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When Truth Is Crazy With Author Tommy Hawks Blood (Warning Links)

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    http://www.amazon.com/When-Truth-called-Crazy-Autobiography/dp/1425935559/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1283354838&sr=1-1 Show Saturday September 11th 2:00 PM
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      Show Saturday September 11th 2:00 PM CST

      Call-in Number: (646) 915-9605

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      From a very early age and for many years, Hawksblood was being visited by an angel. Later in life he actually finds out who that angel is. The many sexual attacks in his youth change into sexual harassment later in his life at work. At a very early age he sees his first UFO. He is active in the paranormal world by the time he is sixteen. He works with one of the best mediums of the time and starts doing Hypnosis. He is one of the few people involved with ghost hunting at that time. A year of change causes his whole life to take a new direction. A girl becomes a big part of his life. That is when his search for God starts to become even more important. Leaving the religion that baptized him he finds many others fall short of what he is looking for. That starts his heritage search. He starts studying with Native Elders and a Tibetan Master, studying many different paths and constantly learning. Still his desires are not being filled. Having three near death experiences and working without of the body experience causes him to see into the spiritual world. Then his true journey begins.

      He starts taking pictures of UFOs and traveling around the US Lecturing. During that time he comes face to face with a Bigfoot. He writes his first book Self Portrait Self Prayer. Two years later he releases his second book How To See God. With this latest release, he hopes to shed a little light on the growing pains of searching for truth about love and God and not accept what passes as Truth in this day and age. Finding love isn't all that a relationship is about, what to speak of what people will do to make themselves happy.


      This book recounts Hawksblood's wild life story beginning with a childhood full of abuse and the pains of growing up in the neighborhood. From an early age he is already searching for the ultimate truth, exploring many religions. Abuse seems to follow him through his life. Later he delves into the occult and then falls in love with his first wife; one of the four females in his life. His love of magic turns into a part time profession with a very strange friend. There is always something weird going on in every endeavor that he pursues. The strange sexual stories follow him from childhood through the work place as well as into his married life. Included are anecdotes of working for the phone company. He studies under a Tibetan master and a suicide attempt almost takes his life, but Spirit intervenes. Seeing there is so much truth to be found that one Tibetan master was not enough, his search for Truth increases while studying with many spiritual teachers. He starts filming UFO's and even comes face to face with Bigfoot. He loses everything for one of his millionaire girlfriends. His connection to dolphins draws him to move where he feels he will be working with them. He then almost drowns in Hawaii but again Spirit steps in. Then he finally attains what he is searching for on his path for Truth and God.

      This book will go inside the life of a man who had problem after problem; always seeming to get worse and stranger at the same time. The book is a lifetime unfolding and compelling to anyone searching for truth. It is not what happens but what one does with that knowledge that really matters. Through wisdom one learns to balance one's own understanding with the real world and learn to find a place of comfort that makes everything worthwhile.

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