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ET presence concealed by Physics mistakes

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  • Roger Anderton
    --arrow moved; corrected Extraterrestrial Communication: ET presence concealed by Physics mistakes As presented to NPA Conference: Extraterrestrial
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 5, 2010
      --arrow moved; corrected

      Extraterrestrial Communication: ET presence concealed by Physics mistakes

      As presented to NPA Conference: Extraterrestrial Communication


      General outline-

      (1) Einstein was bad at math as is fairly well known

      (2) Correct the math mistakes made by Einstein and we return to Newtonian Physics

      (3) What is commonly believed to be Newtonian Physics is incorrect

      (4)The way things are concealed:

      Boscovich's theory was a development of Newtonian physics; so Newtonian physics was called Boscovich's theory and we have scheme (1):

      scheme (1)

      [Newton] ß [Boscovich] à [Einstein]



      Newtonian physics

      However, what mainstream physics teaching does it omit Boscovich, and the arrow for Newtonian physics gets moved back to Newton, as per scheme (2)

      scheme (2):

      [Newton] ---[...] ----[Einstein]



      Newtonian physics

      In scheme (2) Einstein's physics is contrasted as being different to Newtonian physics.

      But if we were working in scheme (1), it would be less difference between Newtonian physics and Einstein's physics; and we might also start suspecting Einstein made a lot of mistakes while dealing with Newtonian physics.

      (5) So undo the mistakes- Einstein made and we return to physics pre-Einstein and the genius then was Tesla making some remarkable claims.

      (6) ET Communication via radio signals is thus revealed when we go back to Tesla.

      (7) Relevant abstracts as follows. ET presence concealed by Physics mistakes!

      Newtonian Physics is General Relativity is Unified Field Theory (Barring Mistakes That Need Correcting)


      The transition from Newton to Einstein in 1919 was based upon math mistakes. A mistake was made in the calculation of light bending within the context of Newtonian physics, correct the mistake and really it gives same value of light bending as General Relativity. This mistake led to replacing Newton by Einstein. Do the calculation wrong in the context of Newtonian physics and do the calculation correctly in context of Newtonian physics - does not really give a new theory. Prof. Silberstein one of the original twelve people who understood Relativity pointed out that the math of Newtonian physics was really the same as that of General Relativity.


      Extraterrestrial Communication Through Radio Signals Based on Newtonian Physics


      Before the supposed Einstein revolution in physics, mainstream physics community was progressing at a fantastic rate making new discoveries within the context of the Newtonian paradigm. It is my proposal that certain people got scared with some of those discoveries and went into psychological shock of denial. They suddenly were faced with the discovery equivalent to finding out that the monster under the bed which they dismissed as childhood fantasy was in fact "real". The only course they had open to them was to divert physics onto another track. Einstein provided what they needed. At the forefront of those discoveries was Nikola Tesla, and one of his discoveries was radio communication with Extraterrestrials. I will be discussing the intelligent radio signals that SETI is trying to ignore.



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