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  • Nicky Molloy
    Here are some archives of ufo mailing lists. http://www.ufomind.com/ufo/media/mailing/ Nicky Mailing Lists Archived on this Server UFO UpDates@ - General
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 1999
      Here are some archives of ufo mailing lists.

      Mailing Lists Archived on this Server <#1>
      UFO UpDates@ - General interest list moderated by Errol Bruce-Knapp.
      Archived since 12/12/96 <#1.1>
      Ufomind Mailing List@ (833 links) - Main list supporting this server - By
      Glenn Campbell <#1.2>
      Area 51 Mailing List@ - Area 51, Nevada and specific military involvement.
      Active from 9/96 to 12/97. Full archive here. - By Glenn Campbell <#1.3>
      IUFO Mailing List - General interest UFO list. Unmoderated. <#1.4>
      Skywatch Mailing List - Moderated by Jim Hickman <#1.5>
      Ufomind Techniques@ (2 links) - Technical information for people who often
      add links to this server <#1.6>
      "In Search Of" Mailing List <#1.7>
      Skunk Works Mailing List@ - Discussiong of secret aircraft: SR-71, U-2, etc.
      UFO-ES - Spanish language mailing list <#1.9>
      G.E.A.S. Mailingliste - German language list <#1.10>
      OVNI - Brasil - Portuguese language list. <#1.11>
      UFOlogia - UFOs Ovnis - By Guillermo - Published: 4/3/98 - Source: UFOlogia
      (Mailing List) <#1.12>

      General Links

      List of UFO Mailing Lists - Source: UFOInfo <2/2/97 #3>
      "Current Encounters, Project 1947, UFO Updates,and Skywatch International
      E-mail Lists."
      FAS List of Defense Related Mailing Lists - Non-UFO - Source: Federation of
      American Scientists <2/5/97 #4>
      Skunk-Works Mailing List+ - Subscription information for unmoderated list on
      "Black" aircraft - Published: 96 <2/5/97 #5>
      Ovnis - A general-interest UFO List. Subscription information. - Language:
      Spanish - Document <2/22/97 #8>
      UFO-ES - Lista de correo electr�nico. A general-interest UFO List.
      Subscription information. - Language: Spanish - Document <2/22/97 #9>
      Visitations Mailing List - A forum to discuss the Abduction Phenomena,
      including Alien and Government Abductions. <6/15/97 #11>
      New Ufomind Mailing Lists and Features+ - Message - Published: 6/19/97 -
      Source: Area 51 (Mailing List) [Posted by Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas] <6/19/9
      7 #12>
      G.E.A.S. Mailingliste - German language mailing list. Ancient astronauts,
      UFOs, space, G.E.A.S. e.V. - Language: German <7/21/97 #14>
      Pat Welsh's UFO Links #1+ - Including mailing list info. (271 lines) <8/1/97
      Pat Welsh's UFO Links #5+ - More mailing list information. (229 lines) - By
      Pat Welsh <8/1/97 #15.1>
      UFOPals - "A free newsletter which will keep you informed about changes to
      the UFO FAQ." <8/28/97 #17>
      UFOITALIA - "The very first Italian language UFO mailing list, featuring
      discussions about the subject among buffs and top Italian UFO experts."
      (Search for "ufoitalia") - Language: Italian <9/3/97 #18>
      "In Search Of" Mailing Lists - By Dan Woolman <11/18/97 #19>
      UFO Research Mailing List <11/24/97 #20>
      UFOR/UASR Mailing Lists (28 lines) <11/24/97 #21>
      UFOR Mailing List - Archived at Reference.COM <12/4/97 #22>
      Art Bell Fan Mailing List <12/5/97 #23>
      UFO-Net "Ultimate UFO Mailing List" - Language: German <12/14/97 #24>
      UFO Sky Searchers International - Christian orientation. - By Billy Dee
      <12/16/97 #25>
      UASR Mailing List - "UFO Alien Space Research" (No information provided)
      <12/16/97 #26>
      UFO-L Mailing List <1/28/98 #31>
      *exoScience UFO - exoScience UFO mailing list--includes science, aerospace,
      and UFO news articles <7/11/98 #35>
      Alien Worlds - This is a mailing list for those who have had a valid UFO
      encounter, alien encounter or are abductees. We, together, search for the
      truth. Posts range from general, informative to fun. - Query <8/13/98 #36>
      Paranormal L - A mailing list for those who are interrested in any
      paranormal subject. We look at ufos, aliens, abduction, ghosts, esp, psychic
      events, obe, nde, poltergeists, bigfoot, monsters or any other type.
      <8/17/98 #37>
      Alien abduction, ufos and the paranormal - at #ufo/esp - Do you think you
      might be an abductee? Have you seen a UFO? Do you believe these things are
      real? Welcome to the place where we don't think you're crazy. Read about us
      here then join our chat channel. - Supportive <8/17/98 #38>
      BlueWave Email List - Alien Abduction/Contactee Research List, for UFO
      Researchers and Abductees/Contactees <8/21/98 #39>
      The Pleiadian Home Page - Home Page for the Pleiadian Mailing List!!!
      <8/22/98 #40>
      MysteriesOfTheUnknown - Covers all area of paranormal <9/1/98 #41>
      To join send email to :mysteries-subscribe@...
      Unexplained3 - Unexplained covers all area of paranormal and occult with a
      strong emphasis on UFO, abduction. If you have trouble joining the list
      please email me at anunnaki@.... <2/2 #42>
      Alienvisitor - This list is new. It is a biased email list for all members
      of the UFO , Abductee community. If you have been abducted come to the list.
      If you have seen a UFO come to the list. <10/21/98 #43>
      World of the Strange - A free weekly newsletter and 21 discussion groups and
      28 newsgroups. <12/8/98 #45>
      MISTERIO - Mailing List - Ufos and the World of the Paranormal - Language:
      Spanish - By Roque Mecoli - AR <12/9/98 #46>
      Anomalous Images and UFO Files - Images showing evidence of artificial
      structures on the moon, Mars, and other planets, UFO text files, and many
      UFO images from around the world. <1/22 #47>
      Tuvpo Forum - Turkish Ufo and paranormal Org.Forum area <2/7 #48>
      Lista_alcione - Lista de correo, �rgano de comunicaci�n para los miembros de
      ALCIONE - Language: Spanish <3/10 #49>
      ALCIONE - lista_alcione - Inscripci�n - Lista de correo, �rgano de
      comunicaci�n para los miembros de ALCIONE. - Language: Spanish <3/10 #50>
      Starschool2-The Real Truth - Find out the truth about starschool, who
      started it why, how etc. Are you an alien? Here is the place for you. <4/6
      ANUNNAKI - Who are the anunnaki? Why where they here? Will they come back?
      Are they here now? Find the answer to these question and much more. <4/6
      Abducted-Abductee - This list is for TRUE abductee. This is a anonymous
      list. No one will know who you are. Come share your experience and learn how
      to deal with the abduction experience. <4/6 #53>
      ABDUCTED - This is a research list. Many members are in the ufo community
      that can help and deal with abductees. The list has many professional who
      soul purpose is to help abductees. <4/6 #54>
      The InnerUniverse - An E-Zine dedicated to light, service, and truth.
      Remembering our galactic heritege, memory activation, Ashtar Command,
      healing techniques, etc. Estrellia Sheran, Editor. <4/22 #55>
      ishwa - UFO-mission of IShwa for UFO-MankIND!!! <7/26 #56>
      The Aerial Phenomena Research Group - An advanced research group for
      strategic studies of UFO's - Official - By Jim Hickman - Source: APRG <11/28
      #57> NEW!

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