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Fw: Not-to-be-missed upcoming radio shows on MUFON starting tonight July 10

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  • B. Becker
    From: Elaine Douglass Subject: Attention All-MUFON ! Not-to-be-missed upcoming radio shows on MUFON starting tonight July 10 Date:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2011
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      From: Elaine Douglass <edouglass@...>
      Subject: Attention All-MUFON ! Not-to-be-missed upcoming radio shows on MUFON starting tonight July 10
      Date: Sunday, July 10, 2011, 10:07 PM

      Important Radio Shows this Week!
      Former MUFON Star Team manager Chase Kloetzke reveals why she resigned= Jerry Pippin, disillusioned with MUFON, intends to get to the bottom of the MUFON controversy= Elaine Douglass says MUFON Members have a right to vote for their leaders= Committee to Reform MUFON announces new website and New Internet Discussion Board
      It all starts Sunday night, July 10th
      Don’t miss any part of this information-packed week on the radio!

      The Jerry Pippin Shows:
      Renown broadcaster Jerry Pippin says he is determined to get to the bottom of the MUFON controversy.
       Jerry announces a week of investigative shows starting July 10th and running all of next week!
      He’s calling it:  “MUFON UNDER SIEGE”
      “What in the world is going on with MUFON, the world's largest UFO reporting network?” asks Jerry Pippin. State Directors being replaced, Star Team managers coming and going, a committee of disenchanted members say they want to be able to vote for the Board of Directors. Are the Members of MUFON  really members or are they, as MUFON Director Clifford Clift likes to say, only ‘subscribers’? Rumors of major shake ups coming in the organization and the annual gathering of MUFON members in Irvine , California at the end of month set the scene for this series of programs on the Jerry Pippin Show.
      Chase Klotezke reveals why she resigned – Sunday July 10th
      Jerry interviews former MUFON Star Team manager Chase Kloetzke.  Chase resigned as Star Team manager in February and no one has known why – until now.  Interview available Sunday at:   http://www.jerrypippin.com/mufon_under_siege.htm%c2%a0.%c2%a0 Listen to the 2-part recorded interview on demand and as an mp3 and windows media file.  This interview will remain posted and can be heard at any time.
      Live interview with MUFON Director Clifford Clift – Monday July 11
      This interview will include listener phone calls, and Jerry will broadcast the interview with Chase as part of this 2-hour program.  Listener call-in number: 941-548-4291.
      7 pm Eastern; 6 pm Central; 5 pm Mountain; 4 pm Pacific
      A second 2-hour interview with Jerry and Cliff can be heard Monday, July 11 (same day) on a different website, the UFO Paranormal Radio Network: 
      8 pm Eastern; 7 pm Central; 6 pm Mountain; 5 pm Pacific
      (Only Jerry understands how he can broadcast two interviews live in overlapping time frames.) The listener call-in number for Paranormal Radio is:  504-273-7379
      Elaine Douglass interviewed – Wednesday July 13th
      Elaine Douglass, one of the organizers of the Committee to Reform MUFON, will be a guest on this 2-hour segment and possibly other guests as well. This interview will include listener calls.  Jerry will also present an overview of the information gathered so far in the series. This show will be on:  www.pararocktv.com
      6 pm Eastern; 5 pm Central; 5 pm Mountain; 4 pm Pacific
      Parts of this show will also be heard on Jerry’s UFO News, available Thursday  on demand at www.ufoshows2go.com
      This program will be heard on www.ParaRockTV.com from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time and an updated version will appear shortly afterward as a podcast mp3 and WMA at www.ufoshows2go.com 
      Wrap up to “MUFON Under Siege” – Friday July 15
      There will be a wrap up program to the series currently scheduled to be released by 9 pm Eastern time, and available at:

