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    Subj: Fwd: [RealUFOs] 2012 EARTH TIMELINES AND THE SECRET MARS AGENDA It makes absolute sense to me! Now, what do YOU think?
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      It makes absolute sense to me! Now, what do YOU think?

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      My recruitment into a classified project involving Time & Quantum Access
      Technologies, And Gaia’s urgent call for Disclosure
      By Ki-Lia

      * NOTE: This a section for beginners to global conspiracy knowledge. For
      those who are already informed, you can skip to the core Mars Colony
      recruitment story _here below._ (http://www.voices

      Like many who are awakening in these End Times or Shift of Ages, I know I
      am a spiritual being having a temporary human experience. The challenges
      are rough, yet what’s on the other side is beyond imaginable.
      Always unfathomable to me is how very little our current reality is based
      on true wisdom, compassion and the laws of nature. How much longer are we
      going to endure the lies of society… from media, politics, religion, money,
      science... to the lies within all of us as human individuals? How much
      longer are we going to let our planet devolve? Be overrun by the elite game
      players of war, famine, disease and negativity? How much longer are
      truth-tellers, dissidents and revolutionaries going to be ridiculed, shut down,
      silenced or even killed?
      * * *
      What if after dozens to hundreds to thousands of years of the cover-up of
      our real star origins and neighbors, the truth comes out and the world
      finally knows that we are not alone in the universe?
      How could the truth of this magnitude be kept hidden for so long? How and
      when could mass Disclosure happen? How will the world change? How can we
      Disclosure has been a major 'meme' accelerating in the alternative media.
      It is the tangible form of the ‘Ascension’ or consciousness movement –
      this expansion beyond our physical form and the returning to our true eternal
      selves as originating from the stars.
      Disclosure involves a highly complex set of topics: exopolitics, UFO
      sightings & crashes, ET contact, free energy & quantum travels, alternative
      medicine, metaphysics, psychic abilities, secret societies & Global Elite NWO
      agendas, Mayan Calendar & 2012 prophecies, Atlantis & ancient
      civilizations, return of Divine Feminine & Sacred Union, common origin myths of world
      religions, geomagnetic & solar system changes, sacred geometry, the endless
      rabbit hole, etc...
      * * *
      I used to read books on conspiracies (like David Icke’s Biggest Secret)
      that were very fascinating and resonating to me about what was going on at
      this crazy planet in all its multi-layers. However, I didn’t fully grasp how
      deep the rabbit hole was or how I could ever possibly be related to a
      global conspiracy until I encountered this Mars colony project that I will be
      describing later here. Despite being naive to how evil deliberately deceives
      and manipulates, I always was trying to unlock what was happening. I knew
      I was being led into something full of treachery, yet I remained conscious
      and alert.
      For those just entering these topics, be excited, discerning and
      forewarned. For quite some time, these things have been ridiculed and suppressed as
      the fringe, loony and out-there by fierce, unethical government-sanctioned
      operations (i.e., _1950's CIA Robertson Panel_
      (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robertson_Panel) ). A disinformation campaign is a cleverly packaged
      message alternating between phrases of truths and lies, which leaves the
      receiver confused, disoriented or indifferent.
      Many times however, the ET/UFO disinformation operation is so embedded
      into a culture (in mainstream as well as alternative media) that it becomes
      part of the esoteric truth canon, and it’s hard to tell fact from fiction,
      except for the genuine and investigative seer. These fields of study have
      been corrupted and distorted so much that the gems of absolute truth are few
      and far between.
      In a higher perspective, if these mass institutional lies are still
      happening, then we as a collective society is still playing the patriarchal,
      divisive game of abuser and victim. External forces are only responding to a
      polarity within us. When we activate the forgotten Goddess out of her long
      silence or oppression, then her harmony will balance the etheric realms and
      in turn a physical tipping point or critical mass that will trigger
      Disclosure – this revealing of the shadows of the planet and catapulting us into
      * * *
      How can we navigate and sift through this rapid influx of information
      coming from all over the place, especially this World Wide Web? How do we
      reconcile all the various prophecies about 2012 and beyond, and create and
      prepare for our collective future?
      Famous prophets throughout the ages have warned us about being on a
      timeline of catastrophe. Famous prophets have given us grand visions of a
      timeline of enlightenment and transcendence. Many prophets, notso famous, have
      been also apathetic and cynical about any change happening.
      Anybody who claims to know all the answers is false. Anybody who claims
      they are the only one able to save humanity is false. It’s a collective
      effort, and no one in a human body knows everything. Trusted leaders will make
      their mark, but each person has her/his unique and precious role.
      Some of the popular prophets can be seen as time travelers who are
      accessing different timelines when the things they are predicting for this current
      timeline have already occurred. When their prediction is made here in this
      timeline, the vibration of the words and message cause a ripple in the
      matrix or ‘Butterfly Effect’ that inevitably changes things.
      Scientists who make theories and predictions based purely on 3D empirical
      evidence without factoring in their interfacing consciousness, or the ‘
      observer effect’ in quantum physics, are missing a whole lot of truth. While
      the hard data might be accurate, a forecast about the future would be faulty
      without the consideration of the power of people’s consciousness and
      intent to alter events.
      * * *
      The awakened collective and Mother Earth Gaia are orchestrating this
      shift. She is the voice of true change, compassion, divine justice and
      forgiveness. When we speak with her guidance and voice, we will dissolve the
      masculine dominance that has been happening in the past few thousand years and
      create a sacred marriage in the universal matrix of reality. Out of this
      union, the divine child is born. We all will be reborn.


