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1947 Missouri Crash Site Debris (Website)

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  • A.U.R.A.
    Het valt kennelijk allemaal zomaar uit de lucht ;-) Of....??? Andy Denne (A.U.R.A.) van: stig.agermose@get2net.dk ... http://www.wehug.com/crashsitedebris.html
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 1999
      Het valt kennelijk allemaal zomaar uit de lucht ;-)

      Andy Denne

      van: stig.agermose@...
      > Source:
      > I have corrected the spelling errors only. The use of
      > capitals isn't grammatically correct, but seems to be
      > part of the style.
      > Stig
      > ***
      > (Alien UFO) crash site debris CSD
      > 1947 Missouri Crash Site Debris
      > ALL Material has been SOLD
      > This page is for Reference ONLY
      > We will not be offering any more material as the
      > replacement price is too high.
      > *
      > You probably haven't heard about this material (CSD)
      > before... but you will. It has been introduced at The
      > big Tucson show this February ('98). We understand
      > that the author of "Love is in the Earth", MELODY,
      > and some other large metaphysical companies will be
      > offering this material for sale. Before the year is
      > out this material will be a "must have". And you saw
      > it here first !
      > This may well be the most exciting UFO news in years,
      > and you can own a piece of History ....Read on.......
      > [Link: Visit this site for more information about
      > UFO
      > crash sites.]
      > This is a fantastic story, and while the majority of
      > visitors to this page will no doubt remain skeptical
      > at best, I will never the less attempt to relate this
      > intriguing tale as best I can.
      > According to a published article by the nationally
      > well known author Melody, and released at the 1998
      > Tucson gem and mineral show, testing has revealed
      > that the green and gray material (CSD) contains
      > "Perfect Cristobalite Stars". These "Stars" show up
      > in microscopic photos. "Other components include a
      > chilled-porous crust, and silvery metallic balls
      > (Iron 99.2% Pure); Some of the constituents are:
      > Pyroxene with a composition between Hedenbergite and
      > Johannesite, Magnesium, and significantly, 15 Rare
      > Earth Minerals !"
      > For pictures of material for sale - scroll down !
      > Part 1
      > How we came to know about this special Alien crash
      > site debris (CSD)
      > About a year ago during a routine sales call one of
      > our best mineral/meteorite suppliers told us that he
      > had met a fellow rockhound at the site in Arizona
      > where they were both collecting specimens. As they
      > started to chat our vendor told the new fellow about
      > how he was into meteorites and had quite a collection
      > and sold them as well. The stranger said that he too
      > was into meteorites but that he had a come in contact
      > with a source of some most amazing material ever and
      > wanted to know if our vendor was interested ?
      > The rest as they say is history. Our friend joined
      > into a limited partnership with the source for the
      > purpose of testing and distribution.
      > Being two Aquarians, of course we had to have some
      > and invested in a small quantity. Several of our
      > local customers/friends also bought pieces, a few of
      > which were made into the most unique jewelry in the
      > world. All of us (locally) invested in this material
      > long before it was tested and confirmed. We believe
      > that as the word spreads from Tucson and it begins to
      > be promoted that the price of this rare material
      > could easily sky rocket to $1000. per gram or more.
      > We waited and waited for testing results to come in
      > and either verify that we did indeed buy a piece of
      > history or that we had just bought some foundry slag
      > or whatever. The story goes on as samples that were
      > presented for testing turned up mysteriously missing,
      > and time seemed to go into a slow motion time warp.
      > Finally results started to trickle in and it looks
      > like there is enough evidence to have justified our
      > investment after all.
      > While we were waiting for the lab results to come in
      > we took a piece to one of our friends that had a
      > psychic gift since childhood and asked him to tell us
      > whatever he could about the material. What happened
      > was truly amazing.
      > After a meditation concentrating on the impressions
      > of this material, he did what we call "Automatic"
      > drawing. It is like what Edgar Cayce did only Cayce
      > used someone else to write down what transpired
      > during the trance like secessions.
      > Any way, our friend drew several "frames" of his
      > impressions, which captured how this debris came to
      > be and what happened. The drawings revealed a fiery
      > crash scene showing the general area where the crash
      > took place, plus several other "frames" depicting the
      > scene and related impressions including what appears
      > to be a 40's military base and military vehicles. It
      > is absolutely eerie, and we believe that one day this
      > will all come out and be well documented by those who
      > can do a professional job of investigative
      > reporting.
      > Packets of information are available for $20.00 to
      > help offset the cost of copying and mailing. These
      > packets include , lab reports, copies of newspaper
      > accounts around the time of the crash, verifying that
      > the UFO sightings were witnessed by local Missouri
      > residents and reporters, cover sheets that tell about
      > the material as analyzed so far, and copies of the
      > "Automatic" drawings.
      > Now consider one thing here, any reputable scientific
      > lab that has done or will do testing of this material
      > will not jeopardize their standing and reputation in
      > the scientific community by deliberately labeling
      > this material as "Spacecraft Crash Debris".
      > They will all have to continue there regular business
      > and will not want to be called to task for declaring
      > this material extraterrestrial alien ship material.