      The Committee to Reform MUFON’s
      New website:  www.reformmufon.org
      New Internet Discussion Board:
      “The CRM Forum”
      The Committee to Reform MUFON looks forward to discussion on the CRM Forum following any of the radio broadcasts described above.
      You are Invited to participate in the New CRM Forum
      By Morgan Sierra
      CRM Forum Administrator
      The Committee to Reform MUFON is proud to announce a new Internet discussion board.  The CRM Forum can be found at www.reformmufon.org.  As Forum Administrator, I invite each and every MUFON member to come over and take part in the discussions.  We observe the Golden Rule, but there will be no censorship of your views.
      I first got involved with MUFON when I became a member of the old MUFON Forum. Started by James Carrion, the old MUFON Forum was a way to reach potential members and get MUFON's message out. People could discuss a variety of topics, share, do research, and interact in a nice social environment. It was an excellent idea.
      The old MUFON Forum was great
      In 4 years the MUFON Forum attracted close to 10,000 people, many of whom became MUFON members. I was one. I first signed up just to ask a few questions, but I quickly found out that instead of the tin-foil hat wearing fruitcakes I expected to find, there were serious, credible people there who all shared a common interest in UFOs.
      I took part in the MUFON Forum making daily posts, engaging in debates, and sharing knowledge. It was a wonderful Internet community and I was proud and happy to be part of it and MUFON. I was proud to be searching for the truth about Unidentified Flying Objects “for the benefit of humanity.”  It was probably a naive assumption.
      But it was abruptly shut down
      In March of 2010 James Carrion resigned as ID and Clifford Clift took over.  Then, in July, Clift and the Board of Directors canceled the MUFON forum. They just pulled the plug on it. One minute it was there and the next it was gone. There was no warning or notice. They just shut it down leaving hundreds of people upset and confused. At first none of the Forum members had a clue what was going on or why, but it didn't take them long to figure it out.
      Four years of conversations had been erased with the click of a button. Ten thousand members and hundreds of thousands of posts were thrown away without the slightest regard for how people would feel about it. The MUFON management just did not care. With that one decision Clifford Clift and the BoD alienated hundreds, if not thousands of people all over the Internet. Why did they do it?
      It appears to me Clift and the BoD wanted to silence their critics and control what was being said about them publicly and the job that they were doing. Clift and the BoD also seemed to want to control who could take part in the discussions. After Carrion left MUFON he signed up on the Forum and began weighing in on some topics. It must have been irksome for Clift to see his former boss still playing a role in MUFON, especially since Carrion was critical of some of the things Clift was doing. Shutting down the forum was one way to shut Carrion up.
      Then came the MUFON pay-for-it Forum
      Eventually, MUFON opened up a new Forum which was tightly monitored and controlled and had very strict rules. To take part, people had to pay a fee or become a MUFON member. Each post had to be approved by the Forum administrator. Any post that did not meet management's approval was removed. Under this type of totalitarian censorship the second MUFON Forum floundered and finally was terminated due to lack of participation.
      Current MUFON Forum a pale reflection of its former vibrant self
      Now MUFON has created a third Forum. It is the same format as the original, which means they shut the old Forum down and alienated hundreds for nothing.  It was selfish and inconsiderate of the BoD to treat the old Forum members like that, and it was a bad decision for MUFON. The organization lost a lot of members because of it, and the third MUFON Forum is struggling to survive.
      Can we make a difference with the CRM Forum?
      When the Committee to Reform MUFON approached me with the idea to create a new Forum to go with the Committee's new website, I was reluctant. I'm not a political activist. I don't normally try to change governing bodies. I usually take part in something until I no longer feel like being involved, then I leave. I could have done just that when the MUFON Forum shut down and I started to see all the problems in MUFON. I could have said, "To heck with MUFON!" canceled my membership and walked away...but I didn't. Instead, I decided to try to do something about it. That is why I have created the CRM Forum. I want to see if maybe this once I might be able to make a difference.
      Join the New CRM Forum!
      I invite each one of you to come over to the Committee to Reform MUFON's new Forum and take part. If you agree with what the Committee is trying to do, I want to hear about it. If you think Clift and the BoD are doing a fine job, I want to hear about that as well. Only by listening to what the people say will we be able to determine what the people want. The Committee is ready to listen...I don't know if the same can be said about the BoD but it is worth a try.  I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

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