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UFOs or HOAXES? 2--28-2011

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  • nathaniel x vance
    UFOs or HOAXES? Feb 28 2011 UFO in Moscow on 23 02 2011 at 22 15 Zeta Explain:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2011
      UFOs or HOAXES? Feb 28 2011
      UFO in Moscow on 23 02 2011 at 22 15
      Zeta Explain: <http://zetatalk.com/ning/26fe2011.htm>
      Silver Streaks in the Sky Likely a Meteor
      Residents from NJ, NY, CT and Pa. report streaks of silver in the sky
      By JOHN NOEL
      "A streak of silver and then a flash with crazy colors." That's how one person on Twitter described the celestial phenomenon seen by thousands of people across five states.
      Around 12:30 p.m. Monday a fireball appeared in the sky over Pennsylvania, traveling east for hundreds of miles.
      OHIO - 2/10/11 - Frostquake? When the ground shook in parts of Western Ohio early Thursday, the Darke County EMA Web site received numerous reports of a possible earthquake. But there were no trace of an earthquake at the Ohio Seismic Center. But it was very cold -- 10 below zero in places -- and, coming on the tenth of February, the sun angle is high enough to begin thawing out the landscape, especially around buildings where ice and snow are melting faster from rooftops and from piles of old snow

      OHIO - We heard a lot this week about a frost quake that rattled parts of the northern Miami Valley. The Darke County Sheriff's Department took a photo of a home damaged during the quake.

      INDIANA - 2/10/11 - Early morning 'boom' may have been frost quake. Many Hoosiers reported hearing a loud boom early Thursday morning. It was so loud in some areas, it woke many people up and even rattled some houses. Experts say the noise was probably something called "frost quakes." It happens when there is a sudden cracking in soil or rock which is caused by the freezing and expanding of water in the ground


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