      > It just won't happen that way, what you hope for is
      > that the materials found in the debris will end up as
      > "UNKNOWN" or at least components will fall out of
      > limits of materials found on earth in some distinct
      > way. This is the case with the small IRON spheres
      > that are almost pure Iron, and the GRAY appearing
      > areas that have been labeled "UNKNOWN". What else
      > would one expect from a main stream scientific lab?
      > Remember they are not into UFO's as most don't
      > acknowledge their existence at this time, at least
      > not openly to the public.
      > In a nut shell what we know at this time (March '98)
      > *The crash was not a whole ship, but rather a pod or
      > some sort of module that was jettisoned from the main
      > craft, thus no BODIES were found.
      > *The location was possibly in the St. Joe, Missouri
      > area.
      > *The time was in July 1947 about the same time as the
      > Roswell incident took place.
      > *The crash site debris is not natural, not a
      > meteorite, and has some components whose properties
      > fall out of expected measurements for the same
      > material found on Earth either naturally occurring or
      > man made. It also has some components that has
      > chemical properties of unknown material or atomic
      > structure.
      > *There is a very good reason you have never heard of
      > this material or crash. It fell on private property
      > in a rural area, and the owners hide and buried the
      > material after reading accounts of what was happening
      > to the residents of the Roswell incident and the
      > Military involvement. They didn't want to go through
      > the possible ridicule and turmoil by revealing the
      > incident.
      > *The original people (owners) are now dead and it is
      > their son who has recovered the material after all
      > these years and is trying to get as wide of
      > distribution as possible. Not only to earn money but
      > to make it difficult to have another government cover
      > up. This is the main reason that specific details of
      > location etc. are still and will probably remain a
      > mystery. Who would want hundreds or thousands of
      > people digging up your property or invading your
      > privacy ?
      > *The testing was done without commenting on the
      > nature of the samples being submitted. Just that they
      > might be a new mineral find. They were tested at two
      > Western Universities and a private chemical testing
      > laboratory.
      > *Extraordinary chemistry analysis includes:
      > *99.05% Pure Iron spheres evenly distributed
      > throughout the material.
      > *There is an orange-brown material around the spheres
      > that is "unknown", thought to be possibly magnesium
      > orthoferrosilite.
      > A similar material was found in a fragment of UFO
      > debris
      > recovered in Washington D.C. July 1952.
      > *A gray looking material area within the samples is a
      > unknown material with composition that falls between
      > Johannesite and Hedenbergite. The material for now is
      > called Gellerite after the first scientist to
      > seriously study the crash site debris (CSD).
      > *It contains 220 times the level of Bismuth, 30 times
      > the level of Antimony, 11 times the level of Mercury,
      > and 8 times the level of Silver normally found in
      > average continental crust samples.
      > The "Black Stuff" SOLD
      > [Link] This is a peek at the "BLACK Material". It has
      > not yet been as thoroughly tested as the green - gray
      > material. At least not to the point where we wish to
      > market it to the general public. It is here for
      > reference only at this time, to let you know that
      > there is more to this story to unfold.
      > What you are looking at here are slices from a long
      > "tube like" structure. This material has some very
      > unusual thermal dynamic properties as well as an
      > unusually high assay content of precious metals. It
      > appears to be nothing more than a course black
      > graphic looking material, but looks can be deceiving.
      > This may eventually prove be the real smoking gun
      > surrounding this whole story. Pictured is about 6.5
      > grams. The early guess is that this material may well
      > have something to do with the propulsion or fuel
      > systems of the craft. It is very clear that these
      > pieces come from a quite separate component of the
      > wreckage than does the green - gray material.
      > Part II - Own a Piece of History
      > Small pieces of the CSD for sale
      > To place an order please email or call toll free
      > 1-888-255-1175 between 10 & 6 M/F or 10 & 5 Saturday
      > Central time. Please refer to the LOT NUMBER under
      > each picture. The smaller pieces are selling quickly,
      > call or email as soon as you make up your mind that
      > you want a particular pieces. Most pieces are
      > polished on one or more sides to bring out the
      > pattern.
      > Click on thumbnail images for expanded view:
      > Lot #1-1.0b - 1.0 gram piece $100.00 >SOLD< for
      > reference only
      > Lot #3 0.7 grams <SOLD>
      > Lot #3 0.8 grams $80.00 SOLD
      > Lot #3 0.9 grams $90.00 <SOLD>
      > Lot #3 0.9 grams (b) $90.00 SOLD
      > Lot #3 1.0 grams $100.00 SOLD
      > Lot #3 1.4 grams $140.00 SOLD
      > lot #3 1.4 grams (b) $140.00 SOLD
      > Lot #3 1.5 grams $150.00 SOLD
      > Lot #3 1.7 grams $170.00 SOLD
      > Lot #3 1.8 grams $180.00 SOLD
      > Lot #3 1.9 grams $190.00 SOLD
      > *
      > Lot # 1-34.9 34.9 grams $2,800.00 SOLD
      > Lot # 2-12.5 12.5 grams $1,125.00 SOLD
      > Lot # 2-3.8 3.8 grams $380.00 SOLD
      > Lot # 2-3.0 3.0 grams $300.00 SOLD
      > Lot # 2-2.5 2.5 gram piece $250.00 SOLD
      > Lot #1-2.5a 2.5 gram piece $250.00 SOLD
      > Lot # 2-2.0 2.0 grams $200.00 SOLD
      > New Spirit Jewelers
      > & Crystal Gallery
      > 1918 E. Capitol Dr.
      > Shorewood, WI.
      > 532111-414-964-7008
      > 1-888-255-1175
      > toll free
      > Please *E-MAIL
      > your comments -
      > deal directly with
      > the owners,
      > Diane Vandeveld and
      > Mike McKnight
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