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Re: [UFOnet] Check out Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former pentagon cons

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  • Amy Evans
    LS: And also, [turning page] these two gentlemen here - of course everybody knows him, should know him - is President Dwight Eisenhower. And this gentleman
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 16, 2012
      LS: And also, [turning page] these two gentlemen here - of course everybody knows him, should know him - is President Dwight Eisenhower. And this gentleman here is James Francis McIntyre, the former Bishop of Los Angeles. And the Jesuit confirmed to Barbato that this gentleman was present at Muroc Airfield in February 1954 because Dwight Eisenhower wanted to have a spiritual support to take an important decision for mankind.
      Because there were already rumors about this presumed meeting, occurred in February 1954, between a delegation from Earth and a presumed alien delegation from outside our world.
      And the Jesuit... This is very important. For the first time we had a deep throat from the Vatican who confirmed: Yes. This meeting happened. Yes, James Francis McIntyre participated.
      And moreover, the Jesuit told Barbato that later on, a few days later, James Francis McIntyre broke the rules. Because, of course, the American administration - we’re talking about the leaders who were participants of that meeting - said to the Bishop: Yes, you were present because of Dwight Eisenhower’s desire. You are not allowed to talk about this, even to the Pope.
      But McIntyre took another decision, and a few days later took a flight and went to Rome, and told everything to the Pope, who was, of course, shocked. And, according to the Jesuit, this was the first reason for the creation of this presumed secret service, the Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano - SIV.
      Okay, now we have another problem. Other beings from other regions of the universe are here on the Earth. This is a threat, of course, not only to humanity, but first of all, to the faith of the Christians, of the Catholics, even to the existence of the Vatican. You have to consider this problem. One of the reasons was to keep a secret service to avoid, you know, to ... [searching for words]
      KC: Maintain the secrecy?
      LS: No. To have the opportunity to know what other secret services abroad could learn about these creatures. This is what I understood. This is what Barbato told me. And this is what is public. The Pope was very worried. And at the same time - this is another important point - other creatures from other regions in the universe, according to the Jesuit, begin to have contact with the Vatican, with the SIV, Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano. Even a couple of meetings took place in the Vatican gardens, involved other creatures and the same Pope.
      KC: Okay, but when was this?
      LS: Maybe in the ‘50s. We are talking about the ‘50s.
      KC: Was it after the meeting with Eisenhower?
      LS: After.
      KC: After.
      LS: At the same time you have at least two races. According to the records, you have at least two races. One of them is the race who had the contact at Muroc Airfield, which became later Edwards Air Force Base.
      And at the same time, just a few months later, you have another race, human-looking - you cannot distinguish them from us - and they had contacts with the American administration. I’m talking about the people who had the need to know. At the same time, they had contact with the Vatican. And those creatures said: You have to be very careful with the other creatures.
      This is very important because usually, when somebody talks about the presumed meeting which occurred in February 1954, they think that those creatures were just human-looking, like us. Yes, maybe they were humanoid, but they were different.
      There is at least one other race, human-looking, much more than them. And they were very worried about the secret agreement signed among the Eisenhower administration - by secrecy - with this race.
      LS: Yes, yes, yes. He said something that became public, because in the interview it became public. In the interview that Barbato released to me, vetted to me, he said that the Jesuit told him that this extraterrestrial race which would be present on this planetoid which is approaching us according to him, are a warrior race. He may have used another word... but... The meaning is, it is a warrior race.
      KC: Did he use the term “Anunnaki”?
      LS: If I remember, yes. There is no doubt. He identified that race with the race which was adored in Mesopotamia thousands of years ago – the Anunnaki, which means “those who from heaven came to Earth.” There is no doubt about this, according to the Jesuit.
      And this is the reason, maybe, for which this story is dynamite. Because, it not only changes our perspective of humankind in the universe, but also, if it is true, is a threat to us, because of the effect of the passage of this planet, not only because of the presence of this race in the past on this planet and their activities on Earth.
      Another mystery is about what the Jesuit told Barbato about the nature of the Anunnaki. This is a sensitive point.
      KC: What do you mean by “about the nature of the Anunnaki”?
      LS: Yes. About how they look like. About their history. I mean, read for example The Lost Book of Enki, one of the most outstanding books written by Zecharia Sitchin. There are no comments by Sitchin, no comments. No, just a translation from ancient text. You read that text, and you will see that the ancient history of those gods, in Mesopotamia, is a history of wars, of Anu’s peoples, of the... You know, all the evil relationships that we had. And even, many times, you know, moments of kind... moments of generosity, kindness. Discussions, you know. Struggles. Moments of peace. Struggles /Moments of peace. You know?

      Amy Evans

      Follow your Heart
      Goddess Bless

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      I found this interesting and thought you would too:
      _Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former pentagon
      consultant claims | Mail Online_

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