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"Reveal Nothing: A Forensic Investigation of a UFO Abduction"

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  • Kerry Wisner
    Special 10th Anniversary Edition Long Out of Print Now Released in NEW Paperback format and LOW price Reveal Nothing A Forensic Investigation of a UFO
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      Special 10th Anniversary Edition
      Long Out of Print Now Released in NEW Paperback format and LOW price

      Reveal Nothing
      A Forensic Investigation of a UFO Encounter

      "Reveal nothing .. orders .. orders .."

      The year was 1974. Deep in hypnosis John Williams was reliving an
      abduction by a UFO and its occupants, yet unlike so many other
      accounts John's experience was very different. Over and over the
      'order' to 'reveal nothing' blocked him from remembering all but the
      beginning of his encounter. However, in deep hypnotic regression the
      grip of this 'order' loosened. Slowly he began recalling specific
      information about the visitors and their purpose for being here.

      It wasn't until the 1990's that Linda Rakos and forensic hypnotist,
      Kerry Wisner, had an opportunity to listen to the recordings of the
      hypnotic sessions. Recorded long before the wave of highly published
      UFO abductions, this account didn't report the usual 'medical
      examination' and other phenomena frequently described. Rather, under
      hypnosis, minute details about the vehicle, the beings and perhaps
      most importantly the specifics of data given to the witness by the
      visitors came forward.
      When the recordings were made, many of the concepts described were
      unheard of to modern science. Now, more than thirty-five years later,
      scientific discoveries are beginning to confirm many of these as fact!

      Genetic engineering;
      Dark Matter;
      The shifting of the Earth's magnetic poles;
      The origins and evolution of the human race, and more!

      In addition John was told of the aliens long interest in and
      influence on human society, including the placement members of their
      species in positions of power in our world, both in the past and today.

      Supported by a second witness' independent testimony, polygraph
      reports, the testimony of doctors and therapists, as well as
      corroborative evidence and research from a number of scientific
      journals, this work is a compelling look at a phenomena that holds
      enormous implications for humanity.

      "Very suspenseful!" - Betty Hill
      (UFO witness - "The Interrupted Journey")

      About the authors

      Kerry E. Wisner is both a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Forensic
      Investigative Hypnotist. With more than twenty years experience in
      the study and application of hypnosis he has worked with police
      agencies on a number of high profile cases.

      Linda C. Rakos-Wisner has a BA in Information Technology Management.
      Her logical mind and critical thinking have given her a keen interest
      in the search for an answer to the mystery of the UFO phenomena.

      (Wisner/Rakos 2001,2011) illustrated with witness drawings and
      diagrams of sighting area. Only $12.95 (U.S. dollars)

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