      This is a glimpse into a personal experience of how a few years ago I,
      Ki-Lia, got recruited into an extremely dangerous mission to Mars, and my
      strange and profound encounter with secret society agents and their use of time
      and quantum access technologies to manipulate our collective evolution.
      This is a revelation about how government agencies currently have been
      establishing Mars as a survival colony and how the widely-prophesied date of
      2012 has been seen as diverging into two major timelines, either catastrophe
      or transcendence.
      While those not familiar with any of these concepts might find my story
      unbelievable and shocking, my story is organically emerging and being
      normalized in an exopolitical context as established by many courageous new and
      longtime whistleblowers and researchers of classified trillion-dollar Black
      Budget projects. I’m not asking anyone to believe in any particular ideology
      or philosophy, rather I’m sharing my genuine experiences and
      understandings in hopes that others will explore and pursue the truths apart from the
      lies as fed to us from all angles in society.

      I was recruited as an interdisciplinary designer and futurist who has been
      consulting and collaborating with many renowned new paradigm leaders.
      Primarily though, I have been a virtuoso artist in music, design, dance and
      writing, who has exhibited numerous praised works. I am also a
      multidimensional guide who has given hundreds of transformative readings and healings. I
      am also a human with the spectrum of emotions and flaws, who is vulnerable
      to this negative world. With an arts degree from Stanford University, I have
      been developing sacred song-dance rituals and a holographic theater model
      in relative seclusion, but am now publicly emerging to stand with other
      I am critically urging all world leaders and governments to disclose their
      engagement with UFOs and extraterrestrial civilizations and their core
      cover-up of life on Mars. I believe this information is unethically withheld
      beyond ordinary reasons of security. And time is running out for humanity to
      awaken from our slumber.
      We all have a universal right to know and to live prosperously, so I am
      asking all citizens to be educated about our stellar history and destiny, as
      hidden in plain sight throughout all of society. With the keys to unlock
      our highest knowledge and potential, I believe we can build together an
      unprecedented, enlightened civilization.

