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  • Jeroen Kumeling
    BALLOT INITIATIVE ON UFO SECRECY INITIATED Will Ask States to Declare 2000 Year of UFO Awareness by Dan Pinchas ORTK member Larry W. Bryant and activist
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 1999
      Will Ask States to Declare 2000 "Year of UFO Awareness"
      by Dan Pinchas

      ORTK member Larry W. Bryant and activist Robert Bletchman have recently
      proposed to MUFON to undertake an ambitious ballot initiative ahead of next
      year's elections in 16 states that permit legislation by direct voter
      petition. Voters will be asked to officially proclaim the year 2000 as the
      Year of UFO Awareness, urging open Congressional hearings. MUFON
      subsequently endorsed the proposal.

      According to Bletchman and Bryant, scores of current and former military
      personnel and other credible eyewitnesses stand ready to present sworn
      testimony based on personal knowledge, if granted immunity from prosecution
      for any potential breach of security oaths.

      The process known as "Direct initiative" produces new laws when the people
      directly place (by petition) proposals on their state ballot, submit them to
      the voters, and win their approval. Currently, 16 states offer the direct
      initiative: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho,
      Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota,
      Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. These states will be the main target of
      MUFON's efforts during the coming year.

      Here is the complete text of MUFON's UFO Ballot Initiative statement:

      "We the voting citizens of this state do hereby issue an OFFICIAL
      PROCLAMATION, the wording of which follows:

      "We proclaim that the year 2000 be observed as the Year of UFO Awareness.
      Because of the federal government's failure to be officially forthcoming
      about Unidentified Flying Objects, the public remains ill-informed and
      confused on a matter of potentially great consequence. We therefore urge the
      U.S. Congress to expeditiously convene open, comprehensive hearings in which
      governmental personnel (military, civilian-contract, and agency employees --
      active and retired) are permitted to present sworn testimony regarding their
      personal knowledge of any UFO-related evidence, to be given under immunity
      by waiver of any applicable security oath or agreement of nondisclosure.

      "This proclamation acknowledges the following facts:

      the weight of the cumulative evidence -- e.g., eyewitness,
      electronic-detection, photographic, documentary -- overwhelmingly supports
      the conclusion of a majority of Americans that some of the reported UFOs
      represent somebody else's spacecraft;

      the federal government's handling of the UFO issue has contributed to the
      public cynicism toward, and general mistrust of, government -- a development
      injurious to our republic;

      this initial year of the third millennium affords us a renewed opportunity
      to explore, assess, and convey every facet of UFO reality."
      For further information, contact:
      Robert Bletchman, phone 860-675-6379
      Larry W. Bryant, phone 703-931-3341
      e-mail: OvertCI@...

      Jeroen Kumeling
      Paul Krugerstraat 6
      7551 GX Hengelo (ov)
      +31 (0)74-24 25 514
      email: ufonet@...

      UFO-Werkgroep Nederland
      Postbus 2191
      7500 CD Enschede
      tel: +31 (0)53 4310412
      email: ufowerkgroepNL@...

      Bezoek ook eens de internetsite van UFONET:
      http://www.xs4all.nl/~ufonet of
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