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      Subj: [RealUFOs] Before Her Untimely Death, A Controversial Abductee
      Declared That The Evidence Was In...

      Before Her Untimely Death, A Controversial Abductee Declared That The
      Evidence Was In...
      Submitted by _Sean Casteel_ (http://www.ufodigest.com/users/sean-casteel)
      on Mon, 04/30/2012 - 12:49

      For many in the UFO community who deeply desire a more reassuring
      explanation for the UFO phenomenon than the evidence may present, Karla Turner
      continues to be a problematic, even tragic figure in the many years since her
      death in 1996 from a dangerous form of breast cancer she contracted right
      after an abduction experience. Turner was an outspoken voice for abductees’
      rights and never wavered in her belief that the aliens were an evil,
      invasive force that intended no good with their medical experiments and
      frightening mind control capabilities. To this highly-trained clinical psychiatrist,
      the UFOnauts were wickedness personified, simply evil in the “flesh.”
      The publisher, “The Conspiracy Reader,” is adamantly determined that
      Karla Turner’s voice continues to be heard from beyond this time and place and
      that her message is still proclaimed in an era when alien abduction is no
      less rampant and no less traumatic for the experiencers than when Turner
      first began writing about what was happening to her and her family. This is
      more so the case considering that so many stand deeply-rooted today in the
      Exopolitical movement, where a sort of pseudo-hip “spiritual blissfulness”
      regarding the true character of the “visitors” outweighs rational thought
      in light of what at least some of the evidence as to their nature seems to
      indicate. This can no doubt be considered a “theme book” which utilizes
      not only Turner’s searingly painful research, but added background material
      from a stable of writers, which includes Timothy Green Beckley, Tim R.
      Swartz, Brad and Sherry Steiger and myself, resulting in a rather hefty, large
      format, 285-page collection of shocking, mind-warping accusations against
      those who seemingly hold us in some form of cosmic slavery that has gone
      on unabated possibly since antiquity if not from the start of our very
      existence here.

      Karla Turner and Greg Bishop
      This innovative book, “Evil Empire of the ETs and the Ultra-Terrestrials,”
      opens with a fascinating narrative by seasoned UFO/paranormal author Tim
      Beckley, who first hung out his journalistic shingle in the field over
      forty years ago. In a section which he justifiably titles “Strange Brew,”
      Beckley – who has long heralded the paranormal vs interplanetary genesis for
      the UFO enigma, relates the harrowing tale of a succession of tormented
      travelers who encountered strangely morphing ships and shape-shifting beings
      while driving the open highway, turning their sojourns into hellish
      nightmares. In one case, a married couple, Bob and Jackie Blair, told their story
      to a newspaper reporter in Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

      Brad and Sherry Steiger
      “They had been experiencing unexplainable phenomena for three days,” the
      newspaper states, “for 900 miles across three states, and when they stopped
      in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, hardly anyone believed them.”
      The pursuit had begun in Montana when what the Blairs at first took to be
      stars in the night sky turned out to be nine small ships and one large one.
      Things turned hostile quickly when the couple’s car was shot with
      needle-like shavings of silver metal that penetrated the couple’s windshield. The
      shavings ruined the truck’s new paint job and when Jackie touched them they
      caused her fingers to break out in blisters; Bob had a similar blister on
      his wrist. The reporter says that their fingers glowed from the unknown
      substance they had touched and Bob exclaimed, “We might be dying right now! We
      don’t know what it is. We have to get to a doctor.”

