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fw: [TheEagle-L] Fwd: GREYS and Reptilians DO NOT Exist, they were made at DULCE Labs?

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  • Nicky Molloy
    ... Greer may have a piece of the puzzle here, but to say that it is the WHOLE puzzle I believe is rather presumptuous, i.e. that ALL extra-terrestrials are
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 1999
      > ** Original Subject: [TheEagle-L] Fwd: GREYS and Reptilians DO NOT Exist, they were made at DULCE Labs?
      > ** Original Sender: "Alan DeWalton" <alandewalton@...>
      > ** Original Date: Tue, 02 Nov 1999 15:20:03 MST

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      Greer may have a piece of the puzzle here, but to say that
      it is the WHOLE puzzle I believe is rather presumptuous, i.e.
      that ALL extra-terrestrials are friendly, and that ALL evil
      "aliens" are sub-terrestrials manufactured in the Dulce labs,
      etc. Nonetheless, we should not ignore the following claims
      to explain one FACET of the 'enigma'... - Al

      >Subject: Greys made in Dulce labs
      > Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999
      > From: "Bill"
      >Real ETs are friendly, benevolent human-like beings. The Greys
      >were made in Dulce labs to fool people. Norio has nothing to
      >fear from real ETs. Here is UFO-101 according to Greer:
      >Extract from :
      > "ET Contact" a Real Possibility
      > An Interview with Dr. Steven Greer
      > By Randy Peyser
      >RP: Can you address the fear factor associated with UFOs? We've
      >all heard reports about abductions, implants, and experiments
      >conducted upon people by the Grays.
      >SG: It's nonsense. We have a very serious problem where advanced
      >black budget covert projects that operate outside of any
      >constitutional oversight have taken extraterrestrial materials and
      >biological matter and created scenarios using those to make it look
      >like there are extraterrestrial events going on which are, in fact, 100
      >percent human in origin.
      >For example, the Grays that I know that exist are artificial biological
      >forms that are made out at a facility in New Mexico named Dulce which is
      >connected underground to Los Alamos.
      >We have already cloned not only humans, but things that look
      >extraterrestrial but aren't. They're based on the genetic material we
      >have retrieved. I'm telling you on the record for the first time that we
      >have this ability and I have people who can confirm this.
      >Humans have also been targeted for abduction by paramilitary units
      >using very sophisticated warfare systems, electronics that can
      >interface with consciousness and have set up these things called,
      >I'm not saying that every person who's had an ET encounter has
      >been the victim of a military encounter, but the ones you hear about
      >for the most part are victims of military operations. This sounds more
      >bizarre than saying there are ETs, but it also happens to be the truth.
      >I have spoken to people who have been on abduction squads and
      >they don't know why they're doing this. They're commanded to do it
      >and they do it.
      >For many years we have had what are called, "alien reproduction
      >vehicles," that look like UFOs but are manufactured by a consortium
      >of companies such as Lockheed Martin, Northrup, E-Systems, and
      >SAIC and others. These things in conjunction with electronics that
      >allow an interface with conscious thought and the conscious state of
      >a human have been used to simulate extraterrestrial abductions.
      >What's disturbing about this is that people who have had real ET
      >encounters have subsequently been targeted for this kind of faux
      >experience to confuse the database and put a spin of fear on the
      >subject. There has been a deliberate attempt to demonize and
      >frighten people about this issue.
      >RP: But why?
      >SG: Abductions, cattle mutilations, and other frightening scenarios
      >have been militarily orchestrated for the purpose of putting
      >information out which would discredit the field in the eyes of
      >mainstream scientists, policy makers, and the media.
      >The reason behind this is that people profit from war. Military
      >spending in the world just hit a trillion dollars this year. To grow t
      >to a
      >three trillion dollar business in the next millennia, you've got to have
      >enemy off planet, because everyone knows that with every small country
      >the world getting nuclear weapons, we can't afford any more
      >conflicts that are of any significance.
      >There is an attempt in my opinion to export this "threat." I'm almost
      >quoting now from Ronald Reagan who on multiple occasions said,
      >"Wouldn't our task of creating world unity and peace be easier if we
      >had a common alien threat to unite against and fight?"
      >Instead of the "evil empire" being the Soviet Union, there has been an
      >attempt to gradually indoctrinate and condition people to be afraid of
      >and to hate everything extraterrestrial so that there could be a
      >justification for the military industrial complex to have a very strong,
      >space-based presence in the next century.
      >We've been working with the government trying to encourage them
      >to totally close down all these secret projects and get this information
      >so that we can safely begin to come together as a people and discuss how
      >peacefully establish long-term relations with these life forms. People
      >to begin to empower themselves to be citizen diplomats.


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