      I grew up as precocious and ‘psychic’ but didn’t have the metaphysical
      language to express my worldview until my late teens when I was exposed to
      more of the radical culture of my birthplace San Francisco. I knew I was very
      different, like the storied alien who got dropped and abandoned on Earth.
      Unusually fascinated with the intergalactic storylines of Star Wars and
      Star Trek, I had little idea though that they contained variations of the
      truth of the multidimensional tales of our universe. In the rapidly rising
      UFO/ET Disclosure movement, respected whistleblowers consistently state that
      the genre of science fiction was created to hide classified secrets and
      perpetuate disinformation about governments’ engagement with alien species and
      worlds (See interview with whistleblower former Command Sgt. Major Bob Dean,
      (http://projectcamelot.org/lang/en/bob_dean_awake_and_aware_en.html) ).
      I had great visions of the future and/or memories of the ancient past of
      advanced Space Age or Golden Age civilizations, and was driven to build
      holographic temple-theaters for music, dance, art, storytelling and journeying
      into inner and outer cosmos. However, my throat felt suffocated and my body
      was paralyzed, and I felt that nothing I could do or say could ever match
      the perfection of Source or a Force of Nature that I knew so well deep
      within. I could not understand how people were completely out of touch with
      their spirit and were not making every moment dedicated to serving a Utopic
      vision of the future. I gained my degree in the arts from Stanford
      University, as well as several certifications from leading-edge schools. When I was
      in college, my psychic sensitivity was immense, and my womb and entire body
      felt bombarded constantly by global doomsday thoughts. I could barely watch
      the news, as the shock and brutality of war and poverty just devastated my
      entire system.
      Later, through much corroboration, I would realize that I probably
      sensitively was picking up and being directly hit by heavy negative frequencies
      transmitted from underground military labs as revealed by a scientific
      insider (Leuren Moret,
      (http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?noframes;read=148784) ), which would relate to an agenda of a scientist I would later
      encounter in my Mars recruitment. To outsiders, I appeared to have high
      spiritual and physical health, while reputable holistic physicians did confirm
      my longtime, hidden symptoms of PTSD and electromagnetic targeting; and
      trusted psychics would mention my being under heavy etheric attack
      (see more about psychotronic weapons here,_
      (http://www.voicesdancegaia.com/VoicesDanceGaia.com/Gaias_Call/Exopolitics/.html) ).
      What I knew then was that what I was experiencing was the Earth’s wounds
      as my own, and I had to go through the archetypal wheel of human experiences
      to grasp and transform that pain. I would accelerate through a decade long
      series of nonstop tests and trials, including mediating highly unusual
      tragedies and experiencing physical illnesses or emotional crises as
      premonitions before major global events such as 9/11, Iraq War and natural
      disasters. Receiving numerous supernatural signs and omens, such as angelic light,
      flashing stars and UFO sightings, were critical in helping me to understand
      what was happening and the meaning of my path. I acquired great strength in
      recovering quickly and finding the next, greater level of my mission.
      Frantically studying and researching for answers and cures, I was strategizing
      all sorts of multidisciplinary projects based on the ‘Gaia’ theory and our
      vital spiritual, ecological and societal interconnections – also called
      the Universal God/dess blueprint (Isis, Venus, Shakti and her thousand
      names), not the cliché glamour or New Age goddess, but the ancient and timeless
      Mother force, unified with the Father force, to govern the elements, cosmic
      spheres and all life cycles through unconditional love and wisdom. With
      huge ambitions, I was urgent to find others who wanted to end global tyranny
      and to remember and rebuild ultimate Paradise on Earth.
      Many missing puzzle pieces of my journey began to fall actually into place
      in my late 20’s, when I encountered something extremely dangerous
      concerning a Mars colony, global security, the fate of the human race and the
      famous date of 2012 – a potent marker embedded in my spiritual DNA and the basis
      of my ongoing interdisciplinary research.
      My account here of my experience with this Black Ops project is based on
      years of meditation, various spiritual practices and attunement to my ‘
      Higher Self.’ It’s not derived from any sort of implanted memories or
      hallucinations. No one has ever doubted my integrity, however if anyone in the
      future does, I stand strong to my truth, and many people in my life stand
      witness to me. As a creed in whistleblower lands, the best and safest place to
      hide is out in the open, and so I am choosing to come forward. Also, I have
      nothing more to lose. And everything to gain in helping humanity grow.