      Tim Beckley photo with demon mask
      The incident is dead on creepy as the couple says that a group of
      attacking “individual things” were “shaped like about eight-inch people with
      V-shaped heads, wings on their backs,” like prehistoric birds. They were said to
      be exceedingly hostile and went into attack mode several times, cloaking
      the scene in a dense fog. “It was like a backwards tornado coming from the
      mouth of the leader of the ships. It was like a ray that he was sending down
      with this funnel. He did it five times, than left,” Bob said.
      This is a classic example of the kind of mental and emotional agony often
      left behind after a UFO encounter.
      “And you know we’re not dealing with men from Mars,” says Beckley, who
      was once a strong believer in the interplanetary origins of the UFO
      phenomenon but has wavered from this path in recent years. Not knowing or
      understanding what has happened is hard to bear, especially in a case where one is
      forced to wonder whether some kind of life-threatening injury has been
      incurred. How could Bob know whether the blisters he and his wife had were
      somehow a sign of something fatal? What doctor could have treated an
      alien-induced sickness?
      Beckley’s chapter provides the entire eye-popping scenario of the Blairs
      along with another terrifying highway encounter that happened to a young
      woman named Mickie and her girlfriend, which is so blatantly bizarre that it
      would appear that they were almost on an acid trip, though Beckley says they
      swore to him in a face to face interrogation that they never touched the
      stuff. At one point in their drive across country a monster “dog” appeared
      in their back seat complete with glowing red eyes, scaring the bejesus out
      of the two women. Beckley believes this adds considerable weight to the
      Ultra-Terrestrial concept that other realities are merging with our own in
      many close encounter cases, placing the abnormalities outside the realm of
      wandering space ships and alien occupants into a totally different conceptual
      My own contribution is called “The Shadowy Universe of Alien Thought
      Control,” and deals with such unsettling possibilities as the mental co-opting of
      world leaders in government, religion and economics and the open hostility
      of the alien presence. In an interview I did with researcher and political
      activist Michael Brownlee, he argues quite convincingly that if anyone
      else were to abduct members of our citizenry by the millions or over-fly and
      disable our nuclear missile sites, we would regard it as an act of war and
      respond accordingly.
      Why is it we give the aliens a free pass in those terms? One answer may be
      that we are humiliatingly outgunned and outmanned, and the authorities
      simply can’t go public with a situation they can neither influence nor
      control. However, efforts like the Star Wars Space Defense program, begun under
      President Ronald Reagan, seem to be a step in the right direction, Brownlee
      said, and he knows personally people in the defense industry who are
      continuing to work to develop adequate technology to fight back against the aliens’
      superior weaponry.
      There is also new material in “Evil Empire of the ETs and the
      Ultra-Terrestrials” by veteran authors Brad and Sherry Steiger, whose chapter is
      called, simply enough, “Hostile Encounters With Alien Intelligences.” One can
      always count on the Steigers to produce some of the very best writing on this
      subject available anywhere, and their chapter certainly no exception.

      “The Not-So-Friendly Face Of ET Encounters” is offered here by writer and
      Emmy Award-winning producer Tim R. Swartz, who never fails to deliver an
      in-depth and thorough examination of the topics he writes about.
      Sandwiched in between all the fascinating new material is of course Karla
      Turner’s “Into The Fringe,” which set new standards for honesty and bravery
      in the face of the dark mystery of alien abduction. Turner had no patience
      for people who said the negative baggage that accompanies abduction was
      because of the abductee’s failure to be open to the experience’s beauty and
      worth. Like Brownlee, she protests most vigorously the tendency to “blame
      the victim,” to say the fault lies in humanity and not in the fascistic,
      iron-grip of the aliens. No amount of New Age positive thinking can change the
      fact that people are being subjected, completely involuntarily, to a
      series of medical, psychological and emotional procedures that leave them
      cowering in fear and with no readily available cure or solution.
      Even the late Budd Hopkins, who told me more than once that he hesitated
      to call the aliens “evil” because it would an over-simplification that he
      felt would be counterproductive, nevertheless equated alien abduction with
      rape, simply because it was not an experience freely chosen and could not be
      stopped by any human method of resistance.
      For an article she wrote for Tim Beckley’s now defunct magazine “UFO
      Universe,” which is further elaborated on in the recent Global Communications
      book “Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer,” Karla Turner created a
      checklist, a breakdown of the most basic elements of alien abduction that puts
      the matter in its proper perspective quite succinctly. We present a portion
      of the checklist here.

      * Aliens can alter our perception of our surroundings.
      * Aliens can control what we think we see. They can appear to us in
      any number of guises and shapes.
      * Aliens can take us – our consciousness – out of our physical
      bodies, disable our control of our bodies, install one of their own entities,
      and use our bodies as vehicles for their own activities before returning our
      consciousness to our bodies.
      * Aliens can be present with us in an invisible state and can make
      themselves only partially visible.
      * A surprising number of abductees suffer from serious illnesses they
      didn’t have before their encounters. These have led to surgery,
      debilitation, and even death from causes the doctors can’t identify.
      * Some abductees experience a degeneration of their mental, social
      and spiritual well-being. Excessive behavior frequently erupts, such as drug
      abuse, alcoholism, overeating and promiscuity. Strange obsessions develop
      and cause the disruption of normal life and the destruction of personal
      * Some abductees report being taken to underground facilities where
      they see grotesque hybrid creatures, nurseries of hybrid humanoid fetuses,
      and vats of colored liquid filled parts of human bodies.
      * Abductees report seeing other humans in these facilities being
      drained of blood, being mutilated, flayed, and dismembered, and being stacked,
      lifeless, like cords of wood. Some abductees have been threatened that
      they, too, will end up in this condition if they don’t cooperate with their
      alien captors.
      * Aliens have forced their human abductees to have sexual intercourse
      with aliens and even with other abductees while groups of aliens observe
      these performances. In such encounters, the aliens have sometimes disguised
      themselves in order to gain the cooperation of the abductee, appearing in
      such forms as Jesus, the Pope, certain celebrities, and even the dead spouse
      of the abductee.

