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Re: Philadelphia Experiment: Aliens, Time-Travel and Wormholes Interview, Al Bielek

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  • Peter Carbines
    On Sat, 4 Dec 1999 at 02:07:25 Nicky Molloy wrote ... [........] ... [........] ... This is an interesting statement! Note the date given for the TV
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      On Sat, 4 Dec 1999 at 02:07:25 Nicky Molloy wrote
      >From: "Nicky Molloy" <nicola@...>
      >Philadelphia Experiment: Aliens, Time-Travel and Wormholes Interview, Al
      >written by Al Bielek
      >Posted Sun, 6-Sep-1992 16:00:00 GMT
      >Current Articles:
      >Aliens, Time-Travel and Wormholes Interview: Al Bielek
      >INTERVIEW: Al Bielek Conducted by Susanne Konicov
      >from CONNECTING LINK Issue 19
      >I have heard Al Bielek speak on the "Philadelphia Experiment " at several
      >expos over the last two years. The material he presents is both astounding
      >and appalling! Last September, at the Los Angeles Whole Life Expo, Al
      >consented to do an interview for Connecting Link.

      >CONNECTING LINK: Tell me about the Phoenix Project.

      >One of the uses of the Phoenix Project, in the use of Time Tunnels, was to
      >provide backup to the Martian Colonies. The Martian Colonies have been there
      >since the early '70s. We went publicly to the moon in 1969. Actually the
      >Germans were there in 1947. And we were there in 1962 with a joint
      >U.S.-Russian expedition. They went to Mars, May 22, 1962. The movie,
      >Altenative 3, done by Anglia Television, April 1, 1977, which is available
      >in the underground, outlines it completely. It shows the actual
      >transmission. The color shots by TV back from Mars, as this Explorer moved
      >and landed.

      This is an interesting statement! Note the date given for the TV
      transmission (in Britain) of 'Alternative 3' <g>

      As it happens, I was out of the country when this programme was aired,
      but arranged with the director, Christopher Miles, to see it at a
      private showing at an Anglia TV studio in London's Park Lane a few
      weeks later.

      Leaving the date of transmission aside (All Fools' Day), there were
      sufficient technical inconsistencies and factual errors in the programme
      which clearly pointed to it being a hoax.

      The 'Mars Landing' sequence was quite impressive, and I asked Chris how
      it had been achieved. He explained in some detail, but all I can
      accurately recall is that it involved a tabletop, red sand and a smoke

      In 1978, Sphere books published an extended version of the basic
      'Alternative 3' story (ISBN 0 7221 1145 2) which I have in my library.

      The original TV story was developed in 1977 by David Ambrose &
      Christopher Miles; the 1978 book by Leslie Watkins.

      >We have colonies there in Mars from the late '60's or maybe
      >early '70's onward. They found many artifacts there. There is more than one
      >wrecked city. And of course the famous face on Mars, the Pyramids and that
      >whole complex that Hoagland (Dr. Richard] has talked about and gone public
      >on. There are two videos on this plus his book.

      Hmm. I've seen the Mars Global Surveyor high resolution images of these
      sites. Go see Cydonia for yourselves.....


      I try to maintain an open mind on UFOs and related matters. However, it
      is extremely difficult to do so when fictional material is represented
      22 years later as 'fact'. Additionally, when 23-year-old images of the
      Cydonia region of Mars, extremely crude by today's standards and
      containing imaging system artefacts, continue to be presented as
      'evidence' despite it being clearly refuted by present-day knowledge,
      I have to question the other material presented in this interview.

      Eagerly awaiting the sound of JCBs and Cats from the microphone on Mars
      Polar Lander which should have set down on the surface today.....
      Peter Carbines
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