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      Newsletter from Paranormal Palace Radio sent on October 03 2010
      By: Royce Holleman Topic: This Week On Paranormal Palace Radio
      Twilight Of The Gods With Giorgio Tsoukalos


      Show Tuesday October 5th 8:00 PM CST

      Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605

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      Paranormal Palace Radio

      GIORGIO A. TSOUKALOS has often been described as the
      real?life Indiana Jones. As a trailblazer he is changing the way
      the world thinks about the Ancient Astronaut Theory.
      Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is also Erich von Daniken?s official
      representative in the United States and the rest of the Englishspeaking
      world. For over 10 years, Tsoukalos has been the
      Director of Erich von Daniken?s Center for Ancient Astronaut
      Research (A.A.S. R.A. ? Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI
      Research Association). He is also the Publisher of Legendary
      Times Magazine, the world?s only and definitive Ancient Astronaut research journal.
      Tsoukalos has traveled the world extensively (54 countries ...and counting). Today,
      he is one of a few people who have actually visited and explored nearly all the
      mysterious places our planet has to offer. Giorgio has conducted and participated in
      several risky expeditions and adventures to the remote corners of the planet in
      search of the mysterious. In his undying quest to uncover the Truth he has traveled
      hundreds of thousands of miles, seeking out strange archaeological artifacts and
      monuments which will further strengthen his research. Over the years, he has
      gained first?hand access to, photographed and measured ancient artifacts and other
      archaeological relics not currently accessible to the general public.
      Giorgio is fluent in five languages: English, German, French, Italian, and Greek. He
      is also proficient in Spanish. Giorgio grew up in the little town of Laufenburg, near
      Basel, Switzerland, spending the summers in the Greek Islands, and the winters in
      Innsbruck, Austria. He was educated at Institut Montana, an international boarding
      school in the heart of Switzerland near the Alps and has a Bachelor?s degree in
      Sports Information & Communications from Ithaca College, NY.
      Giorgio enjoys a good and relaxed sit?down meal with friends, weight lifting, classic
      jazz standards, classical opera, sailing, going to the beach and the movies, and
      spending time at the new Legendary Times Clubhouse in Southern California with
      A.A.S. R.A. Members visiting from all around the world exchanging adventure
      stories and research. He lives in Oceanside, CA.

      Erich von Däniken

      BORN ON APRIL 14TH, 1935, in Zofingen, Switzerland,
      Erich von Däniken was educated at the College St?Michel
      in Fribourg, where already as a student he occupied his
      time with the study of the ancient holy writings. While
      managing director of a Swiss 5?Star Hotel, he wrote his
      first book, Chariots of the Gods, which was an immediate
      bestseller in the United States, Germany, and later in 38
      other countries.
      In the United States, Erich von Däniken won instant fame
      as a result of the television special ?In Search of Ancient Astronauts,? based upon
      his first book. In 1996, the American TV company ABC/Kane produced a onehour
      special, filmed all over the world, entitled Chariots of the Gods ? The
      Mysteries Continue. In 1996/97 ABC/Kane produced another documentary with
      Erich von Däniken (seen on the Discovery Channel). In Germany, the biggest TV
      network, RTL, showed the film on November 26th, 1996. 7,7 million viewers in
      Germany alone watched the program. Today, Erich von Däniken continues his
      filming with ABC and RTL.
      Erich von Däniken?s books have been translated into 32 languages, and have sold
      63 million copies worldwide. From his books two full?length documentary films
      have been produced: Chariots of the Gods and Messages of the Gods. Of the more
      than 3,000 lectures which Erich von Däniken has given in 25 countries, over 500
      were presented at universities. Fluent in four languages, Erich von Däniken is an
      avid researcher and a compulsive traveller, averaging 100,000 miles each year to
      remote spots of the Earth. This enables him to closely examine the phenomena
      about which he writes.
      Today, Erich von Däniken lives in the small mountain?village of Beatenberg in
      Switzerland (40 miles from Berne, above the city of Interlaken).He has been
      married to Elisabeth Skaja since 1960, with one daughter, Cornelia (born 1963),
      and two grandchildren. Von Däniken is a hobby?chef and a lover of Bordeaux

