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The "Let's Make a Deal" Aliens

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    The Let s Make a Deal Aliens by John Combest 1. PUBLIC INTEREST IGNORED: Governments of all forms have a few key interests - security, wealth and economic
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      The "Let's Make a Deal" Aliens
      by John Combest

      1. "PUBLIC INTEREST" IGNORED: Governments of all forms have a few key
      interests - security, wealth and economic stability, and military
      superiority over everyone else possible (helps maintain the first two
      interests). Government leadership (depending upon the type / kind) in all
      countries consists of just a few people. In a dictatorship just one person
      "calls the shots" (no matter how mild or extreme) even though he/she does so
      with the assistance of all his/her generals. In representative forms of
      government there is usually still just one person who "calls the shots" -
      such as the President in the U.S.A. - even though large groups of
      representatives (such as Congress) establish the rules and minimize the
      extremes by which the leader calls the shots. But in ALL FORMS OF GOVERNMENT
      those matters which are most crucial to maintenance of their key interests
      are controlled by the few persons which have control of most of the wealth
      in that country. In a dictatorship most of the wealth is controlled by the
      dictator and only a few of his henchmen, but where representative forms of
      government exist the elected leaders and representatives ARE THE PAWNS OF
      THE FEW WHO CONTROL MOST OF THE WEALTH. Therefore, the persons who get
      elected to office are there first as representatives of the wealthy who put
      them there, and only secondly as representatives of the public which elects
      them. The wealthy use their money to seek control of all matters important
      to them, and I don't doubt but that most of the very wealthy pursue those
      interests "in concert" with one another. Pursuit of their interests tend
      more to enslave John Q. Public than to lift him up toward economic

      2. SECRET GOVERNMENTS: Within countries having representative forms of
      government there may be one or more groups (made powerful through secret
      societies and relationships - some of which are world wide in scope)
      representing "special interests", and those groups act to accomplish
      objectives which may or may not be in the best interests of the general
      public within that country. These secret groups are sufficiently powerful
      and their backers carry so much influence that in effect the country has an
      unseen government carrying out a secret agenda which is more often than not
      financed by the elected government. There probably are situations in which
      some of those groups operate completely independent of - and sometimes in
      opposition to - one another. The governments (elected and hidden) can be
      influenced by opportunities to acquire those key things in which they are
      interested - particularly that of military superiority.

      3. THE BAIT: It is my opinion that the supposed "saucer crashes" of the
      1940's and later were not at all the result of saucer "accidents" but a
      clever indirect offering of high technology to any of the governments that
      would take the bait. Even with today's science single engine planes have
      transponders so they can be identified while in flight and found in case
      they crash. Don't believe for one second that flying vehicles thousands of
      years in advance of today's science are not fully tracked and their location
      and operating status known exactly at all times by the "mother ship" whether
      flying, cruising underwater, in some underground base, or crashed on a
      mountain side. In other words, the crashes were set up scenarios designed to
      attract the attention of persons who would immediately see a definite
      military advantage in possessing the technology to build aerial machines
      having the capabilities of saucers (speed, maneuverability, invisibility to
      eyes and radar). It is my belief that flying vehicles built with the
      smartest technology available in a society several thousand years in advance
      of mankind's capabilities of the 1940's would be so complex, so
      miniaturized, and make use of several physics principles and materials of
      which we are still unaware that the science of the 1940's could NEVER figure
      out how saucers worked. After those who "found" the downed saucer had been
      given sufficient time to study all they could find out about the strange
      flying machine, then the "aliens" approach them (again - indirectly) and
      offer to provide limited information about one or two minor aspects of the
      downed saucer IN EXCHANGE for certain "liberties" or access to various
      things (natural resources, air space, people) within that country that
      otherwise would result in an open conflict with the government of that
      country. For those countries and governments which are not advanced in
      science, the "aliens" simply offer the use of operating saucers or other
      useful technology on a very restricted basis.

      4. WHY MAKE A DEAL? After reading the above, you may object because you
      reason that the 800 pound gorilla doesn't have to ask the hyena if it's okay
      to take a banana from a tree located in the hyena's part of the jungle. But
      consider that the gorilla and the hyena live in a society that is governed
      by instinct - not by logical reasoning. They act in a manner essentially
      like that of natural robots - doing what Nature has programmed them to do.
      Not so with humans and aliens which are reasoning, logical, self-aware
      beings who operate under some form of authority - direct or permissive - and
      are required to follow certain rules of behavior. Those rules have been
      established in part by the humans and to some extent by the aliens
      themselves, but they all operate under general and specific rules set out by
      a Higher Force - the characteristics of which I will not go into within this
      document, but it is that same Higher Force which has programmed the Nature
      of the gorilla and the hyena. And that Higher Force has applied both rules
      and limits to the activities of the aliens just as have been applied to the
      activities of humans. That Higher Force has some involvement with the
      establishment of every national government in the world, and will not permit
      the aliens to usurp authority over that government or the peoples over whom
      that government rules. Nevertheless, the aliens are permitted to achieve
      some of their objectives by making "arrangements" with those governments.
      Moreover, it IS NOT THE GOAL OF THE ALIENS to forcibly take over any
      government, but to persuade various governments to conform to the aliens'
      goals. I have explained in a much more comprehensive document why that is
      the case, and will not attempt to explain that limitation herein.

      5. DEGREE OF INVOLVEMENT: Not only do the various governments (secret and
      elected) "make a deal" with the aliens for various considerations, some of
      the key humans involved in those deals also become active participants in
      accomplishing the alien agenda. Because of certain aspects of the abduction
      scenario this writer feels certain that one or more humans are usually on
      board the UFO and operate as unseen participants in the abduction process.
      Some abductees have even reported humans (some dressed in military uniform)
      who were involved in the attempt to capture the abductee. You might argue
      that no human would be dumb enough to be dressed in easily identifiable
      clothing, but keep in mind that the general plan of the aliens is that each
      abductee is supposedly processed so that he/she will not remember any
      portion of the abduction event - including the presence of humans. Sometimes
      the "plans of mice and men - and aliens - go awry" - when the abductees
      remember or hypnotic regression brings out the facts. There is a saying
      something to the effect that, "Every man has his price", and the aliens
      certainly have the means available to learn what that price is for every
      person to whom that saying is applicable. The offer of wealth, power, or sex
      is appealing to most humans - as is no doubt well understood by the aliens -
      who then tailor their appeal to each individual human to draw them into
      conformance with the alien agenda. The seduced humans probably do not fully
      understand the ultimate goals of the aliens with whom they have made the
      arrangements. Many of those "let's make a deal" humans would not have
      entered the agreement had they been aware of the absolute, destructive abuse
      that the abduction process wreaks on someone. I have no doubt that the
      involved humans do not understand THE BIG PICTURE at all, and they probably
      have some badly mistaken notion that they can back out of the deal if it
      becomes necessary. One might as well ask the gorilla to give back the banana
      that is now half eaten! Involvement with the aliens will NOT have a happy

      John Combest

      Copyright 1999

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