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Fw: IUFO: Let's Hear It From Chup. Part 3 of 3.

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  • Nicky Molloy
    ... From: John F. Winston Subject: IUFO: Let s Hear It From Chup. Part 3 of 3. - IUFO Mailing List Subject: Let s Hear It From Chup.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 1999
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      From: John F. Winston <johnfwin@...>
      Subject: IUFO: Let's Hear It From Chup. Part 3 of 3.

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      Subject: Let's Hear It From Chup. Part 3 of 3. June 18, 1999.

      This will complete our discussion of Chup for now.


      From: D


      Whatever the origins of the Chupacabra, it has taken hold of the
      collective conscious of Hispanic peoples everywhere. This is most
      likely due to the upbringing of Hispanics, who often believe in the
      strange and supernatural much more readily than other peoples. An
      entire cottage industry has sprung up around this phenomenon, dubbed
      Chupacabramania. Songs have been written. T-shirts and other
      merchandising are for sale. Hispanic talk shows can't get enough
      about the mysterious creatures. Chupacabra jokes are the talk of the
      town in Mexico City. One person has even likened the Chupacabra to the
      cultural mascot status of a leprechaun for Hispanics. (6) (7) (8)
      The Chupacabra has even spawned a festival in the Texas border town of
      Zapata. Goat roping, a Chupacabra chili cook-off, and a blood drive are
      festival highlights. This festival is the brainchild of Kate McVey, who
      publishes the town's weekly newspaper. McVey wanted to poke fun at the
      phenomenon, and this seemed to her the best way to do it. Plans for
      expanding the festival in future years included using extra-terrestrial
      and UFO themes. (9)
      But Chupacabramania downplays the seriousness of the farmers' plight.
      "This is a serious matter, one which we have never dealt with before
      but which is very real," said Enoc Leon Ramierez, a 48 year-old
      goatherder from Zapotal.
      People like Ramierez are the victims of this Chupacabramania, which
      may shove the seriousness of the situation out of the spotlight.

      Fantasy, or Dark Reality?
      Are the Chupacabra real? The evidence seems to stack in favor of
      reality. The sheer number of people, credible, sensible people who
      only have embarrassment and ridicule to gain from reporting these
      sightings; the dead livestock; and the lack of other explanation for
      these deaths can only lead us to one conclusion. There's an Elvis
      Presley record entitled "10 Million Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong"; this
      can be said of the Chupacabra as well, for thousands of dead farm
      animals cannot lie, either. But until the seriousness of the situation
      can be fully comprehended; until the average person believes in a
      creature called "goat sucker", the skepticism will remain. What will
      it take?
      The mauling of a housewife? The death of a child at the hands of
      these vicious creatures? Whatever the case, until the Chupacabra is
      treated with the respect it deserves, it will remain a fad. But this
      fad has fangs.
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      John, These last three emails were printed from the following website:

      (JW In the research I have done on Chup my sources of information are
      very suspect but it appears that Chup was developed by some space
      people, probably of the Reptilian and Grey lenage who decided to let
      it off on Earth to see what would happen. These same type space
      people are also the ones who abduct Earthling and mutilate cattle.
      The experience appears to not have been a very good success but the
      Chup seem to have gain gained a lot of blood in the undertaking.

      Part 3 of 3.

      John Winston. johnfwin@...

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