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  • nathaniel x vance
      Egypt Explodes (From Zeta Space Angel people) Egypt exploded into protests that show no sign of remitting. This came just after the dictator in Tunisia was
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2011
      Egypt Explodes (From Zeta Space Angel people)

      Egypt exploded into protests that show no sign of remitting. This came just after the dictator in Tunisia was chased out of the country by protests. What is going on here, that these countries, long oppressed, are suddenly protesting and insisting on change? Per the Zetas, there is a distinct reason that the times have changed.
      How Revolt Sparked to Life in Tunisia
      January 23, 2011

      On Dec. 17, Mohamed Bouazizi - a young man whose fruit and vegetable cart had been taken by police for lack of a permit - stood in front of the peach-colored wall of the local governor's office, poured gasoline over himself, and struck a match. His self-immolation might have gone unnoticed, or led to a few protests before being crushed by Tunisia's police state. Instead, Mr. Bouazizi's act ignited demonstrations that spread throughout Tunisia's interior, and then to the capital. The government's violent crackdown, broadcast through social media, fueled public anger. Less than a month later, the mass popular uprising forced one of the Arab world's strongest autocrats to his knees. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia, shattering the silence he had imposed on Tunisians for 23 years.
      ZetaTalk Insights 2/5/2011: What has caused the wave of protests in Tunisia and Egypt and what have the attempts to shut down the Internet and media in Egypt taught the establishment about how successful strong arm tactics will be in the future? We have pointed to the rapid transformation of S America to democratic governments, after what seemed like a hopeless lock by autocrats - the brutality of Pinochet in Chile, Peron in Argentina, with corporations even attempting to force the poor to pay for rainwater. A decade later native born presidents are leading in Venezuela, Bolivia, and a liberal president leads Brazil. Corporations are being kicked out, oil proceeds going to the poor, and change has swept the continent. We stated that something similar was happening in Africa. Country by country, Africa is changing, deposing dictators and becoming elected democracies. Strong arm tactics and rigged elections are no longer being tolerated.

      What causes a public to live in grinding poverty and oppression one day, and take the stance that this will no longer be tolerated the next? The wave of change is caused by many factors, but the primary one is a threshold of incarnated souls unwilling to tolerate the status quo, and most often these souls are Star Children. Many immature souls are opting out, wanting to leave their incarnation, and are replaced by the Spirit Guides by the souls of Star Children just itching to make a difference on Earth during its time of Transformation. What is happening in Egypt, sparked by a single young man immolating himself in Tunisia, will spread. Throughout the Arab world, the model is one where a despot rules with an iron fist. They will topple one by one, and similar regimes in Asia and Africa should consider themselves next on the list. The times are changing! The Earth is in a transformation, and not all of this is merely geological!
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