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      Subj: Jonathon, Hot discovery covered up - literally!

      Jonathon, this news is from Jonathan Gray -
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      Bert’s heart almost stopped. “Hey, you guys, look at

      He stood there, staring, his eyes roving above him,
      and all around. Over a mile below the surface, the
      machinery had broken from solid coal, clear into a
      huge open space.


      As the other men came running, he blurted out, “What
      IS this?”

      “Seems like we’ve run into an air pocket,” answered

      “I know that,” retorted Bert, “But look…”

      He pointed to the ceiling above. And all around. “Am
      I seeing right?”

      “What in the world…” One of the other miners broke
      off mid-sentence. The others gasped.

      “Those look like people!” exclaimed another.

      “They ARE people!”

      “They’re so HUGE!”

      “How did this happen? What are men doing inside coal?”

      “And they’ve even turned into coal.”

      The men cast their eyes over the whole scene. Yes, these
      were real human bodies; not just skeletons, these were
      bodies with noses, fingers, everything. They were on
      the floor, in the sides, and in the ceiling of the air

      “Man, but this is impossible!” yelled Frank. “However
      did this happen?”

      “Hmm…” mused a miner known as Jake. “It reminds me of
      what I heard about the Great Flood. Whole forests of
      trees were swept into gigantic heaps – and houses,
      people… the whole works. Could this be evidence of that

      “This had to have been violent,” said another. “Slow,
      gradual accumulation – as evolution theory has it –
      doesn’t make sense. Whatever did this was enormous –
      and violent!”

      “We’ve got to report this,” said one of the others.


      One thing was certain. These coal miners in West
      Virginia had broken through a coal seam into an air

      The only explanation that made sense was that trees,
      men and all had been swept together by some force.
      And that force had to be water.

      What was now an air pocket must have been a water
      pocket that day, while the mass of trees was being
      swept thousands of feet deep.

      So the miners reported the discovery. And you know

      Don’t be too shocked! Immediately the area became a
      place of restricted access. Authorities rescinded
      the permit of the mining company to operate there.

      The spot was then permanently flooded and filled with
      silt. Soon a dam was built over that very piece of
      ground and the locality has now become a reservoir.

      A discovery threatens the established scientific
      theories. And heavy machinery is brought in to build
      a dam over the site. How convenient!

      Who gave directions to cover up this discovery? What
      is so threatening about the concept of catastrophe?

      How deep is the swamp of lies, cover-ups and deceit
      in the scientific world?

      In case you didn’t know, a great number of highly
      qualified scientists have completely rejected the
      evolution theory. By a conservative estimate, in the
      United States alone, this amounts to tens of thousands.

      You ask, why do evolutionary scientists dismiss the
      Great Flood? Here’s the answer. It’s for philosophical
      reasons… and not on objective reasons based on
      geological or ancient historical data.

      Often, their furious rejection of any alternative
      theories to evolution seems almost pathological.

      In all fairness, I shall state that thousands of
      scientists are people of integrity. Please get that
      clear. And they are caught up in a system that they
      believe is as honest as they are.

      They (as do we) take it for granted that what they’ve
      been taught is true… and that the scientific
      Establishment is run by men who are all clean and

      But it’s time for us to wake up. It’s time to face
      the truth!

      You have no idea of the depth of corruption at the
      top, nor of the extreme measures taken to block the
      truth. Or how many scientists are fired when they
      renounce evolution.

      It is not surprising that evidence is frequently


      If the global Flood really occurred, there

      1. Thousands of feet of water-deposited sedimentary
      rock layers covering most of the planet
      2. Evidence that many creatures have become suddenly
      extinct from the event
      3. Buried remains of all manner of life forms found
      mixed up in the sedimentary layers
      4. The discovery of human remains (artefacts,
      footprints and skeletons) at many different
      depths in the Flood-produced coal and rocks.

      And this is precisely what IS found!

      If a Great Flood buried all life in one enormous
      disaster (and some later smaller disasters), THEN THE

      Most stratified rock is the result of debris laid down
      by water during catastrophe.

      Contrary to what we’ve been told, none of this strata
      is conclusively proved to be millions of years old.

      Most of these earth layers were not deposited slowly,
      over ages. Most of the strata was laid down, along with
      human remains, during the Great Flood.

      I said, most. Some remains which have been attributed
      to the Great Flood, are, rather, evidence of significant
      but lesser catastrophes since the Flood.

      You’d better start getting used to the idea. There is
      overwhelming evidence that men and women, coal,
      trilobites and what have you, were deposited by some
      tremendous catastrophe - together.

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      Warm regards,
      Jonathan Gray
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