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Alien Encounter, 1980 - Houston Texa

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  • Nicky Molloy
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      Forget the Lucifer stuff. You may have seen a Nordic or (as many
      researchers believe there are NO Nordics) a Grey/ Human hybrid. Those
      buggers are implanted, trained, and enslaved to the Grey doctrine, so
      just because it looks human don't bet on it!! From what Dr Jacobs
      learned they are mingling with the human population but retain the
      ability to walk thru wall and glass. They also have been known to
      rape, beat, and terrorize women. Read "The Threat" by Dr David
      Jacobs and you will have your answers! Pat

      Sincerely, Patricia http://www.serve.com/ufo7
      "If you suppress The Truth it becomes your enemy...if you expose the
      truth it becomes your weapon.Col Corso"

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      << If you have any information on "who" I thought I saw, I would
      appreciate it if you would share it with me.
      Please do not give my name or e-mail address to others. Thank you.

      You saw one of the "fallen sons of God". Lucifer can appear AS an
      angel of light....or as an alien. I equate this to possible shape
      shifting. An Indian friend of mine told me about beings that could
      shape shift. Lucifer doesn't appear with a red suit and two horns ya


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