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Meer over de UFO-puzzelstukjes ;-)

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  • A.U.R.A.
    Hallo, Ik wilde toch meer weten over dat hele Crash Site Debris -verhaal, dus besloot ik een e-mailtje te sturen naar de aanbieders met een, voor mij, aantal
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 1999

      Ik wilde toch meer weten over dat hele "Crash Site Debris"-verhaal, dus
      besloot ik een e-mailtje te sturen naar de aanbieders met een, voor mij,
      aantal cruciale vragen. Let op het standaard-mailtje dat ik terug kreeg!
      Met geen woord heb ik het er namelijk over interesse te hebben in het
      AANSCHAFFEN van een stukje UFO... Ook valt mij op dat er practisch geen
      enkel door mij gestelde vraag werd beantwoord...[ Misschien had ik toch
      moeten DOEN alsof ik WEL wat had willen kopen...after all, het gaat
      allemaal om de $$$...toch?...;-) ]

      Hieronder mijn mailtje:

      > A.U.R.A. wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello,
      > >
      > > With interest I read you web-page of alledged crash debris from > > UFO's.
      > > Well now, I'm a UFO-researcher for some years now and of course this
      > > set off my curiosity. However it left me with many questions:
      > >
      > > I wonder how can you proof that this is CSD?
      > >
      > > Where was it found, belonging to wich crash?
      > >
      > > Did the material undergo an analysis and if yes, by whom?
      > >
      > > Oh...I could think of a lot more questions but right now I will only
      > > bother you with the above ;-)
      > > I hope you don't mind me asking all this, but it just if WHAT you claim
      > > is true, this would be the finding of the millenium...
      > >
      > > With kind regards,
      > >
      > > Andy Denne
      > >
      > > Abduction & Ufo Research Association (AURA)
      > > Nijmegen, The Netherlands
      > > aura@...
      > > http://members.tripod.com/~A_U_R_A/index.html

      Het Antwoord dat ik kreeg van New Spirit:

      New Spirit wrote:
      > Greetings,
      > We no longer have any more material that we are offering for sale.
      > Other sellers will be at the Tucson gem shows , at least 3 I believe.
      > We are at least 4 times removed from the source, so the exact details
      > that you seek are beyond our ability to disclose.
      > We purchased our supplies over 18 months ago from a trusted long
      > time supplier. He supplied the preliminary lab tests plus
      > his account of the story behind the material. We were sufficiently
      > convinced that the material is what it is.
      > Both our supplier and we have been in business for a long time
      > and neither of us would risk our hard fought business reputations
      > if we did not have a root belief that the material is in fact
      > real CSD.
      > There are going to be other web sites that refer to this material.
      > One of them is http://www.crashdebris.com
      > I don't know if they are active yet , but they claim they
      > will be. Maybe you could inquire of them.
      > Consider this, if every researcher in the world that wanted to
      > test this material on their own was given a free specimen soon
      > there would be none left for anyone else and it would all be
      > consumed in testing.
      > The fact is that some folks will take the risk to own pieces
      > before every little detail is tested and disclosed, and others will
      > not take that risk. Each of us must make that personal decision.
      > Kind Regards,
      > Mike McKnight
      > New Spirit Jewelers
      > Shorewood, Wi.

      Nou...da's er dus weer een voor de map "JAMMER MAAR HELAAS" ;-)


      Andy Denne
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