      “It becomes clear,” Turner writes, “from these details that the beings
      who are doing such things can’t be seen as spiritually enlightened, with the
      best interests of the human race in mind. Something else is going on,
      something far more painful and frightening, in many, many abduction encounters.”
      There is an understandable need, she acknowledges, for humans to believe
      in the power of good.
      “We need for the aliens to be a good force,” she admits, “since we feel
      so helpless in their presence. And we need for some superior force to offer
      us a hope of salvation, both personally and globally, when we consider the
      sorry state of the world.”
      The aliens understand that we hope for them to be benevolent creatures, she
      reasons, and they use that desire for goodness to manipulate us.
      “What better way to gain our cooperation,” Turner asked, “than to tell us
      that the things they are doing are for our own good? Looking at the
      actions, the results of alien interference, such as on the list above, there is a
      great discrepancy between what we desire from them and what they are doing
      to us.”
      Turner also detailed the consistent patterns of deception that make up a
      great deal of the abduction experience. People sometimes report that they
      were treated kindly by the aliens, and were told that they were “special” or
      “chosen” to perform some important task for the benefit of humanity. Given
      such a positive message, the abductees may ignore the fear and pain of
      their encounters and insist to themselves and others that a higher motive
      underlies the abduction experience. They may only recall, in some cases, a
      benevolent encounter and have no memory of any negative action.
      But intensive research now shows us something much different.
      “We know, for instance,” Turner writes, “that ‘screen memories’ are often
      used to mask an alien abduction. Such accounts abound, in which a person
      sees a familiar yet out-of-place animal, like a deer or owl, a monkey or a
      rabbit, and then experiences a period of missing time. The person often
      awakens later to find a new, unexplained scar on his body.
      “Uneasiness about the encounter will persist, however, and far different
      memories may start to surface in dreams or flashbacks, and then the person
      seeks help to explain the uneasiness. Quite often, hypnotic regression is
      used to uncover the events behind the ‘screen memory,’ and that is when the
      typical alien abduction surfaces. However, from several recent cases, it is
      apparent that these recovered memories may well be yet another screen,
      masking events that are much more reprehensible.”
      So, according to Turner, abductees can’t trust their screen memories nor
      can they trust the recovered memories which may come later. It quickly
      becomes a wickedly complex hall of mirrors in which the truth perishes somewhere
      in the many reflected surfaces. If things like forcible sexual intercourse
      and all the other forms of victimization can be defended in moral terms, we
      are a long way from understanding how.
      Turner’s voice was not the only one shouting to be heard with this unhappy
      truth, and many abduction researchers and hypno-therapists agree with her
      overall negative take on the experience, though they may not express it in
      those same exact terms. Ann Druffel, for instance, has written extensively
      about methods for resisting alien abduction, one of which involves invoking
      the name of Jesus immediately after an experience begins.
      But it is Turner who remains the most eloquent spokesperson for resistance
      from among the abductees, and we can only wonder if her voice was silenced
      by her death from cancer as a deliberate act of the aliens, who were intent
      on enforcing some form of damage control to counter the “bad press” she
      was giving them. Such a thing is unknowable of course; the vagaries of when
      an illness like cancer presents itself may have nothing to do with aliens,
      even in Turner’s case.
      Nevertheless, reading “Evil Empire of the ETs and the Ultra-Terrestrials”
      will help to keep Turner’s dissenting voice alive and perhaps aid in your
      own coming to terms with experiences that continue to bewilder and frighten
      you. If you have a difficult time making it all fit into a rosy, glowing
      picture, you are certainly not alone.
      The great bard Shakespeare once famously wrote, “The fault, dear Brutus, is
      not in our stars, but in ourselves.” But perhaps, in the case of alien
      abduction, the fault originates somewhere out there in the stars after all.
      [If you enjoyed this article, visit Sean Casteel’s “UFO Journalist”
      website at _www.seancasteel.com_ (http://www.seancasteel.com/) to
      his work and to purchase his books.]
      Copies of Evil Empire Of The ETS And
      The Ultra-Terrestrials may be purchased
      from Amazon.Com
      A Kindle version will also be available shortly.

      Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer is available in both versions now.

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