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      July 17, 2010

      Contact: Janet Sailor
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      Finalists selected for Sir Arthur Film Festival

      ANGEL FIRE, NM --Ten outstanding films have been selected as finalists in five categories at the inaugural Sir Arthur Film Festival, according to event Chairman Paul Davids. The festival, which features films with paranormal themes, is a major element of the 2010 Paranormal Symposium at Angel Fire Resort September 9-12 in Angel Fire, New Mexico. Schedule and activities details are available at www.aspefiles.org.

      "We have a smashing lineup of films," said Davids. "I am thrilled to be the founding chairman of this new film festival, which honors my favorite types of films that are so seldom seen by the general public."

      Davids, who served in 2008 and 2009 as chairman of the EBE Awards Film Festival at the International UFO Conference, is a noted producer, writer and director. He is well known for controversial films which often include paranormal themes, including the 1994 Golden Globe nominee "Roswell." Other Davids films popular with paranormal buffs include "Timothy Leary's Dead," Starry Night," "The Artist and the Shaman," and "The Sci-Fi Boys," which won the Saturn Award as Best DVD of 2006. Davids is currently in production on a feature documentary called "Curtain Calls: The Life After Death Project," and he recently completed a new feature film, "Before We Say Goodbye."

      Regarding the unique festival name, Davids said, "Everyone knows Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who created the character Sherlock Holmes. What many don't know is that Doyle was a spiritualist who attended séances and believed in contact with the Other Side. The festival is named in his honor." Davids continued, "So if what to do with those four days in September is a mystery to you, let Sherlock Holmes be your detective - because he's already solved the case and knows you have to go to Angel Fire and be part of this absolutely incredible film festival and conference. We hope the spirit of Sir Arthur will check in on us and that he'll give us a big smile beneath that thick mustache of his."

      Competition categories include Best Animated Film, Best Historical Film, Best Film Under 60 Minutes, Best Film Over 60 minutes, and Best Anomalous Footage. Finalists selected for screening at the event include:

      Coyote Tales: Mystery's Night
      Producer: Frederick Aragon
      Director: Frederick Aragon
      A short animation which tells the tale of Coyote, who has never been able to make someone love him - and his journey to change that.

      7 Weaks
      Producers: Caroline Thompson and Steve Nicolaides
      Director: Evan York
      An artist finds his mind - the wellspring for all he creates - can no longer be trusted with reality.

      Producer: Rene Barnett
      Director: Bruce Burgess
      What it the greatest story ever told was a lie? Discoveries revealed exclusively in Bloodline are sure to re-ignite the controversy over whether Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and had children.

      The Day Before Disclosure
      Producer: Terje Toftenes
      Director: Terje Toftenes
      A film documenting the growing awareness and the build up to what can potentially be the single
      most important event in human history - the day the UFO and ET presence becomes a world wide accepted reality. This is the story of the witnesses who were laughed at, the researchers and reporters who weren't believed and the governmental and military personnel who were sworn to silence.

      The Portal - The Hessdalen Phenomenon
      Producer: Terje Toftenes
      Director: Terje Toftenes
      For generations, mysterious lights and objects have been observed in the remote valley of Hessdalen, Norway. The phenomenon has been reported as large as a house or as small as a basketball. Both Norwegian and international researchers are involved in trying to reveal the true nature of the phenomenon.

      Utopia on the Rio Grande
      Producer: Robin Riley
      Director: Robin Riley
      In the 19th century a group of spiritual pilgrims were inspired to create an idealistic community in the New Mexico Territory. This is the story of how that colony came into being, flourished, and was absorbed back into the desert wilderness.

      What on Earth? Inside the
      Crop Circle Mystery
      Producer: Suzanne Taylor
      Director: Suzanne Taylor
      Shot in England, this film features "croppies" who've been profoundly touched by the circles.
      It deals with how ascertaining the circles come from elsewhere would help us think as a planet
      which would give us our best chance to solve global problems.

      Producer: Michael Silberman
      Director: Hoku Uchiyama
      Rose is a fictional rural American tale about a little boy's friendship with the ghost of a murdered
      girl who haunts the woods near his house.

      Cosmic Granny
      Producer: Jody McNicholas
      Director: Jody McNicholas
      This is a playful film with a delightful message of inclusivity and fearlessness. Over homemade
      jam our hearts and minds open to the naturalness of our interconnectedness. We are not alone,
      but part of a huge multi-dimensional family that extends way beyond our little planet.

      The Silent Revolution of Truth
      Producers: Michael Horn and Jack Gerlack
      Director: Jack Gerlack
      In 1958, Billy Meier predicted the Iraq Wars, AIDS, global warming and terrorism; and . . . he'd
      already been to the moon. Is it the biggest hoax . . . or the most important story in human history? Now you can decide for yourself! Now, for the first time, you'll see and hear Billy Meier's life story in his own words!


      Images: Paul Davids - provided by Paul Davids)
      Sir Arthur Film Festival logo - provided by Alliance Studying Paranormal Experiences (ASPE)

      Janet Sailor
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