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Weekly World News Reports UFO Carjacking in Buenos Aires

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  • Stig Agermose
    For what it s worth (nothing I suppose). Source: space.com , http://www.space.com:80/area51/tab_carjacking_990928.html Stig *** Weekly World News Reports UFO
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 1999
      For what it's worth (nothing I suppose).

      Source: 'space.com',




      Weekly World News Reports UFO Carjacking in Buenos Aires

      Sep 28 1999 13:28:54 ET

      Weekly World News


      UFOs are reportedly becoming even bolder in their relentless kidnapping
      activities, and are now no longer content to snatch human beings one at a
      time from their beds -- they're stealing entire cars full of people.

      The Weekly World News reported Monday that a helmet-shaped UFO grabbed an
      automobile out of mid-morning Buenos Aires traffic on August 6, literally
      levitating the vehicle into its otherworldly depths through the power of a
      "blue beam of light" focused on the car.

      After stealing the car, the object then sped away from the scene.

      According to Argentine police sergeant Francisco Perez, quoted by the News
      as an eyewitness, the car contained a man, a woman and three small children.

      Although Perez told the News that the authorities "are refusing to
      officially discuss the case � to avoid panic," the supermarket weekly ran a
      large photograph of the abduction allegedly taken by the policeman and
      credited "courtesy of Buenos Aires police dept."

      The News said the police had not yet managed to identify the victims.

      Nathan McCutcheon, identified by the tabloid as a "renowned American UFO
      expert," warned that the event shows that "for some reason the aliens are
      now becoming bolder." He warned that similar "UFO carjackings" could spread
      to the United States by the end of 1999.

      Despite a cursory search, no reference to McCutcheon in the UFO literature
      could be immediately found, so his other thoughts on abduction phenomena
      remain unknown.

      In any case, while motorists have risked roadside abductions for decades --
      at least since Betty and Barney Hill's interrupted journey of 1961 -- few
      such outright "carjackings" have been reported in broad daylight. If the
      case can be verified, it would indeed indicate that UFOs have grown more
      aggressive yet again in their relationship with humanity.

      Prior to the Hill case, few incidents involving outright abduction were
      reported. Even accounts of alien landings were relatively uncommon.

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