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UFO/Super Dome Blackout

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  • nathaniel x vance
    ASA Bro. Admin, Could not resist sending you this information, though strategically, it may be off the wall in your view. I hope everything is intact - I mean
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2013
      ASA Bro. Admin,
      Could not resist sending you this information, though strategically, it may be off the wall in your view. I hope everything is intact - I mean the pics will be included. If not, the link is as follows if you have an interest in seeing the entire article alone with the pics:

      Super Dome Blackout
      While officials struggled to explain the 34 minute blackout that descended on the 2013 Super Bowl game, one thing was clear. This was no ordinary blackout. The FBI stated that terrorism was not a factor. It was not a deliberate sabotage of any sort. The wiring was new, and functioning perfectly. The blackout was not from an external electromagnetic source, as the surrounding area outside of the dome itself was unaffected.  It was not due to an excessive drain on power, as Beyonce had well finished her intermission show, and this had utilized auxiliary lights, not the dome lights. The outage occurred when the second half of the game was underway, and the first half had not resulted in any distress. In addition, when the breakers were reset, the game continued unabated, so the
      problem did not return. At no time was power from the grid interrupted. Yet there was either a temporary surge or temporary brownout that triggered a breaker, for an unknown reason.
      >NFL Says no Indication Halftime Show Caused Super Bowl Outage
      >February 4, 2013
      >The 35-minute disruption came moments after performer Beyonce lit up the Superdome with a halftime spectacular that officials said was powered by generators and would not have sapped the stadium's electricity. Entergy Corp, the utility providing power to the Superdome, said its distribution and transmission feeders were serving the Superdome at all times. A piece of equipment designed to monitor electrical load sensed an abnormality in the system where the Superdome equipment intersects with Entergy's feed into the building, triggering an automatic cut in power. The halftime show was running on 100 percent generated power.
      >'Abnormality' Blamed for Superdome Blackout
      >February 4, 2013
      >Embarrassed officials say the blackout that shut down the Super Bowl for 34 minutes was caused by an "abnormality in the system," though they're still in the dark as to what caused it. The Superdome's management company says power was partially cut to isolate the issue after the problem was detected and backup generators kicked in as designed.
      >Super Bowl Blackout: What Went Wrong?
      >February 4, 2013
      >Entergy, the local electric company, said in a message posted on its Twitter account that there were no power issues outside of the Dome, and the "power issue at the Superdome appears to be in the customer's side."
      >Blackouts, caused when breakers trip to protect electrical equipment, can happen during solar flares or due to the electromagnetic interference the charged tail of Planet X can create. In 2003, when the charged tail of Planet X wafted past the Sun and enveloped the Earth, temporarily, there were numerous blackouts, including the notorious blackout of New York City on August 14, 2003. But in these affairs, the outage affects the entire region, not a single building as occurred during the Super Dome outage.
      >Aug 14 massive power outage swept across swaths of the eastern United States and Canada
      >Aug 28 power outage during the evening rush hour creating havoc for around 1 million commuters
      >Sep 1 A power outage today blacked out parts of peninsular Malaysia
      >Sep 2 A power outage left at least 3 million Mexicans in the southern Yucatan without electricity
      >Sep 2 Finland, Russia, and overnight power blackout in Sydney´s business district.
      >Sep 23 A power outage struck the capital of Denmark and southern Sweden affecting 4 million people
      >Sep 28 much of Italy is without power after a blackout swept the country
      >Oct 6 major power failure blacks out Czech Republic.
      >Nov 7 most of Chile lost power in a major blackout
      >Per the Zetas, the Super Dome outage was a warning to the Obama administration that their delays in making the announcement on the near presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, would not be tolerated by the Council of Worlds. The gloves were coming off.
      >ZetaTalk Explanation 2/5/2013: We explained in March 3, 2012 that the Council of Worlds had engaged the cover-upin what we called a war, as to allow the Earth changes to proceed as nature intended while the common man was kept ignorant of the cause would interrupt the spiritual lessons the passage of Planet X, aka Nibiru, provides. Punch 1 occurred on March 12, 2012 when the Earth’s magnetosphere appeared to completely reverse, though this was only the view provided by NASA’s satellites and did not affect the Earth. By June 16, 2012 the Obama administration was formulating an announcement, but due to the efforts of those wanting the cover-up to continue and the pending re-election of Obama, these efforts were put aside until after
      the election.
      >Now the November 6, 2012 election is past. Potential blocks to the legitimacy of the Obama presidency, such as the Electoral College vote on December 17, 2012, are past, as is the acceptance of this vote by the House in early January. The swearing in ceremony on January 20, 2013 is past. And key positions within the administration, such as Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, CIA and other less important cabinet appointments are essentially filled or guaranteed to be filled by Obama’s nominees. The fiscal cliff is resolved in Obama’s favor, with the Bush tax breaks to the rich ended. The debt ceiling has also been resolved, the House allowing Obama to raise the ceiling, at least temporarily. The announcement team is ready, yet
      Obama is not proceeding, lingering for yet another day or week, as he fears the reaction will be devastating and exhausting.
      >The Council of Worlds has lost patience. The deliberate blackout during the Super Bowl was just a gentle nudge. Punch 2 has been delayed because the Obama administration was dead serious about announcing the presence of Planet X, having NASA explain what they have withheld from the public, having NOAA and the USGS explain how the near presence of Planet X has affected the globe. It is time for the little guy, the common man, to have the same access to information that the elite enjoy. Rather than punish the common man by releasing the full force of the 7 of 10 plate movements, the Council will be punishing those involved in continuing the cover-up, whether friend or foe.
      >To bolster the Zeta statement that benign aliens had caused the power outage is what appears to be a capture of a UFO hovering above the stadium just before the blackout. Could this be related?
      >VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N-uNJxjNWQ

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