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When will Obama make presidential PLANET X Announcement?

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  • nathaniel x vance
    When will Obama make presidential PLANET X Announcement? White House Down Obama has dealt with several assassination setups over the past few months, but what
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 22, 2013
      When will Obama make presidential PLANET X Announcement?
      White House Down
      Obama has dealt with several
      assassination setups over the past few months, but what does this have to do
      with the focus of a couple 2013 movie releases? First, there were two episodes
      in March as outlined in Issue
      342 of this newsletter. Obama’s bullet-proof limo broke down in Israel when
      someone filled it with diesel instead of petrol (which would have forced Obama
      to change cars on the highway). And Obama’s chef was not allowed to follow
      procedure at the Republican luncheon, wherein Obama’s tableware would have been
      washed and the food preparation supervised by the chef. Per the Zetas, neither
      of these incidents were accidents. Then there was the suspicious fire in the
      West Wing of the White House in May, and repeated ricin laced letters delivered
      to the White House.
      Evacuated from White House after Smoke Odor, Alarm
      May 11, 2013
      electrical transformer near the West Wing malfunctioned and set off a smoke
      alarm in the West Wing. The transformer problem was quickly resolved.
      Electricity and personnel access to the West Wing has returned to normal. 
      The First Family was unaffected.
      ZetaTalk Comment 5/18/2013: Is
      this matter as the press is reporting, merely a malfunctioning electrical
      transformer in a utility closet in the West Wing? It was a warning, to Obama.
      The cover-up crowd has notably attempted several assassination attempts against
      Obama, and there are more than the public has sensed. If threatening Obama
      himself has not canceled the planned announcement on the presence of Nibiru,
      aka Planet X, then the cover-up crowd is now threatening the family. The rigged
      wiring and timer will be traced and the perpetrators dealt with quietly, but
      none of this will affect the outcome of the announcement. If anything, these
      threats have made Obama grimly determined to proceed.

      Then there was the oddly timed shootout in Santa Monica in June, when Obama was
      in California to meet with the Chinese President Xi. Per the Zetas, this was to
      create confusion, opening an opportunity for a sniper to strike Obama. Per the
      Zetas, a known homicidal mental patient had his medication switched and was
      bombarded by remote viewers, the type employed by the CIA. Coincidentally, the
      2nd in command at the CIA abruptly retired after this incident, a man
      identified as the one who set Susan Rice up during the Bengasi brouhaha.

      Gunman in
      California Killing Spree had Brush with Law
      June 8, 2013
      had been attending a fundraising event at the Santa Monica home of former News
      Corp President Peter Chernin at about the time of the shooting and had just
      finished his remarks. He made no mention of the incident. Obama's departure
      from Los Angeles was rerouted to avoid the scene.
      Monica Shooting: New Details Emerge About Gunman
      June 8, 2013
      suspect had been treated years ago in a mental health facility because he had
      talked about harming other people. Neighbors say they heard gunshots and saw
      the suspect emerge from the burning home. He hijacked a Mazda hatchback and ordered
      the car’s driver to take him to Santa Monica College. He fired rounds with a
      semiautomatic weapon into the neighborhood, and on the way to the college fired
      at a city bus, shattering the bus’ windows and injuring two passengers. He
      fired at a red Ford explorer, killing a man. The suspect proceeded to the Santa
      Monica College library, where he exchanged fire with police officers, fled, and
      shot a woman near the building’s entrance.
      ZetaTalk Revelation 6/15/2013: The
      gunman was known to have homicidal urges, having been hospitalized years prior.
      Where not a Manchurian Candidate programmed like a robot to follow
      instructions, he was bombarded by remote viewers who suggested to him that he
      go on a rampage and the nature of the rampage. Telepathy is a two way street,
      suggestions made as well as information gathered, and that emotions are sent
      and received as well. By creating a disruption in Santa Monica when Obama was
      in transit, the police force would be distracted, Obama rerouted or caught in
      the melee, the Secret Service suddenly switching plans, and the potential for a
      sniper to hit Obama thus made more likely. Remote viewing is a rare talent,
      with only dozens of individuals able to effect a person’s emotional state to
      the degree the gunman was affected. They can be traced, and those responsible
      identified, and then those who ordered the melee can be identified.
      Deputy CIA
      Director Michael Morell Retires
      June 12, 2013
      a 33-year CIA veteran, leaves a month after the White House released emails
      showing he was the one who removed al-Qaeda references from the much-debated
      talking points, which United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice later delivered on
      the Sunday talk shows.
      What does all of this have to do
      with two recent 2013 releases – Olympus has Fallen and White House Down? Per
      the Zetas, where this appears to be a case of “life imitates art” the opposite
      it true, as the fact that Obama’s enemies want to kill him is no secret.

      Olympus has
      the White House (Secret Service Code: "Olympus") is captured by a
      terrorist mastermind and the President is kidnapped, disgraced former
      Presidential guard Mike Banning finds himself trapped within the building. As
      our national security team scrambles to respond, they are forced to rely on
      Banning's inside knowledge to help retake the White House, save the President
      and avert an even bigger crisis.
      White House
      guys who take the White House include a right winger and a white supremacist,
      because according the Hollywood those are kind of the same thing. At the end,
      the Republican politician turns out to be the villainous mastermind who did all
      this evil to be president and help his buddies in the defense industry.
      ZetaTalk Comment 7/6/2013: It
      is just coincidence that Obama has had to dodge several assassination attempts
      this Spring, at a time when the release of two different movies with a White
      House Down theme occurred? This would almost seem to be a case of “Life
      Imitates Art”. The real-life plots preceded the Hollywood release, but the
      mindset of Obama’s enemies was no secret. The loss of the 2012 election was a
      bitter pill for the Republicans. Taking Obama out, under whatever ruse, is
      frequently muttered in some circles. All this preceded Obama’s decision to
      admit the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, which only aggravated those intent
      upon seeing a change in the White House.  Box office profits are often
      dependent upon what the public subconsciously senses is a real-life agenda.
      Thus the focus on a vulnerable White House being the target of the
      military-industrial complex, Israeli sympathizers, and NAZIs. <http://zetatalk.com/newsletr/issue357.htm>
      The wicked ENDTIME- NOT the RIGHTEOUS! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheEndTime2012

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