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  • nathaniel x vance
    Dear Group, I made a mistake in omitting this important Zeta question/response on beloved President Obama per the effects of UFO/ET DISCLOSURE. Please pardon
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 8, 2010
      Dear Group,
      I made a mistake in omitting this important Zeta question/response on beloved President Obama per the effects of UFO/ET DISCLOSURE.
      Please pardon me for the omission.
      1) The Zetas have mentioned that they and the Council were watching the progress of the Obama Admin in regards to disclosure and openness and that depending on the progress in this area more disclosure may be forthcoming. Can the Zetas coment on this?
      1a)Also they had mentioned that in the past other nations would not disclose anything ( PX, Alien Presence, etc...) out of fear of the Bush admin and the US war machine being turned against them. Surly they still do not fear the US now with Obama in charge? Or do they? As with the shoot down of the US Space plane authorized by the Council, does this still show evil intent by those in charge of US policy, whoever they be?
      2)Are we not at an inflection point in consciousness re Earth Changes and the common man looking for answers relative to the strange weather caused by PX now? Everybody I know is talking about it and wondering? Will the "BIG Event" just around the corner tip people's consciousness over into the realm of accepting PX type scenarios as nothing else will them make sense?

      SOZT [Zeta Response]
      Many people have the concept of a president, a Commander in Chief, being able to change the world with a stroke of his pen, a public pronouncement, an order given down the line or whatever. This is so far from the truth as to be almost a joke. Congress writes the laws, any political appointees in the Executive Branch must be approved by lengthy and contentious hearings, and EACH person in the chain of command has their own agenda. The military, in all countries, is famous for having their own opinions on matters and foot dragging or sabotaging any operation with which they are not in agreement. Democracies are thus, in the main, run by CONSENSUS, and this includes getting the buy-in of the citizenry. Now enter Obama, following the Bush footsteps. Bush and Cheney and those who put them into the White House by election fraud in 2000 and 2004 tried to rig the setup so that even if they were not in power, their agendas would succeed. Iraq was a deliberate
      mess, so that the Cheney appointed contractors and generals who had been promoted by Rumsfeld would still be running things there when the pole shift hit. But Obama has managed to untangle that mess and get the US moving out of Iraq. Even Halliburton and Blackwater have fallen on hard times.

      The housing bubble was deliberate, to create the façade that the economy under Bush was perking along, but fortunately the truth of which administration caused this mortgage fraud mess was made evident before the change in administrations. Wall Street crashed in the fall of 2008. Nevertheless, the economy, truly in a second Great Depression, will not recover to provide jobs, and thus there is great worry about doing anything that will make the matter worse. Thus stands Obama, faced with the decision on whether to disclose the alien presence and the pending passage of Planet X or to continue with a cover-up. It should be noted that this decision is NOT his alone to make. Should he attempt to take matters into his own hands, he would likely be another JFK. Consensus must be reached. But as the weather worsens, food stocks are emptied, job losses continue, and homelessness after home forclosure rises, everyone in a position to weigh in on a decision is
      increasingly more and more nervous. Those voting for disclosure, on either the alien presence or the pending passage, are losing out.

      Meanwhile, the population is becoming quietly alarmed. The erratic wobble has the Sun and Moon in places never before seen. Shelves at the grocery stores are staring to show shortages, items missing for long periods, and prices pressing upward. Roads develop cracks and sinkholes, and if not flooding in the home region, deluge and flooding is in the news from around the world. Tempers are short, and the occasional trembling or booming in the ground has everyone on edge. What will break this impasse? This we cannot say, though it will indeed break. We are not allowed to be more specific. We have mentioned that some, on the periphery of the cover-up, will find their courage and try to speak out, perhaps on TV when in front of the cameras. But in that there is always a timed delay, such a transmission is only likely to get the speaker killed with the transmission having sudden technical difficulties. Thus, it is up to nature, and the inevitable signs in the
      skies, to break the impass.
      EOZT [End of ZT]

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