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      Subj: [RealUFOs] Your K-FILES has arrived

      JUNE 27, 2013

      You are receiving this e-mail because you subscribed to the K-FILES and
      activated your subscription. If you no longer wish to receive the K-FILES,
      _unsubscribe here_ (http://kevinsmithshow.com/lists/?p=unsubscribe&id=1) .

      LETTER TO EDITOR_ (mailto:host@...?subject=Letter To
      _X-47B UFO like New Drone UAV Unmanned Air Vehicle _
      _Amazing UFO Sighting
      _UFO in Main Stream Media in Croatia _
      _UFO in Holland 2013_
      _Japan Launches Missile
      Against UFO Only to See The Missile Neutralized_
      _Bigfoot in Russia_
      _Media Report on Flying Rods_
      _Mars Anomaly Research_
      _NASA Anomaly Footage_
      _NASA Space Anomalies_ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRPZjz-vJYk)
      _Science v's God : Its The Collapse Of Physics As We Know it _
      Audience Feedback
      Darrin J. (USA)
      Hi Kevin. I just recently became a listener to your show. I'm absolutely
      amazed at the vast amount of information and the quality of the information
      that you put out and that no other shows even get close to. You got
      guts, man. I love it. Thank you for being there.
      Karen B. (USA)
      Mr. Smith, wow! That show you did showing the stream on Mars was terrific.
      I always kind of thought there was water there but when you took that red
      filter out of NASA's picture, I saw it with my own eyes even before you
      started talking about it and pointing out the features. Kudos!
      Catherine G. (U.K.)
      Whom are you kidding? Water on Mars? That is beyond reason.
      REPLY: Catherine, whom are you kidding? Pretending to be reasonable by
      using your own limited knowledge and experience as the measure for what is
      true is anything but reasonable. But thanks for the e-mail.
      Jan A. (Sweden)
      Thanks for a great show. You are a courageous man. Thank you for helping
      me open my mind.
      Ben P. (USA)
      I am trying to wrap my brain around James Horak. Love to hear him talk,
      but he says some things that are so far out I have a problem wrapping my
      brain around it.
      REPLY: Good luck (smile)

      Want to send me some feedback? Hit our CONTACT page on the _KSS Website _

      Carnegie Mellon robot hunts for life in one of the deadest places on Earth
      Scientists looking for life on Mars are studying the driest desert on
      Earth. This month, Carnegie Mellon University's Zoë robot will traverse Chile’s
      near-uninhabitable Atacama Desert as part of an astrobiology experiment
      aimed at testing technologies and techniques for NASA’s next rover to search
      for life on Mars at the end of the decade. _READ MORE_
      Astrobiologists find Martian clay contains chemical implicated in the
      origin of life
      Researchers from the University of Hawaii at Manoa NASA Astrobiology
      Institute (UHNAI) have discovered high concentrations of boron in a Martian
      meteorite. When present in its oxidized form (borate), boron may have played a
      key role in the formation of RNA, one of the building blocks for life. The
      work was published on June 6 in PLOS One. _READ MORE_
      Not One, but Three 'Goldilocks Planets'?
      a couple of months ago, the Kepler telescope found two in a distant solar
      system. And just this week, researchers announced they had found three
      habitable planets orbiting just one star and it's only 22 light years away
      from us. So how did the scientists manage to find three Goldilock planets at
      once? What is the potential for life on these planets? Can we detect their
      atmosphere? Presence of water just yet?
      _READ MORE _

      The Inside Scoop
      by Kevin W. Smith
      Hi friends. It's been a very long haul to get our systems all updated and
      talking to each other again, but I think I can say that it has been done.
      The entire job was, for me, massive. For a real expert, it was probably
      no more than a medium task. But, I'm not an expert at any of these tasks.
      Experience with them? Yes. Expert at them? No.
      In order for KSS to run at peak performance, most of the daily tasks must
      be automated and the automation must work like a well oiled machine. If
      the automation fails, then there are far too many tasks for one person to
      do. It would take three people working full time to be able to do all those
      tasks without the automation. And it did finally break down.
      The problem was that some of our software had forced updates. The updated
      software would not talk with the scripts doing the automated tasks. When
      I fixed that, the other software (that had not been updated) would not
      respond. Finally, I had to just upgrade all the software we use to do the
      show each night and then write new scripts for automation. It was expensive
      and it was, for me, a monumental task. Anyway, it is done and we are back
      on track. I thank every one of you who so patiently supported me as I
      worked on this.
      The monster described above kept me from being able to send out the last
      edition of the K-FILES and has delayed this edition. But again, I do think
      the tech problems have been fixed.
      In the midst of the software/automation battle, we were still able to do
      some stellar shows. In the middle of the battle, the KSS revealed the
      evidence from Opportunity Rover that there is, in fact, flowing liquid water on
      Mars That show continues to generate a lot of e-mail to KSS. I have had
      scientists even respond positively to the evidence I revealed on air. Of
      course, there are always a few detractors, but the response to that show
      has been overwhelmingly positive.
      And I bring that up as just one example of what you make possible. Your
      donations to the KSS make it possible to have the time and resources to do
      the research and bring you the best information and the best guests in our
      genre. I know you must be aware that the bills have to be paid every
      month, and we just cannot make it without our listeners' support. Some of you
      have donated, and I absolutely appreciate it. We would not be here tomorrow
      without your support.
      KSS did take a slight detour years ago into the world of the big names.
      We still do have the big names on from time to time, but the problem with
      that is that everyone has already heard what the big names are saying.
      There was a day that was one day before they were famous. They knew then
      what they talked about when they became famous, but few people knew about
      them. Those are the people I'm most interested in hearing from. Why?
      Because their information is newer and fresher than the stuff coming from the
      big names. Interstingly, there is a major show, famous in the U.S., that
      seems to track what we do. When I break a story, or introduce a new guest
      that has new information, they will have the same topic or guest within a
      few days. Some people think that show is the bees knees, and that's ok.
      But do they even realize they mine my show for the info?
      Well, that is an enviable position to be in. That is why we are #1 on the
      planet. But, it can only happen because you help us stay alive. You are
      the real source of the breaking information and amazing guests--you make
      it possible for me to go get it for you.
      We have some truly outstanding shows and guests coming up in the coming
      days. I promise you, you will get my very best efforts like always. We are
      going on and up with your help.

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      GIMP is an advanced image editor and image manipulation software that is
      often compared to Photoshop. It offers a ton of features, including advanced
      layer support, masks, filters, effects and many other features found in
      professional graphics programs. Beware however that the interface needs
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