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Last chance to register in advance for UFO conference Aug14-15!

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  • Marge Padgitt
    Midwest UFO Conference August 14-15, 2010 Days Inn Conference Center, Columbia, MO Don t miss this opportunity! Keynote Speaker Travis Walton FIRE IN THE SKY
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2010
      Midwest UFO Conference

      August 14-15, 2010
      Days Inn Conference Center, Columbia, MO
      Don't miss this opportunity!

      Keynote Speaker Travis Walton
      "FIRE IN THE SKY Then and Now: An Update", a wide-ranging, illustrated
      discussion of the incident, the investigation, the making of the movie,
      what's new and much more. The presentations begins with an introductory
      video made up of interviews with the actors, clips from the movie, and
      excerpts from various TV interviews with the real-life participants. It
      concludes with a question and answer period, which always seems to bring
      out some unique takes on things.

      Keynote Speaker Chuck Zukowski
      The 2009-2010 Cattle Mutiliations in Colorado. Chuck is a Principle IC
      Mask Design Engineering Consultant with Zukowski Inc. and has over 25
      years of Mix Signal IC Microchip design. He has an Associates degree, a
      Bachelors degree in Business, and a Certification in Electronic
      Engineering and is also a Sworn Deputy Sheriff for Colorado's El Paso
      County Sheriff's Reserve Unit.


      Debbie Ziegelmeyer: Roswell Then and Now- a chronicle of the 10 year
      on-going Investigation by Debbie Ziegelmeyer and Chuck Zukowski of the
      1947 Crash near Roswell, New Mexico. Debbie is the founder of the
      MUFON Dive Team and State Director of Missouri MUFON. And
      How to Document Your UFO Sighting: At some time in our lives we've all
      seen something or know someone who has seen something that we can't
      explain. Learn how to document your UFO sighting and what mistakes to
      avoid. Also, take a pictorial journey with Chuck Zukowski and Debbie
      Ziegelmeyer as they tell you the story of how they became an
      Investigating team and where it has taken them in the past 10 years.

      Gary Hart: Founding member of MIG and MUFON Field Investigator will talk
      about the Strange Seymour, Missouri Case: Analysis of a video from
      Marley Woods and Seymour MO - the strangest case you have never heard

      Joe Palermo: Joe Palermo has 'walked with the paranormal' all his life.
      Hear about his fascinating experiences- including witnessing his first
      UFO as an infant, and his 1976 sighting of Bigfoot in Creve Coeur Park
      in St. Louis County.

      Linda Eastburn: Certified Hypnotherapist and author of the acclaimed
      book, Riding the Intuitive Wave, Listening to What Your Body Already
      Knows will discuss her professional work with UFO Abductees and what she
      thinks is happening.

      Margie Kay: Nationally-acclaimed clairvoyant and author of "The Ghost
      Hunter's Field Guide" and "Predictions for 2012" will conduct a Remote
      Viewing workshop for attendees, and a lecture on "A Case of High
      Strangeness in Butler, Missouri," which will blow your mind.

      Combined UFO association meeting on Sunday. Find out about the
      Missouri UFO groups here.

      EXTRA! MUFON Field Investigator training on Sunday from 3:30-5:00 PM at
      no charge. MUFON FI ID required.

      Sat 8:00 AM—9:30 PM Sunday 9:00 AM—3:30 PM

      $45 per person for both days, $20 for Travis Walton only

      Register online through August 12 only, after that register at the door

      Register at www.missourimufon.org or call 816-833-1602 Mon-Fri 8-4

      Margie Kay
      Director, QUEST Investigation Group Assistant State Director for
      Missouri MUFON 816-833-1602 Fax 816-461-2818
      www.questig.com <http://www.questig.com/> www.missourimufon.org

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