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The DULCE Base

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    Inside Intelligence On The Dulce Base In a letter dated Sept. 1990, written by Thomas E. Castello and addressed to researcher Jason Bishop , the former Dulce
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      Inside Intelligence On The Dulce Base

      In a letter dated Sept. 1990, written by Thomas E. Castello and addressed
      to researcher 'Jason Bishop', the former Dulce Base technical-security
      officer stated:

      "...The room for [the electro-magnetic] generator is nearly 200 feet
      diameter. This circular room covers the fifth and sixth levels [extreme
      westsouth wing]. Here, is the intense magnetic generator. There is a
      'buffer area' made of ceramic and Latex that is four feet thick, in all
      directions. There [are] five entrances [plus an escape trap door on the
      sixth floor] on each floor. Each portal has a double door [one at the
      out-side of the buffer and one at the inside of the buffer]. The security
      is severe. Armed guards patrol constantly, and in addition to weight
      sensitive areas there [are] hand print and eye print stations. No one
      under ULTRA 5 clearance is allowed near the portals. Here, is the device
      that powers the transfer of atoms. No information is available to
      personnel with ULTRA 7 or less. [I was ULTRA 7]"

      "Commander X", the mysterious and anonymous Military Intelligence officer
      and member of the "COMMITTEE OF 12" [COM-12?] -- who has released
      sensitive information through Tim Beckley's New York City based UFO
      organization -- has stated:

      "The underground...base outside of Dulce, New Mexico, is perhaps the one
      MOST FREQUENTLY referred to. It's existence is most widely known,
      including several UFO abductees who have apparently been taken there for
      examination and then either managed to escape or were freed just in the
      nick of time by friendly...forces.

      "According to UFO conspiracy buff and ex-Naval Intelligence Officer
      Milton [William] Cooper, '...a confrontation broke out between the human
      scientists and the Aliens at the Dulce underground lab. The Aliens took
      many of our scientists hostage. Delta Forces were sent in to free them
      but they were no match for the Alien weapons. Sixty-six people were
      killed during this action. As a result we withdrew from all joint
      projects for at least TWO years...'

      "CENTURIES AGO, SURFACE PEOPLE [some say the ILLUMINATI] entered into a
      pact with an 'Alien nation' HIDDEN WITHIN THE EARTH," Commander X
      alleges. "The U.S. [Executive] Government, in 1933 agreed to trade
      animals in exchange for high-tech knowledge, and to allow them to use
      [undisturbed] UNDERGROUND BASES, in the Western U.S.A. A special group
      was formed to deal with the 'Alien' beings. In the 1940's 'Alien Life
      Forms' [ALF's] began shifting their focus of operations, FROM CENTRAL AND

      "The CONTINENTAL DIVIDE is vital to these 'entities.' Part of this has to
      do with magnetics [substrata rock] and high energy states [plasma]...
      This area has a very high concentration of lightning activity;
      underground waterways and cavern systems; fields of atmospheric ions;

      "...From my own intelligence work within the military, I can say WITH ALL
      CERTAINTY that one of the main reasons the public has been kept in total
      darkness about the reality of UFOs and 'aliens', is that the truth of the
      matter actually exists TOO CLOSE TO HOME TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT. How could
      a spokesman for the Pentagon dare admit that five or ten thousand feet
      STRUCTURE WE HAVE HAD FOR CENTURIES? How could, for example, our fastest
      bomber be any challenge to those aerial invaders when we can only guess
      about the routes they take to the surface; eluding radar as they fly so
      low, headed back to their underground lair?

      "...the 'Greys' or the 'EBEs' have established a fortress, spreading out
      to other parts of the U.S. via means of a vast underground tunnel system

      Val Valerian, of the Washington State based 'Leading Edge Research'
      Group, made the following statements in one of his L.E.R. issues:

      "ADDITIONAL COMMENTS ON ALIEN BASES -- There is some confusion over the
      subject of alien bases in the United States. There seem to be many of
      them, but some of them seem to stand out functionally and operationally.
      IT WOULD SEEM THAT THE MAIN BASE is in NEW MEXICO with small detachments
      [human phrase] at Dreamland and Area 51 in general. Both of those
      locations are used to test-fly alien craft [PROJECT GRUDGE/REDLIGHT]. The
      main location for the test flights appears to be Area 51. The EXCALIBUR
      project being developed AT LOS ALAMOS is designed to try and penetrate
      underground facilities, since they [the grays] have entrenched themselves
      and no longer honor any of the dubious agreements which they have made
      with [certain] factions within the government.

      "...Scores of underground installations hold citizens of virtually EVERY
      country on the planet in captivity."

      Researcher William F. Hamilton revealed the following details on the
      Dulce base which were provided by former Dulce base security director --
      who is now missing and presumed deceased -- Thomas Edwin Castello. In his
      book 'COSMIC TOP SECRET' [p. 109], Hamilton writes:

      "...According to Thomas, the alien androgynal breeder is capable of
      parthenogenesis. At Dulce, the common form of reproduction is
      polyembryony. Each embryo can, and does divide into 6 to 9 individual
      'cunne' [pronounced cooney, i.e. siblings]. The needed nutriment for the
      developing cunne is supplied by the 'formula,' which usually consist of
      [human/animal blood] plasma, deoxyhemoglobin, albumin, lysozyme, cation,
      amniotic fluid and more."

      Abductee Christa Tilton confirmed much of what Thomas Castello has
      revealed. Christa described "...strange vats filled with eerie
      liquid...where aliens are being grown." She stated that there were:
      "dozens of creatures in each womb. Can't count tanks, maybe scores or
      hundreds... womb submerged in sort of yellow liquid. Looks thicker than
      water. Creatures float in amber colored water. Womb is greyish..." The
      creatures or embryos being bred were "not human", had bluish-grey
      'resilient' skin, and possessed "three fingers" and "two toes". She
      confirmed that parts of human bodies may be used in the 'fluid'. She says
      that they used her to breed a human-like child which is being held
      prisoner in the underground base.
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