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      UFO Digest Newsletter April 19, 2012
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      This week we published an article by Kiyoshi Amamiya about flying Saucers
      in the ancient Orient. A must read. Then Diane Tessman asks if we
      contribute to creating fairies and UFOs? Ed Komarek is back with a weird story about
      a replica viking ship coming into contract with a USO (under sea
      object).Next, Reinald Rios supports entertainer Rihanna and her UFO experiences.
      Roger Marsh reports two more MUFON sightings. Carolyn Shield shares news about
      life on Mars. Scott Corrales reports on UFOs from Latin America. Louis
      Hart relates that there are places where strange things happen. Hubble has
      discovered what may be a UFO...far away and finally Theresa J Thurmond Morris
      is still preparing us for this year and big changes. Enjoy Dirk

      Flying Saucers In the Ancient Orient by Kiyoshi Amamiya. The article
      "FLYING SAUCER IN ANCIENT ORIENT" of the 50th anniversary. I participated in CBA
      at the age of 16. CBA is a UFOLOGY organization of Japan founded in 1957.
      CBA communicated with the UFOLOGIST in the world, and the UFOLOGY
      organization. One of the pioneers of UFOLOGY of Japan and Mr. Matsumura were
      aviation magazine reporters. He photographed the first Flying Saucer in Japan in
      January, 1957. _More..._
      Do We Participate in Manifesting Fairies and UFOs? by Diane Tessman. Does
      the human subconscious have the incredible ability to manifest
      thought-forms? Jacques Vallee was on the trail to this possible explanation for UFOs,
      aliens, fairies, and other bizarre manifestations years ago; it remains one
      of the more intriguing and credible explanations for a plethora of unknown
      phenomena today. _More..._
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      of the infinite with messages from the alien perspective, as well as
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      along for the spirit, come along for the thrill, and for the celebration
      of universal life! _info@..._
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      Evidence of Encounter with USO by Viking Replica Ship by Ed Komarek.
      Captain Robert McDonald Is Providing Evidence Supporting His Claims Of A USO
      Encounter With His Viking Replica Ship in 2008. Capt. Robert McDonald alleges
      that his ship had an encounter with a USO that levitated his ship out of
      the water 5 feet, burning the hull below the waterline and wrecking his
      replica Viking ship made of millions of children's lollypop sticks. The Viking
      ship was full size and is an operational replica build from one inch planks
      made of lollypop sticks and was part of his publicity operation on behalf
      of the plight of children all over the world. The sticks were laid in moulds
      and glued together in planks from which the ship was constructed.
      UFO researcher supports Rihanna on her experience with UFOs by Reinaldo
      Rios. Reinaldo Rios leads a group of paranormal researchers in the field
      which also includes UFOs which openly offer their support and endorsement to
      Rihanna on their experiences with UFOs. His experience is known in the UFO
      world as close contact of the first type, which is to see the flying object
      distance. The much talked famous encounter of the third type would see the
      craft and beings, where Rihanna will have the opportunity to live in the
      film... _More..._
      Twin Lighted Objects Silently Move Over Huntington Station by Roger Marsh.
      A Huntington Station, NY, witness reports watching two silent lights
      moving north to south crossing Jericho Turnpike about one mile east of Route 110
      at 8:45 p.m. on April 7, 2012, according to April 10 testimony from the
      Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. _More..._
      ion) Also read: _Misty UFO Flies Low Over Oklahoma_
      NASA announces life on Mars found: Believers in Extraterrestial life
      vindicated by Carolyn Shield. Well UFO believers and Extraterrestrial believers
      you have been vindicated. The Viking found organics in 1976 and it is taken
      36 years for the data which was locked away to be revisited. Thirty six
      years ago the scientists told everybody the Viking data found nothing but it
      is today the announcement comes that they were WRONG! The scientists have
      found oxygen-busting compounds called perchlorlates. _More..._

      How Uruguay’s "Area 51" Responds to UFO Reports by Scott Corrales.
      Thirty-two years ago, the Uruguayan Air Force (FAU) created the Comisión Receptora
      e Investigadora de Denuncias de Objetos Voladores No Identificados
      (CRIDOVNI – Commission for the Intake and Investigation of Unidentified Flying
      Object Reports), making it the first Latin American country to have an agency
      devoted to researching this phenomenon. _More..._
      (http://www.ufodigest.com/article/how-uruguay%e2%80%99s-area-51-responds-ufo-reports) Also read: _Witnesses
      at Loggerheads with Air Force Over UFO _
      (http://www.ufodigest.com/article/witnesses-loggerheads-air-force-over-ufo) Also read: _VISION OVNI Looks
      Into Strange Pujato Ground Traces_
      There are places and times when strange things happen by Louis Hart. A
      weird sound or two seems to suddenly come out of thin air. Then, just as
      suddenly, all sounds cease and there is complete silence. I feel disoriented. In
      which direction was I walking…and why? Is it day or night? It seems to be
      both. How can that be? I notice some distance away is a strange looking
      arched rock. I don’t recall ever seeing it previously although I have visited
      this place many times. At least I think I have. _More..._
      Hubble Discovers UFO Far Far Away by Dirk Vander Ploeg. NGC 2683 is a
      spiral galaxy seen almost edge-on, giving it the shape of a classic science
      fiction spaceship. (ESA/Hubble & NASA) The Hubble Space Telescope has found a
      UFO, but this one is filled with stars instead of little green men. The
      iconic space telescope snapped an amazing new photo of the "UFO Galaxy" — a
      galaxy 35 million light-years from Earth that is officially known as NGC
      2683. _More..._
      2012 Preparation Ascension Age Unexplainable Paranormal Beyond 12-21-12 by
      Theresa J Thurmond Morris. We are here to create that which forever lives
      inside us all as the creators who have always been modified in our words,
      our world, and our lives as body-mind-spirits. For those who have the belief
      in the beyond and imaginations to share their gifts and talents as those
      who are of the mystics, oracles, prophets, sages, seers, and shaman of this
      world share that which we know as work and words. _More..._
      yond-12-21-12) Also read: _2012 Taken Up Ascension Age _

      The Paranormal Connection Between The Titantic and King Tutankhamun From
      Paranormala.com. It’s a sad and historic anniversary, yesterday was the
      the 15th of April, the 100th anniversary of sinking of the Titanic. Amid the
      3-D showings of the movie and the wild commercialism that seems endless, I
      wondered what else might be lurking in the Titanic story within my own field
      of interest. The Paranormal. _More..._
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