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FWD: [lunascan] On Improbable Claims - van Flandern

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  • Frits Westra
    Tom van Flandern s complete report from Meta Research:http://www.metaresearch.org/announce/on-improbable-claims.htmConclusion:Based on the best
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 1999
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      Tom van Flandern's complete report from Meta Research:



      "Based on the best available high-resolution, contrast-enhanced Mars
      Global Surveyor image and the best old Viking images, the "Face" mesa
      contains regularity, angularity, symmetry, and the fulfillment of a
      priori predictions based on the artificiality hypothesis such as the
      appearance of nostrils in the nose, mouth shaping just under the nose,
      an eyebrow over the eye socket, a pupil in the eye socket, a separated
      vertical enclosure of the whole mesa with near perfect symmetry and
      corners, a crest over the headpiece, and the almost complete absence
      of extraneous or non-contributing features. These enhance earlier
      findings of bilateral symmetry, 3-D contouring, a lack of fractal
      features that are the trademark of natural objects, plus a culturally
      significant location on the old martian equator and a culturally
      significant upright north-south orientation. In my considered opinion,
      there is no longer room for reasonable doubt of the artificial origin
      of the face mesa, and I've never concluded "no room for reasonable
      doubt" about anything before in my 35-year scientific career."

      Tom van Flandern

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