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    ... From: John F. Winston Subject: IUFO: Let s Hear It From Chup. - IUFO Mailing List Subject: Let s Hear It From Chup.
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      Subject: IUFO: Let's Hear It From Chup.

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      Subject: Let's Hear It From Chup. June 17, 1999.

      I was contacted by a producer friend of mine lately and he said that
      he is planning to make a fictional movie about Chupacabra and wanted
      some factual information about the subject before starting the movie.
      I have reported on this phenomena somewhat in the past so I asked a
      person who helps me in my research projects to look up some information
      on the subject and send it to me. Here is what was sent my way.


      From: D
      Subject: Chup
      Dear John,
      I found a website with lots of text about this thing. It is being
      pasted directly from the following website:
      I will continue to find other websites and send them as I find them,
      The Chupacabra, or goatsucker, is a phenomenon that started in mid 1995
      in the mountains of Puerto Rico. Something strange was killing all the
      livestock in and around Canovanas, draining all their blood. When the
      corpses were found, the blood had been drained through one or two small
      puncture wounds.
      "The wounds are usually about the diameter of a straw and three to
      four inches in length", claimed a local veterinarian who examined some
      of the corpses of the victims. The deaths were mysterious indeed, but
      it wasn't until September 1995 that the panic really set in. A housewife
      witnessed a Chupacabra attack and described the beast as a fanged,
      kangaroo creature with evil red eyes. Another Canovanas witness, Misael
      Negron, described the creature as being "about three or four feet tall
      with skin like that of a dinosaur. It had bright red eyes the size of
      hens eggs, long fangs and spikes down its head and back." It attacked
      the family goat, as it had done with so many others. Hence, the name
      By November news was travelling beyond just Puerto Rico as reports
      of this goatsucker became more widespread. Luis Guadalupe described the
      creature as "ugly as a demon, and it flew through the air." He also
      stated that it had a "pointy, long tongue like a snake." What is this
      creature? Some say wolves, some vampires, some the devil, some think
      it's extraterrestrial in origin.
      Puerto Rico has been long thought to be a UFO hotspot. Rumors of
      secret US military bases and mysterious lights in the sky. What is
      going on in Puerto Rico? Is it just a coincidence that the Arecibo
      Observatory is located on the North part of the Island? Only time will
      tell, but until then, the rumors and the fears run rampant.
      It is claimed that the Chupacabra is accompanied by an unusually
      strong scent of sulphur, not unlike the demonic creatures of folklore.
      Witness Madelyne Tolentino claimed, "it jumped like a kangaroo and
      smelled like sulfur." It has also been known, in some cases, to have
      supernatural strength. In one case, it allegedly tore a 16ft by 14ft
      iron gate off it's hinges to get to the animals. There has been rumor
      that the smell the creature emits is actually it's way of immobilizing
      the animals while it drains them of their blood. It is not only
      animals the creature is attacking, but also some humans. Angel Pulido,
      from Jalisco, reported getting bit by something that was "a giant bat
      which looked like a witch". Also in Mexico, Teodora Reyes showed marks
      which were supposedly caused by the claws of the chupacabra.
      It's vampiric like qualities, it's penchant for bloodsucking, have put
      quite a scare into the residents of Puerto Rico and Mexico. It is quite
      possible that the chupacabra hides somewhere in the daytime, most likely
      in caves, or underground. Unfortunately, especially in Puerto Rico,
      there are miles of cave systems which seem to go on forever, making it
      almost impossible to hunt for the Chupacabra. But there is one man in
      Puerto Rico who is willing to search for the creature. He is Jose Soto,
      the mayor of Canovanas. He is reported to have led police and
      towsnpeople alike, through the bushes in search of the monster. It is
      rumored that Soto was armed with a 12-inch crucifix to ward off the
      demon. While this sounds rather comical, it only shows the amount of
      fear instilled in the people of Puerto Rico.


      There have been recent reports of the Chupacabra in California, Texas,
      Miami, Baja California, and the reports throughout Mexico are too
      numerous to mention. One of the first attacks in the U.S. was in Tuscon,
      Arizona where Billy Nubian's two goats were attacked by a creature in
      the middle of the night. He described it as a large "ratlike" creature,
      which when spotted, let out an "unhuman shriek" and ran away. In Baja
      California, a dog was found with two puncture marks in the neck. So far,
      this is the only report from Baja California. In Miami, there was
      apparently a bloodbath in terror when 69 farm animals were killed in
      one night. the animals belonged to two families living in the
      Sweetwater district, and they have even gone on television claiming it
      was a chupacabra.
      Even in Panama, the killings have occurred. Daisy Arauz claimed that
      the Chupacabra killed the family dog. Throughout the countryside are
      reports of dead animals with the puncture marks in their necks.
      Elizabeth Saavedra claimed she was attacked by a chupacabra in the
      middle of the night.

      Apparently there has been quite a buzz recently in Brazil about the
      Chupacabra. My correspondent in Brazil informed me of a program that
      aired on Brazilian televison on June 29th, 1997. There have been
      several spottings of the Chupacabras in Brazil, as well as an apparent
      killing of one. Two men were fishing at night when they spotted
      something coming out of the lake.
      They were unsure what it was, so they shot it, and the next morning
      they discovered that it was a chupacabra. They cut off the creatures
      head and now are still in possession of it. On the television program,
      they showed the head and the interviewers asked the man to cut off
      part of the bone for analysis, but the man refused. Another part of
      the program had an American UFOlogist, who is living in Brazil,
      claiming that he had captured a live one.
      He refused to show it to local authorities, stating that he would
      only allow American investigators inside his house where the creature
      is kept. I'm sure he's hoping to get money for his "find". If anyone is
      interested in contacting the televison program for more info, the email
      address is: gugu@...

      Part 1.

      John Winston. johnfwin@...

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