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Flying Triangles Continue to Defy Identification

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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    Flying Triangles Continue to Defy Identification CAUS thanks Morgan Clements (UFOREPORTS@aol.com);World Wide UFO Reporting Center for this report:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 1999
      Flying Triangles Continue to Defy Identification
      CAUS thanks Morgan Clements (UFOREPORTS@...);World Wide UFO Reporting
      Center for this report:


      Brookfield, Mass. October 22, 1999.

      "I was just walking home in the woods behind where I live from scouting deer
      for the upcoming hunting season. It was getting pretty dark, so I was in a
      hurry and got tired walking up the final hill. I stopped to take a quick
      breather at 7:30 PM. When all of a sudden one then two, three and then four
      Flying Triangle craft went right by me in the bottom of the small valley.
      They were totally silent and appeared to be sneaking through the valley.
      They were triangular in shape and about 75 feet long and as wide. There were
      no outside lights, but being so close to them I could tell there was
      lighting inside. I was scared! All of a sudden three large noisy planes came
      screaming by as if they were chasing the triangles. This is the second night
      I've seen these craft. I thought I saw two craft the weeks before, but they
      caught me off guard. I caught them going over the ridge, but was not quite
      sure what I'd seen..

      CAUS thanks George A. Filer (Majorstar@...); Filer's Files #43 -- 1999,
      for these reports:


      PENSACOLA BEACH � On October 9, 1999, the witnesses were Red fishing in
      Pensacola Pass when a strangely configured craft came into view over Fort
      Pickens State Park at an altitude of 200 feet at a quarter of a mile. The
      witnesses are an ex-USAF Security Policeman and a retired US Army Chopper
      pilot presently a city police officer. The UFO was traveling west over the
      Gulf of Mexico in a Zig Zag fashion at 7:57 PM. The craft flew slow 100 to
      300 knots sliding south and back to north in a continuing forward motion.
      The craft moved in a Z pattern erratic with no sound. It seemed to be
      suspended in flight at various positions. The craft was silent with high
      intensity blue arcing lights that fluctuated around the entire craft. These
      lights resembled electrical charges coming off an alternator's brushes.
      Further observation revealed three larger lights in a triangle configuration
      dimly lit with variable output glowing blue to pale yellow. The UFO appeared
      triangular in shape but this might be a deception as skin structure could
      not be seen. The FM radio receiver suffered extreme static during event. The
      craft changed locations in split seconds covering distances of approximately
      half a mile to over a two miles instantaneously. At least four times it
      hovered for 30 seconds with longest delay of about a minute and a half over
      the southwestern boundary of Pensacola Naval Air Station. One Aircraft was
      launched from Sherman Field about three minutes into event but, seemed
      unaware of the UFO and turned away in an easterly direction. When the UFO
      was first observed a trailing sound of a helicopter could be heard but never
      could be observed. The UFO left the area after fifteen minutes at 8:12 PM
      local time moving west along the coast. One witness suffered from nausea for
      about 10 minutes but the other was fine. "I have never seen a conventional
      craft operate in this manner nor has my friend." Thanks to Peter Davenport,
      UFO Reporting Center.


      Initial reports indicate an apparently very large triangle was seen by two
      commercial jets on October 26, 1999, over Western US. The planes were 100
      miles from each other, and the object passed between them, and overtaking
      them, headed east. Both pilots reported that the object was "huge. It was as
      big as their fists held at arm's length. Thanks to: Peter B. Davenport,
      Director National UFO Reporting Center PO Box 45623 University Station
      Seattle, WA 98145 director@...

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