      This is the part of my path I shared with my friend Laura Magdalene
      Eisenhower (her story here,
      (http://sites.google.com/site/lauramagdalene/home/2012-and-the-ancient-game) ), who is an incredible healer, guide and creative
      soul. Right after 9/11 and in the midst of much global turmoil, we
      synchronistically met at a psychic program, where we were recognized for our
      charismatic presence and accurate skills. Encountering her vibrant and free-loving
      spirit and seeing her symbol-weaving ancient story in her tattoos and
      talismans, I felt an instant recognition. Realizing we had been experiencing
      parallel traumas, since childhood and in the program, we also left the place
      at the same time.
      Several years of friendship later, in the spring of 2006 in Washington DC,
      I met her and her new romantic partner, who I will call Agent X. He
      claimed to know himself archetypally as Joseph of Arimathea/Osiris/Orion and
      affiliated with different, interlinked secret societies, e.g. Knights Templar
      and Freemasons. He and Laura quickly formed an intimate relationship, and I
      helped conduct a ‘Divine Union’ rites of passage for them.
      Agent X revealed that his group had identified her through her bloodline,
      as the matrilineal great-granddaughter of 34th U.S. President Eisenhower
      (and the Allied Commander who defeated Hitler). As well, they knew her as a
      unique reincarnation of Magdalene/Sophia/Isis (ever since she was young,
      many psychics have recognized her). He also said his group was interested in
      her twin sons, who they knew as Romulus and Remus (founders of Rome) and the
      hero twin archetypes in the Mayan prophecy.
      They had a list of male partners, who she could be with in possible
      timelines, and he was one of them. They targeted her (especially her heart) and
      these men through electromagnetic or psychic weaponry, and indeed many men
      tried to destroy her throughout her life. Agent X admitted that he (as well
      as his parents) was implanted with a chip and had a multiple personality
      disorder, which involves very sudden robotic and abusive behaviors. This is
      the typical profile of someone who was subjected to well-documented MK-ULTRA
      experiments and multi-generational occult ritual abuse
      (_http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKULTRA_ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKULTRA)
      While Agent X didn’t reveal what he knew about me or how I could have been
      identified in various timelines, Laura herself has confirmed to me my own
      inner knowledge of my very few incarnations. Like her, I’ve met also a
      series of men who were variously Nazi manipulated and ET abused since childhood
      and who created very uneasy environments for me. Their data about Laura
      and her partners were seemingly gathered through a time viewing device (which
      they had called ‘Looking Glass’
      (_http://projectcamelot.org/project_looking_glass.html_ (http://projectcamelot.org/project_looking_glass.html) ) or ‘
      Orion’s Cube’ (_http://projectcamelot.org/livermore_physicist_3.html_
      (http://projectcamelot.org/livermore_physicist_3.html) ) or possibly through
      remote viewing or even time travel – all part of their cadre of top classified
      technologies (already disclosed in increasing black projects literature).
      Credible whistleblowers have proposed too that I could be a ‘person of
      interest.’ This includes lawyer Andrew D. Basiago who was recruited into DARPA’
      s Project Pegasus in the 1960’s-70’s to teleport to Mars based on Tesla
      technologies, and who also attests to the use of time devices known as ‘
      Chronovisors’ in order to collect data about future leaders, as well as able to
      track past lives (_http://www.projectpegasus.net_
      (http://www.projectpegasus.net/) , _http://www.projectmars.net_ (http://www.projectmars.net/) ).
      Also, another insider, time scientist and ex-Air Force employee David Lewis
      Anderson, recently has resurfaced in public to confirm the experiments of
      time travel and Project Pegasus activities, and how the misuse of time
      technologies is an issue that can’t be at all underestimated
      (_http://www.andersoninstitute.com_ (http://www.andersoninstitute.com/) , 1-31-10 Coast to Coast
      AM show – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfadlydENH4).

      Meeting Agent X for the first time, he gave me much confidential and
      startling intel about what he and his group knew:
      • How the military was monitoring numerous ET races (around the ‘57’
      number that Sgt. Clifford Stone famously testifies,
      (http://projectcamelot.org/lang/en/clifford_stone_interview_transcript_en.html) ) and the reality
      of the much speculated 1954 treaty system between Eisenhower and ETs
      l) ).

      • The dramatic energetic changes in the solar system and galaxy (I later
      researched Richard Hoagland and David Wilcock’s credible analysis on
      interplanetary climate change,
      oking-gunq) and on solar cycle 24 & coronal mass ejections,
      _http://www.johnjayharper.com_ (http://www.johnjayharper.com/) and global cataclysmic
      consequences, _http://halfpasthuman.com/RadioSpecial.html_
      (http://halfpasthuman.com/RadioSpecial.html) ).

