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Fwd: [RealUFOs] Anthony Sanchez : Dulce & Project Leonid - Audio Interview

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      Subj: [RealUFOs] Anthony Sanchez : Dulce & Project Leonid - Audio Interview


      Anthony Sanchez : Dulce & Project Leonid - Audio Interview

      LEONID... this groundbreaking interview covers Anthony's investigation on the
      Archuleta Mesa where he contacted a nerve agent that has caused facial paralysis
      and then links to Project Leonid a top secret SKYNET ALA TERMINATOR type
      project where a grid of nano-satellites using AI ... self replicating and
      repairing... are poised for a 2012 landing scenario from a "progenitor" race
      of beings and how the Chinese are being positioned to rule the world...

      This is a groundbreaking audio interview conducted in the middle of the
      night after I received an urgent phone call from Anthony Sanchez, author of
      the book on Dulce and the Greys called UFO Highway. Project Camelot had been
      in touch with Anthony on and off for the past year regarding his current
      areas of research. We had offered to do a video interview with him but up to
      this point he had not arranged for this to happen.

      Tonight, he called me and left an urgent message. I had just returned from
      a trip to India and was awakened in the middle of the night with jet lag.
      I found the message on my phone and immediately texted him back asking if
      it was too late to call him. He then phoned me back and we had the following
      ground breaking conversation about his encountering what according to
      doctors is a nerve agent very likely military grade causing the paralysis of
      his face. He apparently had contacted this nerve agent during recent
      investigations into the Dulce base on the Archuleta Mesa Jicarilla Apache
      Reservation in New Mexico.

      After hearing just the briefest details of his story, I asked whether we
      could record the call for public release and he agreed. This recording is
      unedited except for a section per his request where a reference is made to a
      person who could be put in danger as a result of any mention of his
      involvement. Other than that, this is the entire content of our phone call.

      I am in the process of finding healers who can work with Anthony to rid
      him of the affects of the nerve agent. Anyone with further information on
      these subjects or with healing or medical assistance who can help please go to
      Anthony's website and fill in the contact form. He has stressed that the
      information sent via that contact form goes directly to him and that the
      sender's info is kept private.

      Due to the important cross-correlations with Project Camelot whistleblower
      testimony the information contained in this audio interview is given the
      higher priority in terms of importance.

      NOTE: As mentioned on the audio, due to Anthony's facial paralysis and the
      phone equipment he is using the sound quality is difficult to listen to...
      we apologize in advance and hope to be able to do a video interview in the
      near future.

      Kerry Cassidy
      Project Camelot
      November 4, 2011, 2:50AM

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