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Fw: [Weekly Newsletter] UFO Digest Newsletter June 30, 2011

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    ... From: Dirk Vander Ploeg Subject: [Weekly Newsletter] UFO Digest Newsletter June 30, 2011 To: broali4xa@yahoo.com Date: Friday,
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      From: Dirk Vander Ploeg <publisher@...>
      Subject: [Weekly Newsletter] UFO Digest Newsletter June 30, 2011
      To: broali4xa@...
      Date: Friday, July 1, 2011, 12:01 PM

      UFO Digest Newsletter June 30, 2011
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      Hi this is Dirk Vander Ploeg and some of you may have noticed I have had a smaller than usual footprint on UFO Digest.com lately. This is because I had a heart attack in May and have returned home only a couple of weeks ago. I would like to thank our editor Robert Morningstar for literally keeping UFO Digest up-to-date and publishing while I recuperated and continue to recuperate. Thanks Robert. I would also like to thank our contributors for their continued support and help. Thanks Dirk.

      Witnesses watch light encircled by cream-colored glow! by Roger Marsh. A Missouri witness is unsure what the bright light was seen crossing the sky that was "encircled by a very large, cream-colored glow," according to June 27, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More...
      High Strangeness Of Creation by Louis Hart. The various religions and spiritual paths of the world each have their own unique way of looking at Creation and how it's set up. For the most part they all keep the explanations pretty simple and basic. That's probably a good thing because these organizations have such a complex structure of rules, dogmas, and laws the people must follow that there isn't much time for the intricacies of God's ways of Creation. More...
      2012, Ancient Astronauts, Quantum Reality and Human Consciousness by Hope Bradford. To comprehend the true meaning of human consciousness, one needs to understand the soul as an eternal voyager in a quantum universe: “this Authentic Self is the part of you that lives before and after this lifetime, that is eternal,” explains Kuan Yin. More...
      Warnings of Those Taken and Other Assorted Details by Chris Holly. I have been writing over the last few years about a group of Real Time Abductees. They are people who were going about their daily life, fully awake ,when they encountered the unknown. Their events were uninvited, unwanted and usual. More...

      Creating the Future by Diane Tessman. After 30 years of chasing UFOs and investigating paranormal events as well as my own personal encounters with “the beyond,” I have reached a few tentative conclusions while admitting that there is a galaxy, indeed, a universe-full of knowledge which I do not possess. In fact, I do not think any human possesses the absolute knowledge of other dimensions, far distant worlds, or the absolute knowledge about the beings who inhabit them. These beings also seem to be flying through our skies and living, sometimes, among us.. More...
      William 'Bill' Cooper: A Manipulated Misinformant of the 90s? by Robert D Morningstar. My association with Milton William "Bill" Cooper goes back to the summer of 1989 when I first met him in West Los Angeles and my interaction with him went on intermittently throughout the mid 90's. The last time I was next to him was when he was in a closed casket at his funeral service in Arizona. It was quite an emotional day for me. More...
      A Plea for UFO-E.T. Cover-up Deathbed Confessions by Larry Bryant. Although he wasn't on his deathbed when he began to blow the whistle on the U. S. government's UFO-E.T. cover-up, retired Army intelligence officer, Jesse Marcel, Sr., did point the way for others to come forward with "deathbed confessions" as to their role in, or knowledge of the cover-up. More...
      Skull and Bones and Extraterrestials by Carolyn Shield. One of the notorious famous clubs at Yale is the Skull and Bones. Many important people in history has belonged to this secret organization. It symbol is a Skull and Crossbones with the number 322. One theory is that the number 322 is for the day it was started 1832 and its participation in the second chapter of the Illuminati. More...
      Massive Boomerang-shaped UFO witnessed in the Cumbrian skies by Pat Regan.. Cumbria in the UK has been a hotspot for many UFO sightings over the years. I have written at length, both in my book ‘UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH’ and on the internet, about this fascinating subject. I have also debated the Cumbrian UFO and Earthquake Axis on many occasions. More...

      When Level Headed People Encounter the Unknown, UFOs and Lost Time by Chris Holly.. I know a man who is a level headed slightly skeptical sort of logical person who has very little interest in UFO's and aliens. This man believes in investigating things considered paranormal but does so with strict guide lines and thought. He is not your jump to conclusions type of guy. More...

      The Lordsburg Door by Hugh Mungus. A chunk of Chupacabra jerky posing as an old man stopped swigging his mezcal and lemonade long enough to watch the pterosaur dive-bomb his front lawn. "Second time, today," the faded fossil mused to himself. The creaky relic cast a discerning eye upon the flying creature that had been extinct 65 million years. More...

      Midnight At the Oasis: Confronting The Unknown In The Desert Wastes by Sean Casteel. The Mojave Desert region of California is a magnet for the strange. In such an inhospitable location, at least for humankind, there nevertheless flourishes a great many UFOs, ghosts and other paranormal manifestations of the unknown that make their presence felt there in no uncertain terms. More...

      Dr WHO ends season with some class by Steven Griffiths. Just so you know where I'm coming from on this I'll digress briefly to present my bona fides. I saw the very first DR WHO way back in 1963 when I was 9 years old. I watched it faithfully through all the incarnations and only really ever took a break when Jon Pertwee was the Dr. We just didn't get on. More...

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