      • How a distinct threshold of white light (or blankness for the
      unimaginative) occurs in 2012, as seen through Looking Glass (a couple of years
      later, Wilcock releases a video about this,
      (http://divinecosmos.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=374&Itemid=70) ).

      • The revolutionary leaps happening on the photonic or quantum level
      (similar to Wilcock’s analysis,
      (http://divinecosmos.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=332&Itemid=30) ).

      • How the government eschatologically was aware of the role of key ancient
      Egyptian archetypes/reincarnations, the Great Pyramid and astrological
      alignments (see the corroborating work of researchers Robert Bauval,
      _http://www.robertbauval.co.uk_ (http://www.robertbauval.co.uk/) and Graham
      Hancock, _http://www.grahamhancock.com_ (http://www.grahamhancock.com/) ).
      In the context of these profound shifts in the universe, Agent X discussed
      his brilliant vision for a new space initiative – an awe-inspiring plan to
      explore the next frontiers of space in service to mankind’s unity and
      consciousness expansion. His plan included: 1) a colonization mission to Mars
      or Moon as a commercial-government-academic partnership, and 2) a separate,
      firewalled academy to train new explorers in multidimensional living and
      prepare the public for First Contact with ETs. He designated me as the main
      fundraiser for the space initiative as well as the head of his proposed
      academy. He intuitively saw that I was destined to do this and greatly
      encouraged my initiative.
      This vision to terraform Mars and develop a 21st century Starfleet Academy
      activated my childhood sparks to venture through space. Though to be given
      an opportunity to help colonize off-worlds was something I would never
      have thought of in a million years. Having never shied away from an adventure,
      I dove right in and started adapting my lifelong temple-theater vision.
      In congruence, I also just had started working with a futures nonprofit
      thinktank on another quixotic plan – a world-class ecocity project that could
      exemplify, foster and network emerging sustainable hubs around the planet,
      which are urgently necessary to resettle rapid, mass migrant populations.
      Moreover, in my typical overcommitting style, while I was formally
      consulting for small leadership trainings and web start-ups, I was developing a
      venture philanthropy model that could fund many landmark projects with my
      collaborators, who were all leading pioneers in sustainable building,
      integrative health, virtual entertainment and telecommunications. We all had great
      individual drive and pragmatic solutions to help mankind, yet what we needed
      was a solid, cooperative and financially rewarding infrastructure, which
      is what Agent X was looking for as well.
      My science and business background wasn’t extensive, but as a quick
      multidimensional learner, I could immediately spot key alliances and best of
      breed technologies. I had made links to significantly wealthy people for my
      various ventures, but I continuously questioned why the heck with all their
      connections would they want me involved. Well, Agent X recognized my
      leadership and visionary skills, and wanted funds coming through his intimate
      allies, in order for him to achieve some equal footing with his senior advisors.

