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Oil Spill Epidemic: Signs Of The Latter Day Times

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Dear Group, Here are some more undeniable signs that our planet earth is all of a sudden, indeed becoming increasingly unstable. Have you any clue as to why so
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2010
      Dear Group,
      Here are some more undeniable signs that our planet earth is all of a sudden, indeed becoming increasingly unstable. Have you any clue as to why so many pipelines, oil platforms, roads and train tracks and numerous sinkholes are suddenly breaking or appearing all over the planet?
      Maybe this information below may help you to decide as to what is now causing all this havoc, and be sure without a doubt, that you can rest assured that it will only increase.
      Tuesday, July 27, 2010
      Oil Spill Epidemic
      Why are oil spills suddenly occurring constantly, all over the world? Just this year, the environment has taken an unprecedented beating, from the oil industry alone.

      There's now a leak of an oil pipeline in the Kalamazoo River, Michigan. So far, an estimated 840,000 gallons of oil has gushed into a creek that directly flows into the river.

      Meanwhile, the Chinese oil spill has been contained before it reached international waters, the Chinese government assures us. (Then again, this is the same Chinese government that kills political dissidents, censors the internet, and initially lied about culpability in scandals over poisonous pet food, poisonous milk, contaminated pharamaceuticals, and toxic drywall.)

      The Egyptian government similarly tried to keep the truth quiet about the Geisum oil leak in the Red Sea, and we're still in the dark about what's really been going on over there.

      And in the North Sea last month, an oil leak occurred at the Maersk Resolute drilling platform near Denmark.

      An American oil rig owned by Taylor Energy was discovered to be leaking when a research accidentally noticed it on satellite imagery while seeking images of the nearby BP leak.

      And of course, the BP leak still continues unfixed to this day, with growing concerns about potentially catastrophic damage beneath the sea floor.
      <Michigan Oil Spill Among Largest In Midwest History: Kalamazoo Spill SOAKS Wildlife (VIDEO)>
      The Zetas talk about how mankind will change for the better After the Cataclysms; how there will be renewal of Natural Resources and Great Opportunities; why the Green Movement is important for our future, though Ruined Worlds can undergo a Cleanup; how what are considered Precious Possessions and the concept of Social Services will by necessity change and the Barter system will rule; why Hoarding is not advised but Growing Food is; how Food Riots might develop; how mankind will feel adrift and these changes will be reflected in Aftertime Religions; how Service-to-Others communities will have help in Aftertime Raids from the Service-to-Self oriented and Prison Gangs and will even share Hybrid Homes; that technological marvels like a Perpetual Power Pack will appear; that many humans are becoming incarnated with spirits from Other Worlds; and that not all of this will be a shock as in spite of Culture Differences there has been a Cultural Exchange going
      on for some time. The Zetas talk about whether the Meaning of Life will always be a mystery; whether the story of the Transformation has been buried in Misinterpreted Messages; so that many don't know Who to Believe; why many resist due to their Belief Systems; whether it is myth or truth that a Judgment Day is coming or whether this will involve a Second Coming or an Ascension, what the Zetas refer to as The Lift; why there won't be Future Pole Shifts; and whether the Transformation is on a time table with Scheduled Events or a special Blue Star is approaching.

      The wicked ENDTIME - NOT the RIGHTEOUS! http://Zetaheaven.org:  

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