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      * Conspiracy Journal *


      Copies of THE DULCE WAR -- BATTLE FOR EARTH by Branton are
      going out
      in a week. This is your last chance to order at the pre-publication
      price of $l2.95 plus $4 shipping. This is among the most controversial
      books we have ever published. It deals with a growing resistance
      movement against a group of aliens known as the greys who have taken
      over various underground military instilations and are abducting

      E mail your credit card information directly to mrufo@... or
      fill out our secure order blank at the Conspiracy Journal Bookshop
      http://www.members.tripod.com/uforeview/contents.html Just fill in
      DULCE WARS on the first line. For checks and money orders - Our
      address for snail mail is: Global Communications Box 753N New
      Brunswick, NJ 08903

      ~ And Now- On With The Show! ~
      Obvious Provocateurs Deployed In Seattle Riots

      Trained provocateurs, possibly deployed to discredit anti-World Trade
      Organization protesters, turned demonstrations in Seattle into violent
      confrontations with the local police. A far cry from the nonviolent
      protests originally intended.

      The Internet has lit up with observations by people who noted the
      obvious differences between the original protests and the unexpected
      turn to rioting and looting by unknown individuals dressed in black
      and claiming to be Anarchists. Some protesters smashed storefront
      windows, sprayed graffiti, slashed police car tires and set trash
      containers on fire.

      Police responded by firing rubber pellets and teargas into the crowds
      and spraying pepper spray into the faces of people as they ran by.
      They also called in 200 unarmed National Guard troops and 300 state
      police to help keep calm Wednesday. Demonstrators complained the
      hundreds of arrests and tough tactics were unnecessary. And they
      feared the violent actions of a few were overshadowing issues
      involving WTO policies.
      * There is no doubt in my mind there are agents provocateurs acting
      "under the color and auspices of authority" in Seattle this week ...
      as was clearly evidenced in just one video clip aired nationally by
      CNN-TV on Tuesday afternoon, 30 Nov., 1999.

      This one clip showed a couple of masked men smashing the storefront
      windows of a "Starbucks" with a woman shown in the same video asking
      these hooded vandals why they were breaking the glass ... as if to
      ask: "What does the glass actually have to do with the purpose of the
      demonstration?" A legitimate question in my opinion.

      No police were around - and a "Starbucks" would not likely be located
      very far off of "the beaten path". Laughing, the vandals did try to
      answer the woman's question to some degree - and their overall
      attitude was interpreted to suggest they were wholly protected from
      being arrested ... and if arrested, they would never be prosecuted.

      RonHannivig, Simpson, PA

      * Hi all:

      Listening to the live police scanner from Seattle.

      Dispatcher announced that the mayor just made it illegal to sell,
      possess, or convey a gas mask in the city limits.

      What have we come to now? Now you have a small idea of what is going
      to happen to all cities if Y2K goes down like predicted. Watch Seattle
      to see how they operate this 'emergency'.


      * Of course it would be interesting to see the credentials of these
      self proclaimed Anarchists . Where did they come from ? My guess is
      that the ring-leaders are from the FBI Academy and the School of the
      Americas . Of course only their dupes will get caught unless someone
      out side of official law enforcement can make a citizens' arrest of
      one or more agent provocateurs . Also a sympathetic national news
      outlet will have to be on hand.




      Gulf War Syndrome Real Claims Scientists

      Despite the Pentagons attempts to dismiss Gulf War veterans claims of
      a mysterious illness, a new study of Gulf War veterans indicates their
      brains were damaged by chemicals they were exposed to while serving in
      the region, researchers reported recently at a meeting of

      "The findings suggest a substantial loss of brain cells in the areas
      that could explain the veterans' symptoms," said Dr. James
      Fleckenstein, a professor of radiology at the University of Texas (UT)
      Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas where the research was

      Fleckenstein said while the existence of Gulf War Syndrome is
      considered controversial, the study suggests there is a physical
      mechanism -- the exposure to neurotoxic chemicals -- responsible for
      the veterans' problems. The study participants who complained of Gulf
      War Syndrome symptoms all had lower than normal levels of the chemical
      NAA or N-Acetyl-Aspartate in their brains.

      The lower levels, according to researchers, indicate the loss of brain
      cells in the brain stem and basal ganglia. The brain stem controls
      some of the body's reflexes. The basal ganglia is the brain's
      switching center for movement, memory and emotion.

