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Re: [UFOnet] Re: The number 13.

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  • Peter Longworth
    You guys need to come and live in Australia - decent pay (no willing tipping crap) and you get to share in a wonderful, healthy economy which is the envy of
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 27, 2012
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      You guys need to come and live in Australia - decent pay (no willing tipping crap) and you get to share in a wonderful, healthy economy which is the envy of the world.

      Thank you China :)

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      On 28/11/2012, at 12:01 PM, Jeff <jadams9845@...> wrote:

      > I agree sgtwal. We're actually already in a depression and have been for quite a while. Our illegitimate govt and the Joseph Goebbles media that support them are traitors to Liberty and American sovereignty.
      > When they teach the DHS/TSA Nazis that our Founders were terrorists, they have lost their right to govern.
      > After the economy collapses (probably by Mar or Apr next year) there will be hell to pay. Break out the tar, feathers and about a 10 mile chord of rope!!
      > On Nov 27, 2012, at 12:29 PM, sgtwal@... wrote:
      >> If memory serves the onus comes from an agreement between the King of
      >> France and the then Pope to eliminate the Knights Templar. In a coordinated
      >> strike across France the King, with the Pope's approval, attacked every temple
      >> and residence of the knights and put all that were captured to death.
      >> The attack took place on Friday the 13th.
      >> In the 1960s the number 13 took on a more jovial meaning as it stood for
      >> the 13th letter of the alphabet which is M, for marijuana.
      >> I do not foresee any disclosure of anything but more bad news. The world
      >> will slip into what will be known as the Greatest Depression and a life
      >> style closer to 1913 than 2013 will become the norm a few years after.
      >> Injoy.
      >> 3a. 2013?
      >> Posted by: "nathaniel x vance" broali4xa@... broali4xa
      >> Date: Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:04 am ((PST))
      >> Dear Group,
      >> Do not many Christian Masons and most western cultures believe that the
      >> number 13 is foreboding - unlucky. Well, if you are inclusive in believing
      >> that this is true, then squarely, the ONUS rest on you. After 2012 comes
      >> what - 2013 right, and oops, there is that mysterious number 13 again! Did
      >> not the first WW1, and the so-call Federal Reserve System start in what
      >> century and or year -was not it in 1913 ? And thus, uh, could or would it be
      >> reasonable to assume that using the above belief system, that next year in
      >> 2013, there will be a repeat of history with something way out of the
      >> ordinary, mysterious, that will again happen which will shock this planet and
      >> humanity yet once again?
      >> Now I am not by no means saying that I am any kind of a big or small time
      >> psychic, but may I humbly ask anyone this question; in 2013 , do you
      >> think or believe that this will be the year when the infamous UFO/ET cover-up
      >> will finally come crashing down (like a giant super-duper fiery meteor) ,
      >> and will it finally be admitted that sentient life is teeming all
      >> throughout the Universe most of which is vastly more highly intelligent than we
      >> nascent humans are on this puny planet earth?
      >> In the mean time, check out these two UFO videos and do share what you
      >> think about them please.
      >> Thanks
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