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  • nathaniel x vance
    ZETATALK POLESHIFTNING.COM CHAT: [7-3-2010] Moscow aquifer, Aftertime hurricanes, Second Sun capture, 30 million miles closer, European tsunami(s), India
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2010
      Moscow aquifer, Aftertime hurricanes, Second Sun capture, 30 million miles closer, European tsunami(s), India interior, Salmon survival, Extinction avoidance, Annunaki, Ufton crop circle progression, Gulf evacuation, Natural leaders, Cascade and Siskiyou Mountains, GOCE satellite, Second Sun prognosis, Trench shelter, Contactee/ZetaTalk connection, Buoy 55023, 4th density life, Telepahty, New Jersey, NASA desperation, New Madrid rupture

      [Questioner]    I have a question about the inhabitants of Planet X. If they have been so technically advanced for hundreds of thousands of years then why have they not progressed enough spritually to transcend to a higher dimension like humans on Earth. Did they not have spritual leaders like Budda, Muhammad and Christ to teach Service to Others? They were the masters when we were barely walking upright according to Zeta history lessons. What has held them back? It seems to me that common sense would prevail enough to convince them that serving one another is the only real decision to make eventually. Also, do they keep tabs on us as a civilization even though they are banned from further contact with us? The Zetas say that they mine a moon of Mars and had bases on the moon of Earth. If so then they must be at least aware of our advancement. Are they aware of the impending dimensional shift and the new hybrid species?
      [Zeta response]   We have mentioned that the Annunaki had more negative influences in their early years than did early man, and thus there is more Service-to-Self influence to counter. Each world progresses at its own rate. There are certainly those souls there who are highly Service-to-Other, and the proportion of hardened Service-to-Self is not that much higher than on Earth at present - approximately 9% to Earth's 7%. The Annunaki have been quarantined since before the last pole shift, so have not had contact with mankind since before the days of Moses, although they were certainly on Earth during the days of Noah. They are aware of man's technological progress only from what their outstations have observed, mankind's probes going to Mars, where they currently are mining for gold on Phoebus. As we have stated, their only awareness that the Earth has gone through its transformation to another density will be when they next pass through, and see a
      dimmer Sun and an apparently dead Earth.
      [Questioner]    Will the GOCE satellite viewing the Earth's gravity in high definition help the elite predict the effects of Planet X on earth? If the Annunaki had this knowledge in our past and were removed from earth, will the same happen to the elite? You have mentioned that Atlantis removal was assisted by ETs, will there be similar assist by ETs on certain parts of Earth in the next shift? [and from another] http://www.esa.int/esaLP/ESA4HK1VMOC_LPgoce_0.html Concerning the use of GOCE data products, five different themes have been distinguished: Oceanography, Solid-Earth, Geodesy, Glaciology, Sea level change studies.
      [Zeta response]   Of course the elite hope to get advance warnings of any seabed rise from GOCE, but this will be scant help to them as by the time they get the warning, tsunamis will be pouring over some part of the globe. They could not take themselves to safety, nor remove their precious assets in time. The Annunaki were aware that the time of the passage was approaching, as they had vast experience with prior passages. They vacated Earth well ahead of time, and were able to calculate the time of passage based on historical records. They did not share this knowledge with mankind, beyond the approximate date such as was given to the Mayans. Since the Mayan record was lost in the fog of time, the counting to the Long Count calendar stopped and not restarted, there is no record or information from the Annunaki which could give mankind a clue. The attempts by archeologists to line up the Gregorian and Mayan calendars, as we have stated, was a failure
      and not possible, though those selling books with 2012 on the cover would not admit this.

      The sinking of Atlantis was assisted by aliens, at the instruction of the Council of Worlds, because this was a city dominated by the Annunaki who had become heavy handed with man and had tripped the balance in mankind's school house. Would such a maneuver against human elites be approved and executed today? This has already happened, during the Bush administration when the Council approved interfering with the free will of man to block the planting of weapons of WMD in Iraq. This likewise occurred during the 2006 and 2008 elections, when we, the Zetas, were allowed to assist men determined to let the vote be the voice of the people. But for those wondering if a large boot will descend from Heaven and squash the elite in their bunkers, we cannot say. These matters are still pending. We have given assurances that for those good hearted communities keeping a low profile, there will be assistance. Roving gangs and carry-on government militias will have a
      hard time finding them. You may consider this a type of quarantine, if you wish.

      [Questioner]    Once the New Madrid starts to adjust. Understanding that the major adjustment will happen first, then smaller adjustments can last maybe weeks and months. My question is, "Will the New Madrid keep adjusting up until the Pole Shift?"
      [Zeta response]   What is occurring now in the New Madrid area, and the entire area affected by the bowing of the N American continent, are extremely minor quakes, sinkholes, and buckling pavement and settlings houses. This is equivalent to the stirring of grass as the tiger begins his prowl. Major adjustments such as we have described for the New Madrid region, including a reach all the way to the Great Lakes and New England area and down into Mexico, is the tiger's roar and leap for the kill. In between are times when the tiger is glimpsed moving along the underbrush or dashing across an open field. There will be what many will consider to be the New Madrid quake awaited, but it will only be such a glimpse of what is to come. After the tiger makes its kill, there will also be times when the tiger will roar from the jungle, letting those who might be tempted to steal its kill know that it is still in the vicinity. Aftershocks, equivalent to the quakes
      that preceded the big one, the kill, will continue certainly until the pole shift and beyond.

      ZetaTalk Newsletter   [-2010]
      Issue192, Sunday Jul 4, 2010 Second Sun Visibility; NASA Warnings; Gulf Evacuation
      [According to the STO ZetaTalk space angels, planet earth can expect an increase in many more UFO/ET sightings] 

      The wicked ENDTIME - NOT the RIGHTEOUS! http://Zetaheaven.org:  

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