      Agent X assembled a core team involving a recognized chief scientist and
      proposed a board of directors involving the most renowned futurists,
      astronauts and space entrepreneurs, who were all affiliated or already working
      with his circle. He also was conversing with a state senator and suggesting
      that the Air Force could be shuffling tens of thousands for this project.
      Under high confidentiality, I would receive many project emails and occasional
      phone updates about team meetings and business plans. They discussed the
      rush toward commercialization and privatization, the Space Race with other
      major nations and the Disclosure playbook involving many secret societies.
      I was sent for review many scientific documents about the key technology
      components: propellantless propulsion or faster-than-light warp drive,
      plasma ion fusion and ultraconductors. As well as regarding: vehicle design,
      land, air and aquatic robotic rovers, artificial intelligence, advanced
      communications and knowledge transfer, architectural compositions and other
      capacities to terraform and replenish life on Mars. I also was asked to look
      into other aerospace academies, virtual reality, psychotronic weapons,
      invisible shielding and a whole spectrum of exotic, quantum access technologies.
      Needless to say, the information influx and research potentials completely
      overwhelmed the bejeezus out of me. It was both my sci-fi dream and
      nightmare coming into reality. At the time, I was not well-versed with the hidden
      space program as publicly leaked by several whistleblowers in alternative
      media. From a psychic view, I knew the existence of ETs and intergalactic
      travel, but I didn’t understand what the government was doing in classified
      Black Budget projects. So throughout my experience, I was trying to grasp
      the legitimacy of this recruitment, as well as the reality of the
      mind-boggling complexity of scientific, political and cultural aspects this project
      For 6 months, in the swirl of my other projects, I was envisioning all
      intersecting project possibilities, researching, strategizing, designing and
      locating allies. In constant fear of asking for more information, I kept
      questioning what was being hidden and what was being made visible to me, and
      Throughout my work, I questioned whether this plan was either:
      • A Cover Project – It could have been a way to distract the public from
      the military’s ‘real’ activities, i.e., their already existing spacefleet
      and colony on Mars. Agent X did reveal that one of his adjacent energy
      companies was acting as a ‘cover.’ (Several whistleblowers have been emerging
      in recent years to testify about having visited Mars,
      (http://www.2012goddesscosmos.com/Gaias_Call/Exopolitics/4_MarsColony.html) . Famous computer
      hacker Gary McKinnon is facing possible US extradition for discovering secret
      off-planet travel documents in Pentagon databases,
      _http://projectcamelot.org/gary_mckinnon.html_ (http://projectcamelot.org/gary_mckinnon.html) ,
      _http://freegary.org.uk_ (http://freegary.org.uk/) ).
      Agent X could have been teleporting to Mars already using remote viewing
      methods (as exopolitician Alfred Webre describes http://peaceinspace.net),
      or through ‘stargates’ – aka wormholes that enable a travel shortcut
      between two points in vast space or time. As well, stargate is a lost soul
      technology of ancient Egyptian, Sumerian and Holy Grail symbolism (see
      mythologist William Henry’s analysis of the Illuminati and Stargates,
      _http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuy2aHt594c&_ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuy2aHt594c&)
      ). Agent X never mentioned using the publicly leaked ‘Jumproom’
      teleportation method (like an elevator,
      (http://projectcamelot.org/lang/en/david_wilcock_jumproom_to_mars_transcript_en.html) ), but he very well could
      have been.
      • A Real Project – Along with their zero point physics, remote viewing
      and stargate travel capacities, they could have been actually set on building
      new spacecraft that could transport large cargo for the terraforming of
      Mars, that is, the expansion of the current colony. Insiders testify that
      travel through artificial stargates was allowed only for humans carrying no
      metal components (see whistleblower site _http://projectcamelot.org_
      (http://projectcamelot.org/henry_deacon.html) ).
      The project also could have been a distorted version of NASA’s public
      Ares/Orion Mars mission
      (_http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/constellation/main/index.html_ (http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/constellation/main/index.html)
      ) and affiliated with other private agendas (see here
      (http://www.2012goddesscosmos.com/Gaias_Call/Exopolitics/7_SpaceRace.html) ). It could have been a
      back-up plan for a scenario if Earth gets destroyed by an asteroid,
      nuclear war, solar flares or numerous other factors. I suspected that Agent X was
      intersecting with a wide variety of factions – some that seemed benevolent
      but most were mixed and very dark.
      So basically this appeared to be a very big convoluted and manipulative

