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      The Greys

      Small neo-saurian hominoids, very prolific and intelligent. May be the
      'brains' or 'intellect' of the serpent race, whereas the larger 'Reptoids'
      allegedly act as the PHYSICAL overlords and thus are of a higher 'ranking'
      than the Greys.

      The Greys are logic-based and operate on base animal survival or predatory
      instincts and in most cases are emotionally insensitive to humans, and
      like other reptilian entities they 'feed' off of human and animal vital fluids
      by rubbing a 'liquid protein' formula on their bodies, which is then
      absorbed through the skin. Like typical reptiles which shed their skins the
      'waste' is excreted back through the skin. The Greys range from 3 1/2 to 4 1/2
      ft. tall on the average, with skin colors ranging from gray-white to
      grey-brown to gray-green to grey-blue.

      Aside from feeding off of human and animal proteins and fluids, they also
      allegedly feed off the 'life energy', the 'vital essence' or 'soul energy'
      of humans as do other reptilian species. This is why those humans seen
      working with the Greys (implanted and programmed 'drones', whether willingly or
      unwillingly) have appeared 'lifeless' and 'emotionless' to the witnesses
      who observed them.

      The Greys are reportedly EXTREMELY deceitful and although they act on
      'logic', to them it is 'logical' to use extremely complex forms of deception to
      bring about their goals. They are the most commonly observed 'alien'
      entities encountered during UFO events.

      Their basic program is service to self.

      They are using this planet as a supply depot, for biological materials
      (people and cattle mutilations.)

      They are very telepathic in nature. Our world is not the only world they
      have tried to conquer. The Grays from Zeta Reticuli have the ability to
      magnify their mental field in order to maintain control over humans. These
      different species of Grays are members of a network which is a type of loose
      alliance to which all have common purposes and aims.

      The Grays from Rigel (click image right) were the ones that made the
      secret deal with the US Government.

      They are impregnating human females on a massive scale, and later
      extracting the fetuses. Most of their biological materials comes from the cattle
      mutilation. However it s a known fact that at times they have done human
      mutilations. These materials have been found on their crashed UFO crafts.

      There are some books on the market saying that they are our friends, and
      that we agreed to these abductions. We are here to tell you not to believe
      it for a second. These beings are very disturbed beings and are here to take
      over this planet for their own selfish purposes. They look at us in a
      similar way that the unconscious mass of our society looks at animals.

      The Zeta Reticulans appear to be divided into two different groups. There
      is one group that appears to be a little more tolerant towards human
      beings. The other group is interested in colonization and conquest of planet
      Earth. The Grays have one base near the Aleutian Islands. The Grays seem to
      have influence over the Reticulans and the Beeletrax species of Grays.

      These Grays have no stomach and digest their food by absorption through
      the skin or under their tongue. They have been cloning themselves instead of
      the practice of reproduction we use on Earth. Each time they reclone,
      however, the genetic copy becomes weaker, which is part of their problem. Their
      attitude towards humans is tolerance towards inferiors. They are
      technologically superior, however, spiritually and socially backwards.

      The Reptilian race is the other extraterrestrial race that is most
      negative, destructive, and evil in their intent. These extraterrestrials are human
      in shape, however, have reptilian type faces. They also have scales which
      makes their skin water proof. They have three fingers with an opposing
      thumb. Their mouth is more like a slit. They average from six to seven feet in
      height. They are well suited for space travel because they are able to
      hibernate. They are cold blooded biologically, so must have a balanced
      environment to maintain body temperature.

      The soldier class can bury themselves in the ground and wait long periods
      of time in order to ambush an enemy. The leader of this specie are called
      the Draco. They have special wings, which are like flaps of skin. There is a
      second group of their race that does not have wings. The soldier class and
      scientists of their race don't.

      In an emergency they can survive on one very large meal every few weeks.
      These Reptilians have been interacting with Earth for a very long time. In
      their home system they apparently live underground. This Reptilian species
      apparently directs the efforts of the working class which are only about
      four feet tall.

      These beings would be considered another one of the subspecies of the

      The command progression in this Reptilian society are the Draco who are
      the winged Reptilians first in command

      Secondly the Draco who are the non winged Reptilians

      Then the Greys

      This group, along with the Greys, pose the greatest danger at this time to
      planet Earth.

      How to Protect One's Self

      The specific aim of the Reptilians and the Greys is to take over planet
      Earth through covert mind control methods, much like the Illuminati and
      Secret Government is trying to do on Earth.

      These two groups are intimately connected. Most people think of world
      takeover only in terms of military means such as bombs and guns. They don't
      need to do this if they can control the people, and world leaders through mind
      control, hypnosis, and brain implants. The key question is, What do we do
      to stop this? Our government has sold us out because of their greed for
      power and world domination and now they can't stop what they have started. The
      first step is for the people of Earth to reclaim the world's governments.

      We must force the governments to release all the knowledge they have about
      extraterrestrials to the world at large. Half the battle is won if the
      people of the world know what they are dealing with. If people knew what was
      happening they would not be so much on automatic pilot. The only way to
      protect ourselves is through the strength of our consciousness.

      If a person is attuned to God and the Masters, and owns their personal
      power, and has self mastery over their energies, they have nothing to worry
      about. The world needs to wake up spiritually and psychologically, and stop
      being victims. It is this victim consciousness that allows them to be
      abducted and manipulated.

      If ever you sense them around, just pray, affirm, and visualize protection
      for yourself. Your connection with God and the Masters will bring you
      immediate protection. The only true hope for this planet is a mass spiritual
      awakening which, in truth, is beginning to occur. This spiritual awakening
      must also lead us into political action to remove the Secret Government and
      Illuminati from power. It is these beings that are controlled and
      manipulated, implanted, and hypnotized by the negative extraterrestrials.

      Part of our strength is also to think as individuals. The Greys are a
      group memory complex that has very little ability to think on their own. It is
      time now to make people aware of what is really going on. Share this
      information and others like it with your friends. Do more research on your own.
      If enough people become aware, the one hundredth monkey effect will begin to
      occur. It is already happening.

      The people reading this book are the Light bearers for the new age. It
      will only happen if we do it. The world will change when we change it. This
      change begins in consciousness, which leads to individual and group action.
      The Secret Government, Illuminati, and negative extraterrestrials are more
      vulnerable now than ever before.

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