      "If you have it from the brain stem, you may have problems with
      attention or balance. If you have it from the basal ganglia, center of
      mood, you may have depression, difficulty concentrating and pain
      problems," said Fleckenstein.

      Dr. Robert Haley, another UT Southwestern researcher, said tests using
      magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) determined some veterans had up
      to 25 percent lower levels of the chemical, depending on which toxic
      chemicals they were exposed to and at what level. He said the
      research, which has not yet been peer reviewed, indicated the loss of
      NAA showed up in veterans with a genetic predisposition for brain
      injury. Compared with healthy veterans, the sick veterans were born
      with a low blood level of the enzyme which breaks down the chemical
      nerve gas Sarin, the researchers said.

      Haley said the study was based on the theory that veterans were
      exposed to differing levels and combinations of neurotoxic chemicals
      including chemical nerve gas, anti-nerve gas tablets, and DEET, the
      chemical used in insect repellents.

      MRS scans of 22 veterans who complained of illness indicated they had
      levels of NAA in their brains 10 to 25 percent lower than 18 healthy
      veterans. The same results turned up on a second test of six other
      Gulf War veterans. Up to 100,000 of the 700,000 soldiers who served
      during Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield in 1990 to 1991 have
      complained of suffering from Gulf War Syndrome, the researchers said.
      Their symptoms have included memory loss, balance disturbances, sleep
      disorders, depression, exhaustion, body pain, chronic diarrhea and
      concentration problems.

      The Pentagon's response to the study was cautious, saying the
      Department of Defense is looking forward to receiving the final
      results of this research. Until then, it says it would be
      inappropriate for the DOD to comment on an unreleased research paper.

      If this study does in fact explain the cause of Gulf War Syndrome,
      Haley and his colleagues say there may be treatment. They are now
      giving some Gulf War patients psychiatric medications in hopes of
      repairing the brain damage.


      New Version of ExploreZip Defies Anti-Virus Systems

      ExploreZip, the worm that devastated systems in June, is now back in a
      compressed version that is slipping through anti-virus security
      systems. The worm infected several major companies on Tuesday.
      Dubbed MiniZip by some security vendors -- a reference to how the worm
      has been compressed -- the latest outbreak uses exactly the same
      technology as ExploreZip, the only difference being that it has been
      compressed in a format that masks it from security systems which scan
      incoming messages for attacks.

      While many anti-virus applications now scan compressed files (and all
      scan for ExploreZip) the creator of MiniZip utilized a lesser-known
      shareware compression system called Neolite to render it invisible to
      anti-virus security systems.

      "[ExploreZip] hasn't been altered at all: All someone did was store it
      in a very unusual compression format, called Neolite," said Dan
      Schrader, vice president of new technology at Trend Micro, in
      Cupertino, Calif. "We already scan for compressed files, but they
      chose one that we don't [scan for] so far."

      Security firms Symantec, Network Associates, Trend Micro, and others
      received numerous copies of the compressed worm from several infected
      Fortune 500 companies Tuesday. Security company Symantec received an
      initial example last week, but it was not until Tuesday that it became
      evident how serious the situation was.

      "We had one submission last week, and at the time it wasn't spreading
      that much," said Vincent Weafer, director of the Symantec Antivirus
      Research Center in Santa Monica, Calif. "Based on customer submissions
      today [Tuesday], it's spreading rapidly."

      Other than the compressed file format and the slightly different name
      of ExploreZip.worm.pak, the virus operates in the same way as before,
      infecting a machine, deleting files, and automatically sending
      infected responses to other users. It, too, affects systems running
      Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Exchange.

      Both versions send an automatic message with the text: "I received
      your email and I will send you a reply ASAP. Till then, take a look at
      the attached zipped docs." However, the attachment actually contains
      an executable file that infects the system, rather than documents.

      Users need to update their security application DAT files to protect
      their systems against this MiniZip version of ExploreZip, according to
      Trend Micro's Schrader, adding that users' recent experience with
      ExploreZip may actually stem the speed with which MiniZip spreads.



      On Thursday, November 4, 1999, a gigantic UFO was seen by thousands of
      people on the large islands of New Britain and New Ireland in the
      southwestern Pacific Ocean.