      Underlying this space project was a massive amount of terror, survival and
      manipulation, and the urgent need to escape deliberately planned (through
      wars and a global depopulation agenda) or foreseen cataclysms (through
      Looking Glass) in 2012. Agent X was convinced that Armageddon was taking place
      with World War 3/4 in the horizon, and there was nothing anybody could do
      about it. He told us we were part of the select few who would escape on
      ships called ‘Sophia’ and ‘Merlin,’ and we would seed a new civilization on
      Mars (whereby the Moon was the initial publicized goal). We realized that
      they wanted to control the transformative effect of Isis (Laura as
      Magdalene-Isis aspect and I, Quan Yin-Isis), Osiris and the Holy Grail power (i.e.
      royal, divinely pure or non-reptilian bloodline) (see William Henry's
      research _http://www.williamhenry.net/store.html)_
      (http://www.williamhenry.net/store.html) , and escalate their dominance on and off planet. Their plans
      later would become mainstream propaganda as revealed in Hollywood’s ‘2012’
      movie and its marketing site, which even describes a survival lottery and
      various escape havens
      (_http://www.instituteforhumancontinuity.org/#/initiatives_ (http://www.instituteforhumancontinuity.org/#/initiatives) ).
      Since my early 20’s, I intuitively knew about the 2012 period as a quantum
      leap to a new world for everyone and for me personally, and read books
      about it. So when Agent X talked about how this mission was tied to this date,
      a huge concrete puzzle piece landed. My entire life experiences were
      preparing me for this scenario. This group of men I was involved with was
      incredibly veiled and had a lot of misused power, and I knew I had to climb their
      hierarchal ladder and try to steer the project away from any doom and
      quickly toward building Paradise for everybody on Earth, Mars, wherever and
      anywhere in the cosmos.
      Meanwhile, Laura had been reluctantly preparing to be the main
      multidimensional teacher of the proposed academy, and courageously was refusing to go
      along with Agent X’s belief of a negative global outcome and being taken to
      Mars. She was fighting for her strong belief in how we could regenerate
      life fully on Earth. While we were on oppositie coasts, I was there to hear
      about a disturbing series of events involving Agent X’s erratic and paranoid
      mind controlled behaviors, especially after his meetings with his team. I
      would give her psychic readings about the situation, such as telling her
      phrases that Agent X was programmed deliberately to repeat, and she would
      confirm my accuracies. One time in our phone conversations, I suddenly became
      frightened about our line being tapped, and about half an hour later, Agent
      X notified that he was circling her block because agents indeed were
      spying. My intuitions have always alerted me to danger, and so I feel very
      protected. While I have felt internal chasms, I have never been afraid of being
      externally threatened, and for better or worse, I don’t really take that
      many precautions.

      By Winter 2006, after much personal doubt about my involvement in the
      project and endless external challenges, as well as seeing the danger involved
      (including Agent X discovering a murdered body), I naturally transitioned
      out of my role, and Laura and Agent X’s relationship ended as well. I
      discovered later that the project went public and entered the Google Lunar X
      Prize competition, while the underlying premise of possible 2012 catastrophes
      and a populated Mars still remaining hidden.
      As of December 2009, Agent X is still publicly mentioning his research and
      development. Protection of Agent X’s identity is necessary because he is a
      victim of brutal mind control who needs great healing and transformation.
      After leaving the situation, I realized that there was no way they could
      fulfill their dubious plans successfully. They were not supposed to lose the
      game in their minds, but they were not going to give up easily. We thought
      of the various schemes they could conceive to gain control through
      timeline access, cloning and their whole bag of crazy, misused technologies.
      However, the main battle for Laura and I was over. Later, I came across a
      prominent whistleblower (who since has been heavily compromised and hence being
      publicly discredited) and his 2007 account of how the timeline has shifted
      into the positive one, as seen through Looking Glass
      (_http://projectcamelot.org/2009.html_ (http://projectcamelot.org/2009.html) ). This resonated


      Again, my story may sound way far out in space somewhere for those newly
      encountering conspiracy facts (not just theories), but I ask that everyone
      do their own research on all my discussed topics for yourselves. I hope my
      personal recruitment will make more sense later to those who become better
      informed. I myself am on a continuing quest for more answers to my past and
      our macrocosmic puzzle.
      * * *
      To read more about my insights to the Ancient Mars game, please see here: _
      For corroborating evidence, research and resources, please see here:
      (http://www.2012goddesscosmos.com/Guide/4_GlobalETAffairs.html#ancientmars) _/Gaias_Call/supporting-quotes_
      To learn more about 2012 and ways to empower yourself and your community,
      please see here: _

