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  • nathaniel x vance
    ZETATALK POLESHIFTNING.COM CHAT: [7-24-2010] Aftertime organization, Arctic fault lines, Thermosphere contraction, China UFOs, Fox News popularity, Conscious
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2010
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      Aftertime organization, Arctic fault lines, Thermosphere contraction, China UFOs, Fox News popularity, Conscious contact, DC quakes, Tangent crop circle, Civilization recovery, Portugal safety, Aftertime mental illness, Ricochet crop circle, Homeless mistreatment, Australia government, Kentucky safety, Aftertime latitudes, False faces, Quake quickening, Karachi clams, Live seismographs, Aftertime trade winds, Plate movement, Hybrid culture, Octopi worlds, Quake timing, Population explosion, Spiritual growth, Naivete

      [Questioner ] With the recent Chinese UFO activity, seems the Chinese government who heavily control media etc is allowing its citizens to discuss UFO sightings, why so? Will the council of worlds still allow more of this to occur and I am hoping to see more ETs teleporting in and out or more ETs walking or running away to be captured on video, knowing that HD cameras are everywhere in places like China. <http://www.youtube.com/user/Allnewsweb#p/a/u/0/EuZHBGVkPfw>
      [Zeta response ] Where the Chinese government is repressive in stamping out opposition in its citizenry, it is utterly pragmatic and practical. Its much reviled stance about the number of children a couple can have in fact keeps starvation at bay in the country, along with all its repercussions. Poor nutrition affects more than empty and cramping bellies. It involves poor resistance to disease, and thus much pain and suffering. Thus, being of a practical mind-set, they have accepted that mass sightings of UFOs are not going to stop, are going to increase, and thus to fight this will only sap their strength and reduce their credibility! We view this as a good decision, and applaud this.
      [Questioner ] My native language is Spanish, but with the help of a translator, I managed to write the following: My question is to know what will happen to those who during their lifetime, have had to live with psychiatric problems, treatments, pills and visits to specialists, but have failed to heal or illness requires continuing medical care. Assuming they survive the pole shift and settle in any community. You, the alien, between the aid that could deliver some established communities. Do you have provided mechanisms to cure or eradicate mental illness?
      [Zeta response ] We can cure mental illness and one of the assists we will be giving to those highly Service-to-Other and living in Service-to-Other communities is to do this. Mental illness is a chemical imbalance, a reaction to stress in those prone to this imbalance, but the pole shift will create temporary insanity in 43% of the survivors, by our estimate. We have pointed out that those who are insane are in less pain than they were in their pre-psychotic state, and thus being delusional or hallucinating is not necessarily something that needs to be fixed. In fact, those who are mentally ill are often pouring out their feelings, and thus a prime target for those who are Service-to-Other and looking to heal and comfort others. Your world, after all, is an opportunity for spiritual development. In our worlds, those born with defects are often treated with great kindness and assisted, and give our doctors and biologists great opportunities to serve
      others, to their satisfaction. Problems are not always the burden they seem, if one looks at the situation in totality.
      [Questioner ] I was at CVS in line today and this person in front of me was telling the cashier how much he hated "bums", a homeless man was outside at the door. He said the word "bum" twice with such disgust and hate. He himself could have passed for a "bum" if he was standing outside. Why do some people treat homeless people like dirt??? Less than human? It is 115F outside in Phoenix and these homeless people don't have an easy life. Yet this man is disgusted by the fact that his eyes have to glance upon a homeless man for a second. What a disgusting creature.
      [Zeta response ] Such contempt for those who have fallen on hard times is basically coming from fear. These individuals do, for a moment, put themselves in the other person's place and feel cold fear. They then attempt to disburse the fear by reassuring themselves that they could never be that person, and thus feel secure. The steps in this mental process are: 1. see the bum and feel sorry for him; 2. feel fear that the self might one day be a bum too, 3. distance the self from the bum by feeling superior and assuring the self that this would never happen for that reason, 4. showing disgust for the bum in order to firm up the feeling of superiority. One must be a weak person to take this route, as you have intuitively understood.
      [Questioner ] I've noticed on July 20th along with other quakes around this day, most noticeable a 5.1 near Vancouver , a 6.7 around Alaska and a 4.2 around Nevada, and i think Alaska had another one over 6 but am not sure. Oh, and i can't forget the one over 5 near Japan. These can't really be what kind of events could have been foretold around this date could it? [and from another] Would the Zetas care to comment on the record cold in South America, please? Is it related to the wobble?
      [Zeta response ] Clearly the Earth is tilted into temporary magnetic opposition, the N Pole pointed toward the Sun, causing an extreme summer heat in the northern hemisphere and extreme winter cold in the southern hemisphere. As we stated in earlier ZetaTalk, the Serpentine Dance is ending. This means that instead of the steady daily wobble, the Earth will be jerked back and forth. This was noted a few months ago when the Earth had, on occasion, a temporary lean to the left. Earthquakes would increase and the GPS falter when the Earth snapped back and forth at that time. We have stated that something would occur around July 20, 2010, and the change in the wobble is certainly a factor in this. However, the matter we were alluding to has not yet happened!

      [Questioner ] Do the [Zetan-Human] hybrids have two brain halves or one brain as a whole.
      [Zeta response ] Brain halves, as with dual kidneys or eyes or ears or ovaries or testicles or arms or legs, are dual for a reason. If one is lost, the creature can survive and reproduce with only one. Stories of humans losing half their brain, either the right or left side, and functioning almost normally, are in medical literature. The hybrids will thus have brain halves, but as we have explained will not have the split between conscious and subconscious that mankind suffers from today. The brain will be integrated, with no games being played by the conscious, and no escape from reality in this way.
      < http://zetatalk.com/ning/24jy2010.htm > 
      [According to the STO ZetaTalk space angels, planet earth can expect an increase
       in many more UFO/ET sightings before the catastrophic 12-2012 PoleShift] 

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