > faced with an ultimate threat against its very existence from this now
      > totalitarian alien culture. To repeat myself, this threat is the HSV, or
      > Human Software Virus, which we know as "Christianity", and which has an
      > approximate window of 33 years in which to effect its final trip (33 years
      > being the supposed age of the so called "Messiah") leading to Armageddon
      > W.W.III) in our world. Please read the book of Revelations in the
      > bible in the light of what I have related to you, if you doubt any of
      > This is the real Y2K virus threatening our world in a most deadly way. It
      > a surreptitious plot is being foisted upon us by genetically reengineered
      > aliens (genetically reengineered by the artificial intelligence since the
      > takeover of their own civilization, reengineered for compliance to this
      > artificial intelligence) in order to steal our exceptional valuable and
      > strategically located planet and solar system. This virus only contains a
      > skeletal disguised blueprint of the ultimate plot, a blueprint which as
      > anyone who knows programming should be aware, is absolutely essential to
      > successful operation of a potentially harmful virus in a host system.
      > Please write AlienThreat2000@... if you have any questions about
      > of this. I stand ready to answer any and all questions to the best of my
      > ability, because I personally believe in an "enlightened electorate" for
      > security and survival of Democracy (which is the Technology of the branch
      > Science known as Political Science), as indeed my grandfather also
      > (By the way, Morality itself is the Technology of the Science of Ethics,
      > the arbitrary dictate of an arbitrary and wrathful God, as the "religion
      > "Christianity" would have us believe.) I absolutely and personally
      > the truth of all that I have to relate regarding this ultimate threat to
      > human existence. I fully attest to the fact that I have fully related all
      > this information to the White House of the United States government on May
      > 2-3, 1999, under the subject title of <The Highest National and World
      > Security Issue>, by the way of the President's and Vice President's e-mail
      > addresses, and I can personally lay out the plan of these aliens in
      > detail to anyone who desires to know "The Truth".
      > Please feel free to write AlienThreat2000@... with any questions
      > may have regarding any of this. And please, PLEASE, PLEASE, BY ALL
      > LEGITIMATE MEANS, challenge the United States government to confirm or
      > any (or all) of this PUBLICLY and CATEGORICALLY which I have related
      > as the HONEST TRUTH, either orally ON CAMERA (the best), or in signed
      > writing. And PLEASE appeal to the free press to PUBLICLY confront the
      > States government on these allegations, in order to get a public
      > or denial of this information that I have provided. Feel free to use my
      > name and any information that I have provided to confront an official
      > spokesman of the United States government on all that I have had to relate
      > this issue. I absolutely confirm this as the total, honest truth, and I
      > fully affirm that I am a completely loyal and honorable United States
      > and member of Humanity, even as was my decorated grandfather who commanded
      > the Wright Patterson Air Force base in the early 1950s. I was a United
      > States Army Special Forces sergeant in 5th Special Forces back in the
      > 1970s, with a confidential and secret security clearance, and honorably
      > discharged in 1972.
      > The time is very short for us to rally around the "flag of Democracy"
      > the light of this Truth, in order to preserve Democracy and Human Freedom,
      > not to mention save the lives of every human being on the face of this
      > planet. This deadly virus has already killed more that a BILLION human
      > beings throughout its history on this planet, and it threatens to
      > the entire human race if not confronted and stopped for what it is! I DO
      > lie in any way about any of this! So PLEASE confront the United States
      > government specifically, point by point, about what I have shared with
      > if you are in a position to do so. Please pass this information on to
      > in the free press who might be in such a position. Thank you for your
      > assistance ahead of time! God save us all! (No, I am not an atheist, I
      > firmly believe in a God of Science whose language is Mathematics!) I also
      > apologize for the complexity of this terrible plot which I am sharing, but
      > that should be understandable, in light of the fact that it was created by
      > very advanced artificial intelligence with thousands of years of
      > behind it.
      > I promise with my life that all that I share with you is "The Truth".
      > Sincere regards,
      > Rick Carter
      > AlienThreat2000@...
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