      Now in the beginning of 2010, having regained my voice and livelihood that
      has been hyperdimensionally suppressed since young (through cutting-edge,
      holistic voice analysis methods, my vocal harmonics have been analyzed as
      being capable of reaching the collective subconscious)… and having seen
      enough strong if not irrefutable corroborating evidence and testimony that fill
      in the gaps of our recruitment experience, I am asking that serious
      investigations be made into the real agenda and cover-up –– of the currently
      existing Mars colony as a survival plan for a planned or foreseen disastrous
      2012 Earth timeline.
      I truly want to see the END of the era of secrecy and the critical release
      of quantum leap solutions and technologies for the benefit of all.
      * * *
      There are simply no more excuses for apathy, resistance, fear, ridicule,
      ignorance or dismissal… and follow status quo, i.e., the perpetuated,
      embedded lies of mainstream media and society. The amount of ethical and
      independent news articles, shows and forums is rising daily to reveal the shadow
      players hiding truths from the populace. The path toward truth is difficult
      indeed – in separating the Truth from planted disinformation (in both
      mainstream AND alternative media), or simple misinformation (such as lack of
      compassionate insight), but it is the ONLY path to take. The trick is to
      develop the art of discernment and a relationship with your Higher Self – to
      determine what resonates to your entire mind, body, heart and soul.
      * * *
      I am incredibly grateful for all the brave individuals who have stepped
      forward with their truth and facing seemingly insurmountable challenges. As
      we continue toward 2012, in this ‘time acceleration matrix’ of the Mayan
      Calendar (See researchers Barbara Hand Clow,
      _http://www.handclow2012.com/mayancode.htm_ (http://www.handclow2012.com/mayancode.htm) and Carl Johan
      Calleman, _http://tinyurl.com/ExopoliticsCallemanPredictions_
      (http://tinyurl.com/ExopoliticsCallemanPredictions) ), I/We ask all those who have been a
      victim of Black Ops or time viewing and quantum access activities and all those
      on a global healing mission at no matter stage –– to gather, find answers
      and implement solutions together.
      We must come together and stand for all the children of Mother Gaia, those
      without voices, women and men, young and elderly, disenfranchised and
      without adequate food or technology, animals and trees – for all who want a
      world filled with everlasting peace, wellness and prosperity.
      As a citizen of the United States, I/We urgently ask President Barack
      Obama to foster his pledge to Open Government policy and truly stand for the
      best interests of the people of our nation. I/We ask that he live up to his
      Nobel Peace Prize and stand for the entire global family. So, I/We call for
      open congressional hearings and scrupulous investigations into the
      trillion-dollar Black Budget and Operations. In deep forgiveness, I would be there
      to testify as a witness.
      I/We demand the hidden controllers of our planet to emerge from their
      shadows. Those who have been destroying the planet through war, earth
      disasters, famine, pandemics, pollution, media lies, mind control, subversion of
      divine female/male and beyond. They will be put on trial not for retribution
      but for re-integration into society and under amnesty as long as they stop
      with their evil plans for the human race. The cycle of violence MUST end,
      and compassionate and restorative justice will prevail.
      I/We call every single person of every age, race, faith and background to
      stand up for the Truth... of our loving and laughing eternal soul nature.
      Our internal reunion with the Divine Feminine and Masculine. Our power of
      consciousness to heal, travel and manifest instantaneously. And our
      magnificent galactic heritage and destiny. We must rebuild our civilization and
      restore our lost Paradise, Atlantis, Shambhala, Eden or Heaven on Earth.
      Every feeling, thought and act right now can change things immeasurably...
      Please never underestimate your power. We each can make the Age of Peace
      and Enlightenment happen in this timeless moment.
      We are mere reflections of the infinite cosmic soul. Incredibly crazy,
      ridiculous, enlightened and ever joyous... through it all... We are all One.
      We are ALL in this together.

      Eternal Love and Wisdom to All,

      Join the Truth Campaign and Find Community:
      For further revelations, education, discussions, gatherings and ways to
      forward various Truth Campaigns with many allies, you can join our free
      Ascending Earth 2012 Facebook group here: _
      As well, to learn more or to contact me, you can join my individual
      Facebook page here:
      _http://www.facebook.com/pages/2012-Paradise-on-Earth/287137042608_ (http://www.facebook.com/pages/2012-Paradise-on-Earth/287137042608)

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