      "Thousands in the New Britain region, the Gazelle Peninsula, the
      remote Bainingo ranges, the Duke of York Islands, the Baining area,,
      Vuvu Beach, north coast of Rabaul and Pilapila currently have
      apparently witnessed a large, slow-moving object described variously
      as a craft...approximately about 200 metres (660 feet) long, 50 metres
      (165 feet) wide which was 'lit up like a city in the sky,' passing
      slowly across the sky making a quiet puffing noise'--an airship,

      "But other descriptions challenge this possibility. People living in
      the Duke of York (island) group close to New Ireland reported seeing a
      huge craft hovering just metres above the sea off St. Geroges Channel,
      and traveling very slowly. They also reported other smaller craft with
      bright lights circling the large one 'in a playful manner.'"

      "John Berenti, a family of Namatanal, New Ireland, saw 'a large craft
      just above the tops of the mango trees;' he estimated (the UFO to be)
      200 metres (660 feet) to 300 metres (990 feet) long and 50 metres (165
      feet) wide."

      "Raymond Theodore, a police officer, at about 8:30 p.m. (November 4,
      1999) on Vuvu Beach, north Rabaul coast, saw 'a large craft traveling
      just metres above the (ocean) surface and saw it travel over Waton
      Island. It had very bright lights on the back as it moved along.'"

      "Alex Jame and four other boys returning from Pilapila Community
      School at 7 p.m. and others saw bright lights approaching. As the UFO
      approached, Alex related, 'the streetlights dimmed like when the
      batteries in a torch (flashlight in the USA--J.T.) are shot.' He
      stated (that) it was noiseless, oblong in shape, bright lights around
      the edge with top level pyramid with some lights around it. All white

      "The boys said it took 30 minutes to pass them. Alex said when the
      object hovered over them, the place around them lit up and they could
      see people near them as if it were daylight. It eventually disappeared
      over the mountains near Vuvu."

      "John McLeod, manager of the Malangan Beach Resort, New Ireland
      province, said he watched it and thought it was a satellite re-entry.
      He seems to be describing something else entirely." (See the newspaper
      Papua New Guinea Post-Courier for November 11, November 12 and
      November 15, 1999. Thanks to UFO ROUNDUP (www.ufoinfo.com) for sending
      us this report.


      U.S. Releases Nazi Documents - Papers Could Shed Light on War Crimes

      A government panel has released 126,000 pages of previously classified
      documents that could shed light on Nazi-era war crimes. The panel
      still has almost 600 million pages more to review.

      In the first report of its three-year project, the group said agencies
      such as the FBI and CIA have searched their records for names, code
      words and other information relating to possible Nazi-era war crimes,
      criminals and looted assets.

      They reported coming up with 600 million pages of information, which
      must be reviewed to determine if they should be declassified. It is
      estimated that about 5 percent � 30 million pages -- might prove
      useful to fill in holes in U.S. annals relating to issues such as
      postwar use of Nazi criminals' expertise.

      "I wouldn't say we have any smoking guns," said former Rep.Elizabeth
      Holtzman, a member of the panel -- formally the Nazi War Criminal
      Records Interagency Working Group.

      Holtzman said the panel wants to hire a historian "so we can explain
      to the American people the significance of the material that's being

      The panel was formed a year ago as part of the 1998 Nazi War Crimes
      Disclosure Act, which ordered the government to declassify thousands
      of documents about the Holocaust dating from the beginning of the Cold

      Federal agencies have resisted opening the files for half a century,
      telling historians, journalists, lawmakers and Holocaust survivors
      that national security was at stake. Supporters say the panel's work
      provides an opportunity to reveal how U.S. intelligence agencies and
      others used Nazi war criminals in the Cold War years.

      Of the 126,000 pages declassified in the first year of its work,
      80,000 deal with "Project Paperclip," in which the government brought
      over German scientists, some of whom later were identified as war
      criminals and sent home, said a statement released Monday by the
      National Archives.

      For more information about secret alliance with the United States and
      the Third Reich - then check out the amazing book: EVIL AGENDA OF THE
      SECRET GOVERNMENT By Tim Swartz from Conspiracy Journal and Global
      Communications. Buy a copy today! Makes a great stocking stuffer for
      those paranoid friends that are impossible to buy for.
      http://www.members.tripod.com/uforeview/contents.html Click on authors
      section: Tim Swartz
      Conspiracy Journal http://www.webufo.net

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