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MUFONs Black hole

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  • B. Becker
    Many people know that MUFON acquired all of Len Stringfileds papers after he died. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_H._Stringfield)   2012: Stringfield s
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2013
      Many people know that MUFON acquired all of Len Stringfileds papers after he died. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_H._Stringfield)
      2012: Stringfield's papers donated to MUFON
      On August 3, 2012, at the Mutual UFO Network's (MUFON) annual symposium, it was announced by Executive Director David MacDonald that sixty volumes of Stringfield's “meticulous UFO research over 30 years” had been donated to MUFON. MUFON Pennsylvania State Director John Ventre told Examiner.com reporter Roger Marsh that MacDonald also claimed that:
      “In those 60 volumes we have government interference, the FBI and CIA stopping the ufologists at any cost,” Ventre said. “He names Donald_Rumsfeldand President Fordas being briefed on UFOs by J. Allen Hynek. He talks about UFO investigators being beaten or receiving death threats. He names heads of state that knew. He even has actor Jackie Gleason’s contact information in there. There is a lot of explosive information in there.”
      Ventre also said MUFON planned to digitize Stringfield's collection and make it more widely available to researchers in the future. [2][3] Stringfield guarded the identity of most of his sources promising to eventually make them available to other researchers.
      Those of us familiar with MUFON just sighed and knew that the Stringfield papers that we all had waited years to read were now falling into MUFON's Black Hole. 
      The new Director of MUFON, "El Capitan" Dave MacDonald issued the following in his January 2013 Directors message. (Only the paragraphs relevant to the posting are included. Underline mine. BB)
      "Another one of the year's highlights
      was the acquisition of The Leonard Stringfield papers. I am thrilled to
      announce that the digitization of these files is complete and a protocol has
      been developed to set the terms and conditions under which these files can be
      A copy of this Access Protocol can
      be requested by serious researchers by contacting MUFON Headquarters.
      Researchers meeting the criteria may then apply for access to the files. Please note that researchers who are MUFON members in good standing have
      priority for the first year."
      Here is the Protocol:
      Leonard Stringfield Files
      Access Protocol
      For the first year after roll out,
      access will be limited to MUFON members in good standing and holding a position
      on the CMS. However, non-members or members not on the CMS who are
      approved by the Board, and can offer “special benefits” to MUFON, may be granted
      access on a case by case basis. After the first year access may be
      granted, on a case by case basis, to all serious researchers who apply. (What does "not on the CMS" mean?  Does this limit the people who can see it to Section Directors and above,
      not the regular membership? BB)
      The files can ONLY be viewed at
      Headquartersand only with an appointment. Access
      will be limited to supervised viewing of the digitized files, one volume at a
      time. Under no circumstances will files in any form be allowed to leave
      Headquarters. Access to the original source material shall be absolutely
      restricted pending a separate, case by case approval. A separate, secure
      computer will be set up having no internet connection and no access to ports to
      eliminate the use of flash drives or copying devices. (This limits who will be able to see them. And what about taking
      notes? Is this prohibited also? BB.)
      It is MUFON’s intention to respect
      Leonard Stringfield’s wishes to keep confident all names of witnesses who
      requested anonymity notwithstanding however, persons already in the public eye,
      public domain, Heads of State, Public/Government Officials and celebrities.
      MUFON will make no attempt to censor or redact any of the material available
      and most certainly will not alter, in any way, the source documents. (Investigators always remove or assign a number to witnesses who
      wish to remain anonymous. So why all secrecy? BB)
      As to persons working preapproved and
      for the benefit of MUFON notwithstanding, a onetime charge of $55.00 (membership dues)shall
      be required of all non-members and shall be good for one year. Membership is
      included. Since headquarters will be burdened with the supervision of
      researchers, which will put a financial drain on the organization, an hourly
      charge of $20.00 needs to be imposed to cover the cost of required personnel. (The required personnel will probably be volunteers. BB)
      This protocol basically insures that very few people have access to this information. I guess Ventre mispoke when he said at the Symposium, "MUFON planned to digitize Stringfield's collection and make it more widely available to researchers in the future". Maybe he should have said select researchers or some researchers in the future. 
      Where has all the money gone?    MUFON: A look at the Organization 
      Barbara Becker

      Missouri Investigators Group
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