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MUFON San Diego: June 2011 Newsletter

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  • Linda Berry - MUFON San Diego
    MUFON San Diego Newsletter June 2011 Vol.16 No.6 Newsletter Online: MUFON Monthly Newsletter June 2011 Meeting Subject: Cosmic Energy of Our Solar System: A
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      MUFON San Diego Newsletter
      June 2011
      Vol.16 No.6
      Newsletter Online: MUFON Monthly Newsletter

      June 2011 Meeting
      Subject: Cosmic Energy of Our Solar System: A Closer Look at Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto
      Speaker: Linda Berry - Paranormal Researcher, Radio Show Host and International Astrologer
      Date: Sunday, June 19, 2011 at 5:00 (dinner) and 6:00 PM (lecture).
      Meeting donation: $2 per person (minimum). Dinner is optional. Please arrive in time
      for dinner so lecture may start on time. Lecture is complimentary. Note: No Children
      under 12 allowed to attend.
      Location: Banquet Room of Sizzler Restaurant located at 3755 Murphy Canyon Road,
      San Diego. Take I-15 to Aero Drive exit, go west one block and turn right at Murphy
      Canyon Road and right again into parking lot below street.
      Information: For further info on this event please call 619-561-0237 or
      619-507-6395, email contact@...

      June 2011 Lecture:

      About this Lecture: Our speaker discusses the correlation
      between science and metaphysics of current planet positions in our Solar System and the
      cosmic energy affecting us and the Earth. She will take a closer look at the furthest three
      planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. All three of these planets have moved into new Zodiac
      Signs these past couple years with Uranus and Neptune being the most recent and remaining
      in their new respective signs for seven (Uranus in Aries) to fourteen years (Neptune in Pisces).
      Click here for Linda Berry's 2010 MUFON Presentations

      Linda Berry will share insightful information based on 10 years of background and experience
      as anastrologer, coach, trainer, consultant and healer at her Spiritual Discovery Center in La Mesa,
      California. Participants will also learn metaphysical and spiritual techniques for using this new
      planetary energybeing released. Special Note: It may not be widely known but many Ufologists
      including Richard Dolan, Stanton Friedman, Yvonne Smith and others, plus the past founder of
      MUFON International Walt Andrus, Jr. have participated in interviews with people who are experts
      in the field of Metaphysics. It could very well be an important component in the overall UFO mystery!
      Click here for Additional Meeting Information!

      News and Announcements:

      ***Television Show Featuring Linda Berry: Monday, June 20, 2011 at 4pm on the
      "Psychic Experience and Star People" television show. The show topic is "Uranus in Aries
      and Neptune in Pisces" as internationally known astrologer, Linda Berry, discusses the the
      cosmic energy effects of these major planetary bodies in our Solar System. The TV show
      airs on these two cable channels: Cox Cable Channel 23 & Time Warner Cable Channel 18.
      YouTube Video of TV Show, Part #1: http://youtu.be/yBTgDlch6Wg
      YouTube Video of TV Show, Part #2: http://youtu.be/_QKfZODhlYs

      Upcoming Events:

      ***MUFON San Diego August Meeting: A special presentation by CeCe Stevens
      (daughter of late Wendelle Steven's) is planned for the MUFON San Diego August 21st
      meeting. Some of the topics that will be covered in her presentation include: Crystal Skulls,
      famous UFO photos, and information relative to Billy Meier who was the subject of much
      research by Wendelle.
      Click here for Crystal Skull Information
      Click here for UFO Photos Archives
      Click here for CeCe Stevens Information

      ***July 29-31, 2011: MUFON Symposium at Irvine CA at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
      The theme is "ET Contact: The Implications for Science and Society." Some 12+
      speakers plus Astronaut Story Musgrave welcome the many MUFON members
      and guests. Also offered at the Symposium is the MUFON Field Investigator Training
      Class (FITC) on Friday, July 29th. This is the first time in ten years that this MUFON
      Symposium is being held in Southern California. Please check MUFON San Diego
      website for details. Click here for Symposium Registration and Information

      MUFON San Diego Assistant Section Director Ed McBride and Section Director Mel Podell
      encourage all MUFON International members and non members interested in the UFO
      subject to attend this meeting in nearby Irvine. Orange County MUFON has spent many
      hours and dollars for planning and executing the program and they deserve our support.
      This is only some 60+ minutes driving time from most San Diego area locations.

      Mel Podell will be attending his 11th International Symposium. Not only will you be meeting
      people of similar interests, establishing friendships, checking out vendor information tables,
      becoming acquainted with the officers of our organization, but there may be other bonuses
      awaiting you. Mel Podell's background and experience with the Symposium includes giving a
      workshop presentation on a recording magnetometer for UFO detection at the Phoenix
      Symposium in the 1970's. He was given a special tour of the Accelerator Lab at the University
      of Michigan during the Lansing Michigan Symposium, he met and became acquainted with a
      UFO Crash Retrieval Researcher who has spent several hundred thousand dollars of his own
      money for research (Scott Ramsey) at the Denver Conference, and he had the opportunity to
      talk privately with a retired Belgium Air force General at the San Jose conference. Lastly - where
      else might you have the opportunity to argue with the late Phil Klass (like Mel did!) outside the
      lecture hall at the Greensboro, North Carolina Conference.

      MUFON International Member Linda Berry (MUFON San Diego Website and Marketing Manager)
      will be a speaker at the Panel Workshop "How Can We Bring ET Technology to Earth?" on
      Sunday, July 31st at the MUFON Symposium. We are proud to have her represent
      us and feel confident of her success during the panel discussion.
      Click here for Symposium Registration and Information

      ***Sunday, August 28, 2011: San Diego UFO Society meeting from 2pm to 5pm.
      San Diego MUFON's own Linda Berry (Paranormal Researcher, Business Owner,
      Radio Show Host) presents her lecture on "Investigating UAE's (Unidentified Alien
      Entities): The Science and Spirituality of UAE's." Linda presented two lectures at
      San Diego MUFON last fall on "Investigating UAE's: Communication and Protection
      from Unknown Inter-Dimensional Beings." Don't miss the opportunity to see her speak
      again on this very fascinating subject.
      Click here for Linda Berry's upcoming San Diego UFO Society Presentationon on UAE's
      Click here for Linda Berry's past MUFON UAE Presentations
      Click here for MUFON San Diego UAE Presentation Press Coverage

      MUFON San Diego Information:
      Website: http://www.mufonsandiego.com
      Email: contact@...
      Phone: 619-507-6395, 619-561-0237, and 760-753-2456
      Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/MUFONsandiego





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