      Return of Extraterrestrials to the Andes:
      von Däniken Warns of the Mayan Calendar
      “Multi?million?copy best?selling author, Erich von Däniken, thrills his loyal army of
      readers with another hair?raising documentary. You’ll be up all night with this one!”
      San Francisco, CA (August 1, 2010) –– Likely the most widely read and copied non?fiction
      author in the world, Erich von Däniken is the leading expert on extraterrestrials and ancient
      mysteries. Adding to global trepidation about the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012, his latest
      book, Twilight of the Gods: The Mayan Calendar and the Return of the Extraterrestrials, makes
      startling revelations about the ancient, ruined city of Pumapunku, high in the Bolivian Andes.
      He said, “Pumapunku was not built by its Stone Age inhabitants, in fact, there is no
      way it could have been. In years past, I reported on the site as a journalist, but this time, I
      document, with research and photos, what it was that left the first visitors breathless as
      they stood before these mighty stones four centuries ago.”
      In his own riveting style, based on his extensive research and many expeditions, von Däniken
      systematically blows away the erroneous assumptions and prejudices that surround the theory
      that extraterrestrials constructed Pumapunku and lived there.
      The Mayan calendar indicates that the Mayans’ celestial gods will return to earth in December,
      2012. Von Däniken believes they will land at Pumapunku. He said, “The thought that
      extraterrestrials were here thousands of years ago is one that touches on a range of scientific fields, from
      prehistory, archeology, philology (especially linguistics), ethnology, evolution, genetics, philosophy,
      astronomy, astrophysics, exobiology, space travel and of course, theology. Going into greater depth than
      ever before, I prove that the so?called ‘gods’ will come again. We’re in for a shock of major
      History buffs, followers of ancient mysteries and lost civilizations, believers and non?believers
      in ETs––everyone who loves a thrilling story will devour Twilight of the Gods, cover to cover.
      Adding to the spine?tingling facts about the construction of Pumapunku are several dozen of
      the author’s color photographs.

      Page Two/Twilight of the Gods
      About the Author:
      Erich Von Däniken’s lifelong fascination with extraterrestrials and early history first found
      expression in 1968 with the international best?seller Chariots of the Gods. Since then, his 31 books
      have sold more than 63 million copies, with several being made into films. He has also inspired
      and contributed to numerous TV specials, including the History Channel’s smash hit, ?In Search
      of Ancient Astronauts.?
      The charismatic author makes frequent appearances on the international lecture circuit, in
      documentaries and on TV. He is the chairman of the Archaeology, Astronautics & SETI
      Research Association, and a regular contributor to its magazine, Legendary Times.

      The Stone No Soul Left Unturned With Author Brian J Allan


      Show Saturday October 9th 2:00 PM CST

      Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605

      To listen to the show at show time click either of the two links below

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      Paranormal Palace Radio

      The Stone is a movie coming in 2011. The basic story is based upon the battle to overcome our own demons
      Five paranormal investigators arrive at a medieval church. A great hall stands close by, once residence of the mad, bad, Lord Byron. Alister, Craig, Helena, Charlotte and Tony have all come to seek out the mysteries of life after death. They invoke the spirits, but what they find are mirrors into their own souls

      Brian Allan was born in early March 1944, which makes him a Pisces, and he has had an abiding interest in paranormal and occult phenomena in all their varied forms for as long as he can remember. Although he has experienced strange and unusual encounters from a very early age, he had initially confined his interest in the subject to a passive role involving studying the subject via books etc, and it is only in the past twenty five years or so that he actually became involved in a ‘hands on’ basis. During this relatively short period of time he has been privileged to meet some genuinely fascinating and spiritual people and witness at first hand some truly wondrous sights.

      Many people have asked if he has ever encountered anything truly paranormal, like has he ever seen a UFO, or has he ever seen a ghost, the answer to both these questions is yes, he has, and in the case of ghosts more than once. In the course of his investigations, initially with Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI), and latterly with Paranormal Encounters Group (p-e-g) a group which is co-run with his wife, Ann, he has investigated hauntings, poltergeist infestations, possessions, UFO encounters and sightings, claims of alien abduction, in fact the entire spectrum of events that take place across the psychic battlefield, and on occasion it is indeed a battlefield. In almost all of these investigations, what the people involved experienced was, to them at least, absolutely real and in no case did any of them lie about what they encountered, indeed some of them were absolutely terrified and that is understandable. Happily, in almost all of these instances he is delighted to say that at the very least they were able to bring a measure of help and relief to those affected, and fortunately were able to resolve the problems.

      In addition to this, while involved with these cases he has been privileged to work and associate with some of the most talented, sensitive and gifted people it is possible to meet. They are the incredibly sensitive individuals who regularly bridge the narrow divide between the normal and the paranormal; they are the mediums and psychics without whom much of what he has seen and done would not be possible. As a result of these events and encounters he has reached certain conclusions based, not on ideas derived from other people’s accounts but, instead, from hard-won first hand experience.

      It is these experiences that have allowed him to draw some conclusions that do not meet with the approval of, what shall we call them, hard core ‘enthusiasts’, particularly in the field of Ufology, who can see no further than their own, narrow, blinkered paradigm. Indeed it is something of a contradiction to note that, given the very nature of the phenomenon, those who should be the most receptive to different viewpoints are frequently the most narrow minded, dogmatic and defensive. The conclusions he has reached are varied and what follows is not by any means an exhaustive list. he says this because, in his opinion it does not have to be because a powerful common thread joins almost all of the conclusions

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